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Translator’s Note:

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s~ Haven’t spam-completed a novel in a long while so here’s a lil Valentine’s gift hehe, this is another short romance (even shorter in length than Online Game: Willingly Captured), detailing the cute story of a soft boi who can’t stop blushing and a overly-friendly, careless girl who has a little bit of a history 😉 

Btw this short story didn’t originally come with a cover image, I created it myself with a beautiful photograph from this film photographer (image credits) from Belastudio. Unfortunately NU doesn’t seem to accept non-official cover image for their pages, so it’ll only be on WIMH content page, what a pity :”)

The prompt window on the computer blinked, reading: disk formatting progress bar at 100%.

Lu Xi turned the computer off and opened the cover at the back of the laptop with familiarity. As he replaced the current one with a backup hard disk, he said: “I got rid of the virus that makes your computer self-attack its router. At this rate, all the documents on your computer will turn into unintelligible error code though.” 

Her hair up in a high ponytail, Xia Xiao Kui’s expression froze for a moment before her lips pulled into her usual smile: “Thanks for helping out! Thank goodness for you!” Two dainty dimples blink beside her lips as she smiled. Ears heating up, Lu Xi turned hastily, not meeting her gaze. 

When she returned to her dorm that night, Xia Xiao Kui still could not connect to the wifi. It was only after the network admin checked before she found out that her route connecting to the server had been cut. 

Nothing was going right for her, a horrifying doll placed in mischief, her social media accounts that got hacked, a computer virus that came from goodness-knows-where… every day was stifling. 

Exhausted, Xia Xiao Kui squatted down. She gave her temples a hard rub, recalling what Lu Xi had said earlier in the day. 

“Xiao Kui, are you really going to let it continue like this?”

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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