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The nearest instructor was several metres away searching aimlessly.

Xuan Mon tightened the grip on her gun. While she knew the enemy was armed, her largest blind spot now was that she couldn’t tell who among them was holding on to it right now. She wasn’t sure if she could still hide her abilities if she were to get shot.

However, after Ah Si got kicked by their leader and pulled out his blade, Xuan Mo could no longer sit and watch — the blade was inching closer and closer to the instructor’s neck in his trembling hands.

Just as she was about to throw one of her guns out at Ah Si to get him out of the way, she felt the instructor moving. He kicked out his leg that was bent as a result of the ropes tying him down. The person beside him fell down at the sudden blow. Their leader immediately tried to lunge at the instructor to restrain him. The instructor’s mouth was stuffed, so only a hard, muffled groan sounded when he flipped around. Meanwhile, Ah Si was frozen by the side, as though too shocked to move.

The ropes tying the instructor down were still intact. Even if he were to try, there was no way he could escape.

The instructor grabbed the struggling instructor and bellowed at Ah Si, his veins throbbing in anger: “Hurry up! Are you trying to wait it out till someone else comes?!”

Ah Si finally reacted. The other people by the side had a shovel in each of their hands as they ran over. Ah Si’s hands were shaking violently, but he still walked up to the instructor, his eyes red. He raised his hand, ready to stab the instructor.

The instructor looked at Ah Si. There was no fear reflected in his eyes. All he did was stare hard into the latter’s eyes.

Following that, the person that was about to rob him of his life suddenly paused. Ah Si seemed to tremble for a moment before he was slammed onto the ground by someone.

The thin, lanky girl didn’t have the time nor effort to spare him a glance. Clasped in both her hands were two guns, except they were held upside down, and wielded as though they were truncheons. After she striked down hard at the back of Ah Si’s neck, she turned to give the leader of the group a stiff blow before the latter could react. The wooden handle at the end of the gun hit him straight at the back of his head. While the leader gave a wail, he didn’t pass out from the blow. Xuan Mo however didn’t so much as blink when he dived at her after getting to his feet. She sent a hard roundhouse kick straight up at his chest. The two blows had him groaning in pain, before he fell to the ground, too spent to get up.

The two other people beside their leader too rushed at Xuan Mo when their leader moved. Xuan Mo served them the same dish their leader received. Her two gun handles followed up, slamming down heavily on the side of their heads.

Xuan Mo’s strength coupled with the weight of the gun itself was sufficient to send their head slanting to one side upon the blow. After swinging at them, Xuan Mo, wholly confident in her strength, turned to the two other people rushing over with their shovels without looking back.

Meanwhile, the person who was hit on the head stumbled on his feet. His eyes spun, his head muddled. Following that, he blacked out and fell to the ground, blood and broken teeth pooling out of his mouth.

The two other burly and well-built men holding the shovels weren’t caught off guard as the others were. Upon the sight of Xuan Mo easily finishing off their comrades, they rushed over, howling to gather their courage, their faces flushed from anxiety and fear. Xuan Mo started running, suddenly accelerating when she neared them. Just before they crashed into each other, Xuan Mo lowered herself abruptly and swept her guns at their calves. Her speed was so fast no average person could have reacted in time. The two of cried as they lunged forward, only to feel a smarting agony at their calves, as though their legs were about to break. In their moment of confusion, they swung their shovels forward, no longer caring if it was in the right direction.

Xuan Mo retreated after her hit scored. She crossed her guns in front of her chest and rolled on the ground towards the gap between the two men. Due to her crippling hit to their calves earlier, their attacks were somewhat in the same direction. As such, Xuan Mo easily dodged their shovels and stood up behind them. After the inertia from their swings faded, the two men fell to the ground, their legs throbbing. Clenching their teeth, they waved their shovels, trying to attack Xuan Mo who was now standing behind them. Before they could even turn around however, they felt a hard hit at the back of their neck. Tightly after, their world faded to black.

After she finished off all of the people around, Xuan Mo didn’t pause to rest, neither did she so much as sigh in relief. Instead, she walked over to the instructor without delay. Pulling out the dagger that Ah Si had been gripping, she cut the ropes tying the instructor down, and took out the sock that had been stuffed into his mouth.

“Cough cough!” The instructor coughed. Xuan Mo finished the people within a minute; his wound didn’t widen, neither did his blood loss worsen. Despite so, he was still in a precarious situation. If they were to leave now and travel at a moderate speed, they would still need half a day before they made it down this mountain. Xuan Mo looked through the tomb raiders’ belongings and found the instructor’s walkie talkie hidden in the leader’s clothes. Reports that were constantly being made sounded from the device. Xuan Mo asked the instructor: “What’s your position code.”

“…BC, 27.”

Enh, he was the 27th point between route B and route C. Xuan Mo spoke into the walkie talkie: “SOS, BC27 was shot. Requesting medics, station at route C entrance for further instructions.”

As she spoke, she discarded her guns, pulled some rope and cloth to wrap the instructor’s wound before she piggybacked him promptly.

“Repeat, BC27 was shot, requesting for medics, station at route C entrance for further instructions… requesting assistance for location B27, five attackers currently fainted, they will be out for another half an hour at least.”


“Received! Who are you?!”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. With the instructor down lying on her back, she made her way towards route C before running down the path.

While the instructor wasn’t heavily-built, he was still well over fifty kilograms. Their size difference made him out to appear as though he would squish her. The instructor had a decent constitution, so he was somewhat conscious. Despite so, he could still feel that his wound was bleeding. Very quickly, the blood stained through and dyed half of Xuan Mo’s shirt red. He wanted to speak, but quietened down for some reason when he noticed Xuan Mo’s even breathing and the rustle as Xuan Mo ran over the grassy ground. He tried to keep his mind clear and clean while trying to remain conscious.

Very quickly, he became surprised.

Though Xuan Mo was carrying him, her steps remained easy, as though she hadn’t ran for so long. She zipped lightly and quickly through the dense forest, the obstructions in her way not at all hindering her journey. Even when she crossed uneven grounds or other obstructions, she remained as steady as ever.

The two of them reached route C very quickly. Xuan Mo had not spoken all these while. Now that they were travelling along a narrow but paved route, the lack of greenery and the downward slope had Xuan Mo speeding up even more. Her lower body was incredibly stable. Her arm clipped the instructor’s legs tightly as they headed down the mountain. His mind hazy, coupled with the scenery shooting past him, he felt as though they were fast enough they could fly. The sound of her breathing beneath him was still regular and soft. He minced his lips, his gaze clearing up as from renewed determination to remain conscious.

They dashed straight into a few soldiers heading this way. The soldiers tried to block her, but Xuan Mo dodged them. She pointed behind her: “I’ll send him down, don’t get in my way. There’s five more people you guys need to handle at location BC27.”

After which, the girl before them seemed to breeze past them, carrying their wounded comrade. They paused for a moment at that sight. While it didn’t seem very possible that a little girl like her could manage a grown-up like that all the way down, they still listened to what she had said earlier and rushed towards location BC27.

They were furious that their comrade was hurt, and they needed to vent their anger.

The distance that most of the students spent half a day climbing up was cleared within twenty-five minutes by Xuan Mo. She sent the instructor all the way down and into the ambulance.

After that, she stood pin-straight as she watched the ambulance drive off, before she turned to walk towards the entrance of the route. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 136 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The commander and company leader were beside themselves with anxiety. Once the ambulance left, they immediately asked her what had happened. When they heard that she still wanted to head back up the mountain with half her top dyed with blood, they instantly stopped her: “Aye, Xuan Mo exactly what happened?!”

The team of soldiers from earlier made up of instructors had been pulled out from various locations. As they still had not reached BC27, the commander and company leader had no information at hand. As such, they could only rely on Xuan Mo to figure out what the situation was.

Xuan Mo gathered her thoughts and what had happened earlier before she figured she might have guessed right: “This is based on what I’ve seen.”

“Yes go ahead, quickly now.”

“There were five tomb-raiders. The entrance to the ruins is near point BC27. Their scout noticed the instructor nearing them so he fired. The instructor later was held captive. They had intended to kill him and bury his body… fortunately my company was nearby. I heard the gunshot sound and went over to check out the situation. After I saved the instructor, we came down.”

“I knew it! Tomb raiders again! They are really too frigging bold!” Someone beside them bellowed, furious.

The commander paused, his expression dark. Suddenly, he asked: “You said you saved him, how did you save him?”

“I knocked the tomb raiders out.” Xuan Mo looked up. “Reporting, I still want to participate in the outfield exercise!”

“You still want to participate in the outfield exercise after all this? It’s fine, you can take a break, you must be tired after running so far… couldn’t tell you had such incredible stamina, you’re… oh no, really fast, too fast!”

A soldier walked over to report to the commander. The rescue team had already apprehended the five tomb-raiders. All five of them are unconscious, and were currently being brought down.

The commander’s scrunched forehead relaxed. He patted Xuan Mo’s bloodied shirt: “Let’s go, you should take a break, I’ll bring you over.”

Xuan Mo didn’t move. She looked at the commander: “I promised my comrades that I’ll meet them at the end.”

The commander was at loss for words. Suddenly though, he wanted to laugh, not in sarcasm, but in happiness. The soldiers around them too couldn’t help but chuckle in gentle amusement.

“Haha, you sure you can take it, it’s a long way up.”

When Xuan Mo saw that the commander had loosened up on his stance and was somewhat agreeable, she instantly nodded her head: “And can I get two guns before I leave.”

“You sure you want to carry extra weight with you?”

“I borrowed a gun from one of the students for defense before I left my company.” Xuan Mo paused, “I need to return it to her.”

“What about your clothes, you should get changed.” There was so much blood on her shirt it almost seemed black. Not only so, she appeared particularly frightening in such a bloodied attire. “Xiao Zhao, do you have any extras with you, get her a set.”

“Eh, commander, I do but… it’s a little far away.”

“It’s fine, I don’t need it. Commander, I’ll head off then.” Xuan Mo took the unloaded rifles from one of the soldiers at the side and slung it on her. She turned to head towards route C, speeding up as she went before she ran off and disappeared into the woods.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: one more this week! i swear i will definitely definitely definitely definitely clear it before Chinese New Year this fri!!

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