last edited on ZLT: 14.02.21

The day after the next, Lu Xi had no class in the afternoon. When he rode past the Volleyball court in the south wing on campus on his bicycle, he saw Xia Xiao Kui receiving her own balls she’d hit at the wall. The girls nearby, on the other hand, seemed to be familiar with each other and were gathered in twos and threes, making Xia Xiao Kui’s lean figure out to be particularly lonely. 

There were some other girls lazing off under the shade of a tree. Lu Xi unintentionally overheard some of their conversation. 

“Xia Xiao Kui’s on her own, kinda pitiful.”

“Can’t help it.” Her voice lowered, “don’t forget…” 

The school bell rang, signalling the end of the period. Lu Xi pushed his bicycle as he walked forward slowly. 

“What a coincidence to see you here!” Xia Xiao Kui retracted her hand that had missed his shoulder, her eyes laughing as she smiled. 

“Enh.” Lu Xi replied, his voice low. 

He’d been been watching her for the past two hours, standing behind the metal net. Even though she seemed to have been ostracized, her face was still lit up with a smile. Lu Xi seemed to hear something skimming through, a drop of water. It tugged at his heartstrings, landing in still puddle pooling in his heart.  

“My bath card and canteen card were frozen previously, thank goodness it’s fine now.” Xia Xiao Kui licked her lips. After she paid him back, she gave him a pineapple bread: “For you, thanks for helping me out so many times.”

She waved a goodbye to him and headed quickly for her next class. Lu Xi stood where he was in a daze. Down the road, even as Xia Xiao Kui’s figure disappeared into the distance, stood where he was, his mind spinning.

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