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She got to know Lu Xi a month into the start of school in year one. 

It’d been her first time joining the yoga classes held at the sports hall. Holding her breath, she stood on a single leg as she tried to bend herself into a pretty little knot. Pity she was as stiff as Sun Wukong’s golden cudgel. A moment of carelessness had her losing her balance and toppling in the direction of another student. Her vision went black for a moment before the two of them crashed into the ground. When she opened her eyes again, she realised she was looking at a breath-stoppingly exquisite face. Beneath the sweeping eyelashes was a pair of beautiful eyes, amber in colour, and crystal clear. 

She couldn’t help but stare hard at the person. It took a moment before it dawned on her what an awkward position they were in. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you were a guy!” 

Her loud voice drew the attention of quite a number of surrounding students. Xia Xiao Kui got to her feet, mortified. She slid a quick glance at his reddened neck; she couldn’t tell if he was flushing from embarrassment or anger. 

The classroom was a little crowded. Xia Xiao Kui realised she kept accidentally hitting his hand when shifting into new yoga positions. Every time that happened, he would retract his hand with a hard jolt, as though electrocuted. In the end, in his attempt to dodge her, he even shifted to his left, tripping over himself. The quiet classroom burst into laughter at such a sight. 

After the class was over, Xia Xiao Kui apologised profusely. His gaze lowered, he rubbed his neck nervously: “It’s fine.” 

Tall and lean, he looked as though a bishonen that had walked straight out of a manga in his clean, white button-up. Even after he disappeared into the distance, Xia Xiao Kui was still chewing on his name. Lu Xi, Xi (熙) means sun; his name sounded very warm. 

The next day, Xiao Xiao Kui was buying an egg roll at the canteen. Just as she was wondering what to do after digging her bag only to realise her canteen card had disappeared, a pale hand reached over from behind and tapped at the card reader with a beep. Xia Xiao Kui turned around to see Lu Xi’s handsome face. 

 Xia Xiao Kui blinked: “What’s your number, I’ll pay you back.” 

“It’s okay.” 

“What, I can’t. Don’t worry I’m not trying to hit you up or anything…” When she saw that he was going to leave, Xia Xiao Kui grabbed his wrist. Lu Xi jumped, he tried to tug his hand out from hers, but was caught again. Amidst their tug of war, his face reddened. 

Xia Xiao Kui stopped, her expression as though she’d choked on food: “Lu Xi, you… you blush easily?” 

When she saw him blocking half his face with his hand in embarrassment, she tried to salvage the situation: “No, I’m not laughing at you, it’s pretty cute actually…”

Lu Xi ignored her and instead turned to flee. Unfortunately, he was thrown off again later that day when he bumped this bold and careless girl at the entrance of the public bathroom. 

“It’s me! The egg roll girl from this morning!” When Xia Xiao Kui saw his lack of reaction to her presence, she drew a circle in the air as she spoke, “thank goodness I met you, can I borrow your bath card?”

Her glistening eyes and her hand shaking his arm had him unable to reject her. 

When Xia Xiao Kui leapt into the public bath in joy, Lu Xi’s lips couldn’t help but tilt. She was really overly familiar to someone she’s just met twice. 

A concerned voice from another student sounded: “Student, are you alright? Your face is very red?”

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