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Lu Xi made his move. 

When Xia Xiao Kui and Luo Qian were out shopping that day, Luo Qian received Lu Xi’s call halfway through. After that, she kept messaging him all the way till they were back. Xia Xiao Kui’s heart sank with a sharp tug. 

After a few days, she could no longer hold it in: “Did Lu Xi tell you?”

“Ah?” Luo Qian paused, “oh, he did, I rejected him.”


“He said he wanted to get you a gift and wanted me to go with him, I’m kinda busy lately.”

Xia Xiao Kui froze, blinking in a daze: “…he didn’t confess to you?”

Luo Qian stopped replying to her QQ messages: “Xiao Kui, what, how is that possible?”

At that, she showed Xia Xiao Kui everything she had on Lu Xi and the secret he’d been keeping. 

Luo Qian opened her personal page, and found the comments from a few years back at the bottom of her chat board. 

You’re looking at my page every day, you’re not here for Xiao Kui are you. — Luo Qian

I’m too embarrassed to add her as a friend, you’re the only one that uploads pictures with her in it… — Lu Xi

The comments were dated back to when she was in year one. 

Memories slowly surfaced in her head. Luo Qian had once made an effort to introduce her to a guy, but back then, Xia Xiao Kui had always thought that all guys looked like veggies, naturally, she forgot all about this. Now that she recalled that, she realised that the shy youth from years ago seemed to look like Lu Xi. 

What Xia Xiao Kui didn’t know about the picture Lu Xi kept in his phone was that there were two girls in that picture. Beside the girl with brown curls was another girl with a high ponytail and dimples when she smiled. And she was the one that caught his heart. 

When confronted about the picture, he was too embarrassed to admit that he kept the picture because she was in it, and so he lied. 

So that’s the truth. Xia Xiao Kui covered her mouth with both hands, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The warm breeze swept the leaves, sending them waltzing in circles in the air. On this warm, beautiful day, even the dust particles floating in the air seemed to sing a joyful melody. 

Despite the occasional rush of whirlwind, the lingering thunderstorm, or the countless folds surfacing on the clean, white paper, as long as you continue forward, life will be full of surprises. Like how sunflower meets the sun, Xia Xiao Kui met Lu Xi.

Translator’s Note: 

this novel officially ends on chapter 9, chapter 10 is fan-written! must say i wasn’t expecting an open ending, let’s leave the rest up to imagination yea? In the meantime, best wishes to everyone, and hope that we are all lucky enough to find the Lu Xi to our Xia Xiao Kui 😉 

ALSO! Just noticed that was a wordplay in their names, Xia Xiao Kui 夏筱葵, Xia 夏 means summer, Kui 葵 means sunflower, and as foreshadowed earlier, the Xi 熙 in Lu Xi 陆熙 means sun, omg I didn’t realise until the author dropped the hint at the end XD

Btw, if anyone’s interested in writing your own version of a side story and want it shared here on Zhanlann, do email me (zhanlan.translations@gmail.com)! c10 is the fan-written (by me /w\ i couldn’t resist) if you’re not interested do skip it and end it here 🙂

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