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Zhao Jing Lei was silent for a very long time. It was only after the other end of the call bumped him again did he ask: “So you mean, you want to try again?” 


“…don’t rush off on your own first, I’ll handle and sort out the operation this time.” Zhao Jing Lei looked around after hanging up. When he saw Xuan Mo sitting quietly at the podium in the reporting hall that he’d entered, he squinted his eyes after looking at her for a moment. 

Xuan Mo generally didn’t bother sticking her nose into other people’s business, especially when it was the blue planet’s inter-race disputes. She did however get some useful information about Elge out of this; she also already knew that this metal appeared before the B.C. period… Elge wouldn’t stay around for so long, they are being hunted down after all. 

She was already about a month into her new school and getting used to the student life in university; everything seemed to be going as planned. Xuan Mo didn’t join any clubs, she attended all her classes punctually and attentively, and slept on time at night. In fact, she didn’t attend any other student activities, neither did she make any outstanding appearances in any way, and it was almost to the point that people won’t remember her existence if they didn’t see her, and whenever the other students did see her, the impression they had of her was that she was a particularly mysterious person in general. After all, there were rumours flying all over about what had happened during the outfield exercise, and that had flourished into countless other rumours; the further it spread, the less real it became, and it was to a point where the truth was long buried, and so, while Xuan Mo remained rather well-known in this aspect among the students, it was not to the point that everyone would recognise her or remember her. 

The military did not make any deliberate attempt to hide the truth, after all, this information was not sensitive, so there was no need to classify it. Despite so, they didn’t make any announcements to clarify this, it would seem overly intentional otherwise, and it might possibly be blown out of proportions and hence difficult to resolve. Initially, they had made it known that it would be more appropriate if either the school, or Xuan Mo herself explained the situation.  

In the end however, Xuan Mo didn’t explain anything. And so, the two parties remained in this silent deadlock, creating much anxiety and stress to the relevant spectating parties. 

This Saturday, Xuan Mo was leaving campus, her request earlier had been approved. 

The sis-con Lu Yu Chen had finally had enough of listening to Xuan Mo over the phone and vehemently insisted that they meet face-to-face this particular Saturday; the past two and a half months had been torturous enough for him his entire being was feeling off. 

While they were in constant contact, Lu Yu Chen still felt strange after not seeing her calm and expressionless face for so long. After a month of military training, and one and a half months of school, Lu Yu Chen had long acquainted himself with the capital and the surrounding areas under the guidance of his local friends. Now that he could finally meet Xuan Mo again, he believed that he was familiar enough to be a good tour guide and bring her around.

As perfect and utopian his dream had been, reality was harsh. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 139 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

When Xuan Mo reached the bus stop, not only did she see her brother, she also saw a whole other bunch of people.

Though Lu Yu Chen had mentioned that it’d just be the two of them, Xuan Mo did not give much of a reaction when Lu Yu Chen came down with much more people than expected. As she walked over calmly, the bunch of boys and girls quietened down. Xuan Mo stopped and tilted her head: “What’s this?”

“Uh…” Lu Yu Chen was very glum and upset too, and it was to the point that he was almost angry. It’s all because he was a little too excited for his own good two nights ago, and his friends happened to catch to his unusualness; in the end, the lot of them latched onto him and even teased his meetup date and location out of him, hence as to the lot of party-crashers today! Now that their outing was a freaking learning journey, how was he going to make his move, the heck!

The said party-crashers weren’t as enthusiastic as they had been earlier… there were twelve people in total, seven guys and five girls; though not all of them were drop-dead gorgeous or flaming hot, their appearances were still considered above average… yet all of them ended up staring at Xuan Mo. After a moment, an amiable-looking boy with a youthful face turned stiffly to look at Lu Yu Chen: “Brother Yu… this is your sis?”

“…enh.” Lu Yu Chen was a little shaken too. However, his tolerance was still much higher than the rest of them. At that, he immediately went to pull her over: “Mo Mo, you, why are you still in your army uniform? Don’t you have other clothes?!”

“Didn’t bring any.” She only had clothes for summer. While she the colder temperature didn’t affect her, she couldn’t possibly float around in summer clothes to “brave the cold” while everyone around her gradually layer up for autumn. 

“The heck! Don’t you have allowance!? You didn’t get any clothes?!” Lu Yu Chen was on the verge of going crazy. 

Xuan Mo looked at him silently. 

“Aight fine! I know I got you, you’re just waiting for someone to get it for you aren’t you geez!” Lu Yu Chen surrendered, “let’s get you some clothes first before we head out to play as planned.”

“What’s the plan?” Xuan Mo asked. 

“Eh, we can go to the Imperial Palace, the antique market, there’s a lot of places to go and things to do, depends on what you like.” 

“What if I don’t like any?” Usually the items that you list first were the best out of the everything, but Xuan Mo was not interested in either of the places he’d brought up.

“…” Lu Yu Chen was silent for a moment. Beside them, snickers sounded. Lu Yu Chen suddenly straightened up, he glared at Xuan Mo and declared loudly: “I don’t care, you’re going with me today! Don’t try to run!”  

Xuan Mo didn’t find his glare any bit threatening. She turned her head and looked away, following him quietly. 

“Brother Yu, you and your sis, you guys are not biological siblings are you.” One of the girls asked, smiling.

“Zhen Zhen, why are you asking again, you’re not interested in Brother Yu are you!” The youthful looking guy from earlier teased. 

Zhen Zhen squinted her eyes. She looked at the guy behind her: “Ah Kah, don’t stir, my hubbie and I are going strong; you know what I mean,” she patted Lu Yu Chen, “Brother Yu, you don’t seem like someone that’s rough to girls, see, you’re so nice to your sister, you’re not like this to Sister Ying Xi though, why don’t you like her?”

Lu Yu Chen’s face twitched. He looked at Xuan Mo and realised that she was looking at him too; at that he coughed, “Zhen Zhen, this doesn’t involve you.”

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