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Because she entered the school with a high score, she didn’t end up entering the commander major that the school had wanted to recruit her into. This had the few who recommended her to the school incredibly glum. After enrolling into the school, she remained loyal to Thunder, and didn’t join the NDU esports team.

At the very least, she should remain within the Thunder team until the tournament is over. The finals were just around the corner; their opponent this time was country R. 

As they couldn’t meet up, all the team members from Thunder could only communicate online. Despite this, their performance was not affected. This time, the NDU players had finally managed to gain something out of the match and benefit from the recruited student they made an effort to dig over — the entire cohort of students from the commander major were gathered in the activity room spectating her during the match. 

While such an activity didn’t seem very proper and formal, any form of military commanding was a worthy learning opportunity for the students, especially at times where the world was at peace and there were little reference cases for educational purposes. 

Xuan Mo had already gotten used to being spectated during the matches. Back then when the audience had been infiltrated by the members from the opponent team to send them the instructions she gave out, Xuan Mo discovered their existence the moment they sent the information out. Despite so, she didn’t change her strategy or the format she gave her instructions — she continued dishing it out without hesitation. As she continued, the opponent gradually realised, to their devastation, that she was way too fast; they had no time to create a targeted strategy to counter her rapid-fire. Not only so, they had much difficulty trying to interpret the rationale and intention of her instructions as well… so all they could do was to go about battling Thunder team as they did normally, and ignore the instructions they had being sent over…

Unlike her previous experience with a large audience, there was no mole in this batch of spectators. Xuan Mo completed the match calmly, before she sat by the side and listened to the professor and students analysing her strategy. Halfway through, she noticed Zhao Jing Lei who was a year above her leaving the room to take a call. 

As a result of her habit, she sent a thread of mental power after him. 

The call he received a call was from a guy that she didn’t recognise: “Regional Chief…”

Zhao Jing Lei continued walking: “Speak.”

“…none of them returned… we lost contact.”

“With everyone?”

“At the moment, yes, everyone.”

“Do you think it’s time to stop now?”

“If it really is in Egypt, then I admit this pie is too large a piece, I will register to end this… but Regional Chief, do you know? The location of the latest message we received was not Egypt, but… HN province.”

“…have you reported this yet?”

“Yes, but the higher ups have yet to reply. I’ve asked a few of them, but all of them said that I was just exaggerating, or that I’m out of my mind… Regional Chief, do you believe me?”

“I only believe in tangible, concrete evidence. Yi Fei, it’s pointless to tell me now, the number of people I can mobilise is limited. None of you have returned so far; look at the situation, how should I wrap things up? That’s sixteen of you, sixteen families to be responsible to, not just that, there will be enquiries coming in from the higher ups as well as all those involved under me…”

“Boss, they may not have sacrificed…”

“What’s the difference?! Is this situation any better than them being dead?”

“Can you send me more people, the more the better. Since they are on our territory, I am confident that we can sort this and bring them back!”

“Do I look like a human trafficker, I don’t have so many people on my hands. Even if we are a criminal or aggressive organisation that does that, I’ve already lost sixteen under you, you still want me to find you more? Where, how? Give birth to some for you right now?”

“Boss, y’know what I mean. If, I’m saying if, that got stolen on our own territory, then, then I… what’s the point of living anymore!”

“Go ahead! I have no financial means and no men for you! Why not I join you instead!”

“That works too, you alone can make up for ten men!”

“Yi Fei, you better tell me the truth, what’s up with that stone? All this just for a stone made of a special material?” Zhao Jing Lei said seriously, “if the reason you give me is legitimate and serious enough, you bet I can get you enough men for this.”

“…Regional Chief, our divisions are completely unrelated, but d’you know why I didn’t look for someone else, why I called you instead? Because of your reputation, I’m here calling you because I’ve heard of your accomplishments in the past. You’re intelligent, you’ve seen much more than others have, and you’re very open-minded, you know what’s truly important to the country… I’ve done some preliminary tests and experiments on the item, but my data was later stolen. Well that aside, I can already tell that this is different — the veins aren’t just patterns, it’s some sort of channel or conduct, like those on a circuit board. And, this, this isn’t a stone, it’s some sort of man-made metal, and it’s very very very hard. But, the tests conducted on the materials surrounding this piece of metal dates this piece back to more than two thousands ago, in other words, this appeared even before the BC period.” 

Zhao Jing Lei slowly sat down on the stairs, gravity colouring his face as he listened. 

“Regional Chief, there are truly too many myths about the period before BC, and you really don’t know what’s true and what’s not anymore with all the countless online novels with all sorts of imaginative plots… But, if we are to really sit down and discuss if there had been future-forward smelting technologies during such primitive times, or that a technologically advanced civilisation had existed… what d’you think, would you believe that? I myself won’t, but I can’t say for sure that these were definitely impossible, even though I don’t believe that our ancestors were that skilled. But in a way, this is similar to ghosts and spirits, you can’t completely and definitely dismiss its existence…”

“You mean, that stone represents the existence of a highly advanced civilisation in the ancient times?”

“It might not be a civilisation that we are familiar with… it might not be something from Earth…” His voice was drifty and hinted. 

Zhao Jing Lei couldn’t help but laugh: “No way, you’re mean there’s aliens on Earth in the past?”

“Regional Chief, I wouldn’t dismiss this as a possibility.”

“No wonder they’re telling you you’re out of your mind, you really…” Zhao Jing Lei’s voice lowered, “are bold with your thoughts.”

“Regional Chief, no matter what we are guessing and inferring here, and no matter if that is something that belongs to us, the most important thing right now is to get the actual thing back. Regardless of the situation, we shouldn’t be letting outsiders pick on us in our own territory!”

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