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All the different routes in the outfield exercise led to the same gathering point at the end. 

Sprawled on the empty ground in every possible manner, all the students, regardless of their gender, after completing their route expressed their exhaustion with their sitting and lying positions. 

The instructor would blow a whistle every time new students arrived so as to signal the medic over to check on how the students were doing. When Xuan Mo finished the route and arrived, the instructor blew his whistle — it wasn’t a short, strong puff though, instead, it rang in the air, dragging out for a long while before it softened and disappeared. 

Most of the students that had arrived were guys. Curious at the different whistle sound the instructor blew, they turned around… before gasps sounded all around. 

They saw a person dyed red in blood, or rather, the person’s clothes had been clumped with dried blood. That person stood at the ending point, her posture immaculate even as she stood.

Xuan Mo managed to catch up with her company halfway through. Though Xuan Mo remained silent, the team of girls completed their journey while raining questions on her all throughout.  Despite being thrown into the limelight after returning, Xuan Mo kept her calm. She remained so even when she was brought onto the medic vehicle that arrived at the whistle notice to change her clothes. 

There was already a girl lying inside the vehicle. She seemed completely exhausted, as though she would faint at a moment’s notice. When that girl saw Xuan Mo in her bloodied attire however, she got huge shock: “Student?! Did you roll down the mountain or something?!”

The guesss she hazarded had Xuan Mo very surprised and puzzled: “Have you seen someone roll down the mountain before?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 137 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“No… did you not? You’re dyed in blood after all.”


“Then… did you decide to stab yourself while running? To keep yourself going from the pain or something?”

Xuan Mo had already taken off the bloodied summer military attire and started wiping the dried clumps of blood on her. 

The girl couldn’t take such a bloody sight and turned away. She only turned back when she felt that the clothes by her foot were taken away by Xuan Mo. Xuan Mo was in a black bra. Smooth and silky, there was not a single wound on her body. Even her arms that had been under the sun for long remained the same shade of fairness as the rest of her body did — she didn’t seem to have tanned at all. 

“Ah! How did you not tan?!” The girl was so excited she almost screamed, even the effects of heat stroke seemed to fade with her enthusiasm. All she wanted to do right now was to get ahold of Xuan Mo and ask her how she did it! 

Xuan Mo paused. After she received many questions similar to what her dorm mates had asked Xuan Mo had already prepared a set of model answers: “I used XXX sunscreen and XXX whitening cream.” Those brands were the products that Lu Yu Chen had stuffed in her bag. Her dorm mates had unanimously decided to selectively ignore what she said about not using anything, decided to believe that she did secretly use some of the products, and closed both eyes on the fact that all the products were still brand new in its respective packaging. 

“Ah… I can’t afford those brands…” The girl’s head seemed to spin even more at her dismay. She wailed, disheartened at her subpar skin condition before she laid back down on the bed, stoning out, completely forgetting about Xuan Mo’s bloody situation. 

Satisfied at her oblivion, Xuan Mo left the vehicle after changing out. Vibrant and spirited, Xuan Mo stood under the scorching sun. As she watched the increasing number of bodies splayed on the ground in exhaustion, she handed her dirty clothes to one of the soldiers at the side. 

While she was bloodlust, the blood of another soldier dampened her mood. 

The shocking sight of a bloodied person, and the strange gunshot sound halfway up the mountain was later spun into all sorts of tales that overtook the school. It lasted even until after their military parade ended. This later became a time-tested myth, and the thread it was posted in on the school online forum even became a well-known and popular page. 

Xuan Mo as the main character unfortunately was unable to extract herself from these stories. However, she was as tight-lipped as anyone could get. It was only after the incident was reported on the news before everyone learnt what had truly happened. Though the rumours died down as a result, Xuan Mo instantly shot to popularity and became the hottest topic of discussion among the students. Even students from other schools had caught some winds of these rumours. 

Soon however, the students realised they no longer had the time to gossip. Why? Because their student life in military school had started. 

They had to wake up early every morning for morning exercise, get in orderly queues when they went for class, and sing the anthem in pairs before eating no matter how hungry they were. They also had parade, shooting exercises and the likes, as well as military affairs and ethics training. In other words, their schedule was packed, and they were very very busy as a result. 

Sometimes, undated old films were played; most were black and white with similar themes — the characters were generally ardent, patriotic and unafraid of death; their enemies were forever the M country or the Sun country, in fact, Z country seemed to be at war with the entire world, they seemed to have enemies from everywhere. 

Their tutors would also spring one or two moral and ideological education sharing on them. The students listening were bored out of their minds most of the time. Xuan Mo on the other hand paid much attention during such sessions. As to what really went on in her head however, was another topic altogether, and it wasn’t something those around her could figure out.

Visitors had to register when they entered the school. Lu Yu Chen visited once to check on Xuan Mo. He couldn’t handle the heavy pressure of the gazes from all around however, and ended up fleeing soon after. The school also had a fixed ratio of students allowed on-campus and off-campus, so if you wanted to head out, you had to apply ahead of time. 

The twins had wailed in agony over this countless times. This was not anywhere near what they had imagined school life would be. How could anyone stand this!

Zhang Yi Ke complained often too. She had always been prideful and had things done her way. Being forced into this school by her parents had already dashed her spirits, now that she’s experienced how stifling school life was, she had so much pent-up frustration and anger that she’d lash out at anyone she saw. 

Evidently, Xuan Mo was the only one enjoying this. Xuan Mo was studying Aerospace Materials. It was said that Z country’s aerospace technology was improving with the times. This was perhaps the only motivation pushing the drowning students in this major through such hard times. No matter how you do, you would be considered a talent once you graduate, the cream of the crop even.

This however wasn’t Xuan Mo’s rationale. In fact, she couldn’t even explain why she chose this major, she just did, instinctively even. One thing she couldn’t deny though, was her hopes of returning home.

She was sure that there would be a material that could protect her in crossing quadrillions of light years to return home. Blue planet beings knew what the external material of a television was made of, but they didn’t know how a television actually worked; similarly, even if she were to be able to find a material for its exterior, she didn’t know how such a vehicle would work either. 

She was as knowledgeable about building its interior as a layman, there was no way she could compare herself up to a professional. The most she could achieve was to create its shell, and even so it’d only be for her own amusement and satisfaction. 

Ever since the incident at their outfield exercise that shot her to popularity, everyone around her seemed to have high expectations for her. At the rate things were going however, it seemed like she was unable to create history and leave a legacy in the blue planet’s aerospace field.

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Translator’s Note:

One more chap as promised! This year is the year of the cow (niu 牛) so Happy Chinese Niu Year everyone! Also Zhanlann will be seeing some new features added soon, do stay tuned 😉

Once again, this is fiction, what is described here might not actually be what military schools in China are like lol, just a gentle reminder to take everything you read with a pinch (or several pinches?) of salt 

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