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Xuan Mo only returned to her dorm in the evening after Zhao Jing Lei’s call came in saying he’s settled everything.

Everyone else in her dorm had already moved in except for her. The three girls were students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. Two of them majored in humanities, the last one was in social science.

Zhao Jing Lei was sitting at her seat chatting away happily with them. When he saw Xuan Mo, he pulled her over: “Sorry Mo Mo, I got to know your friends before you moved in.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo looked around at the girls, nodding her head as acknowledgement.

“You’re Xuan Mo? Aha, finally everyone’s here. Xuan Mo what faculty are you in?”

“Jia Jia didn’t you just ask senior that, Aerospace Materials isn’t it.” Another girl said. “Hi Xuan Mo, my name is Yang Ni, she’s Yang Jia, we’re twins. Both of us are from Social Science. We’ll be staying together from today onwards, let’s go out to grab a bite some time… senior you should treat us*.”

* context: usually when a girl get attached, the boyfriend of the attached girl will treat the girl’s close friends/dorm-mates to a meal, it’s not really a culture or tradition per say but just common practice in China/described in CN novels; Yang Jia and Yang Ni here suspect/thought that Zhao Jing Lei was Xuan Mo’s bf

Zhao Jing Lei watched them as he smiled. When he heard that, he immediately nodded his head: “No problem. I’m free whenever, just let me know when y’all are free and we’ll be there.”


“Enh.” Zhao Jing Lei told Xuan Mo, “Tang Jun and the rest of them wants to treat you too. By the way, you free later? Your dorm-mates’ parents are still here so they’ll be busy.”

One of the girls parked up her ears when he spoke, before she sighed in envy: “Xuan Mo, how is it that you know so many seniors, isn’t this your first year.”

Xuan Mo was looking through the various administrative documents and other upcoming events flyers Zhao Jing Lei had placed on her desk so she didn’t reply. Zhao Jing Lei shook his head, optionless, as he replied for her: “We tried really hard to register to be the ones in charge of bringing her around, ‘course we’re gonna take care of her.” After which, he lifted her handbag, “so, you coming? The car’s downstairs, we’ll head over straight and meet Tang Jun and the rest there.”

Xuan Mo shrugged and followed him down without a word.

After the two of the left, the dorm became silent for a moment before Yang Jia and Yang Ni started chatting about where they should eat out at night. Zhang Yi Ke, the other girl in the dorm remained silent. After a while, she walked out to get a call.

“Aye, we have two ice mountains in our dorm, looks like we’ll only have each other again this sem.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 124 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“But Xuan Mo sure is a social butterfly, she seems pretty cold but look at the number of seniors hanging around her. Wasn’t there another senior that came earlier today asking if she’s moved in yet?”

“Now that you mentioned it, apparently he was the ex-student council president, and is super handsome.”

“Isn’t this mixed guy even more handsome? Really though, didn’t everyone enter the same way, how is it that she has so many people floating around her, how did she get to know so many seniors really?”

“You jealous?”

“You don’t say, I’m literally green with envy! Didn’t you hear him, they even fought over who gets to bring her around, she’s on a whole new level really. Why didn’t she try Arts school, all she needs to do is to walk around their campus, she’ll definitely receive countless offers.”

“She must have done really well. There’s no way I’d be able to get into Aerospace. Who knows, she might just be the only girl that’s managed to make it into that course.”

“We really should stop comparing ourselves to her damnit, not only is she pretty, she has a great figure too. All she needs to do is appear in school for a day and I bet there’ll be lots of people asking around who she is.”

“C’mon, who knows, perhaps she’s really easy to get along with once we get to know her.”

“Aye, seems like our last hope’s on her then. That Zhang Yi Ke definitely isn’t someone easy to get along with… She seemed quite high maintenance and all, but now that we have a Xuan Mo here too… humph…”

The sound of door knocking suddenly sounded. Tightly after, a male voice floated in from outside: “Excuse me, is Xuan Mo in?”

“You’re looking for her too?” Yang Ni smiled and opened the door. At the doorway stood a tall, good-looking guy. He was dressed in a white button-down and black pants; he seemed to be wearing the uniform from the police academy.

His bright eyes glanced past her. After sweeping their dorm a look, he asked: “She’s not in?”

“Enh.” Yang Ni couldn’t help but blush. “She went out to eat with someone else.”

“Huh? I didn’t hear anything from her.” The guy grumbled. After a moment of contemplation, he smiled at Yang Ni, “I brought some stuff over, can I enter?”

“Of course.” Yang Ni turned sideways and winked at Yang Jia who was looking over. When Yang Jia saw him, she spat her tongue at her twin sister.

“I’m Lu Yu Chen, Xuan Mo’s brother.” Lu Yu Chen handed the two large bags of items to Yang Ni directly, “these are for you guys.”

Yang Ni took the bags with wide eyes, noticing that they were filled with snacks that girls like them liked. “This is…”

“School’s a little busy, we just started you see, so I didn’t manage to get other stuff. Since I was coming over anyway I just grabbed some stuff I found. You guys have it, Xuan Mo doesn’t snack.”

After looking around, he figured out which was Xuan Mo’s bed. She was the last to reach so she could only take the remaining bed near the toilet. Xuan Mo herself didn’t mind much. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand felt distressed for her in her stead. If it was him, he’d make sure that she only gets the best…

Her luggage was still on her bed. Even if Zhao Jing Lei has brought her stuff over for her, he was still a guy so he didn’t touch her items, make her bed or so much as open her luggage without her permission. Lu Yu Chen on the other hand had no such qualms. In fact, Xuan Mo’s mother had long since accepted him as Xuan Mo’s bodyguard cum housekeeper. And so, he rolled up his sleeve and started making her bed and tidying her clothes for her.

After receiving so much food from him, Yang Jia and Yang Ni couldn’t possibly watch and not help, they’ve just received two large bags of food from him after all. And so, they asked if he needed any help with the tidying. After the three of them chatted for a while, the girls became more comfortable and opened up. While snacking, one of them asked: “So how long have you guys been dating?”

Lu Yu Chen paused. He’s been getting this question a lot lately. Did Xuan Mo and him not seem like siblings at all? Even if they were siblings per say, for some reason, he felt reluctant if he had to declare himself merely as Xuan Mo’s brother. And so, he smoked: “No, we’re not dating.”

“Oh…” Yang Jia smiled, “then you should watch out, there’s quite a number of guys going after her!”

This got Lu Yu Chen’s attention. He asked in suspicion: “Who did Mo Mo leave with earlier?”

He accidentally slipped and addressed Xuan Mo with her nickname.

The twins didn’t mind. In fact, the two of them exchanged a look before one said as she smiled: “The one in the morning didn’t mention his name, but he should be Tang Jun, the previous student council president if I’m not wrong. The one in the afternoon that left with her was Zhao Jing Lei, a really handsome guy.”

“Oh, it’s them.” Lu Yu Chen nodded, not feeling at all anxious.

“Why, you guys know each other?”

“Enh, they were the ones that reached out to Mo Mo and recruited her to this school, of course I’d know them.”

“Woah, Xuan Mo was headhunted? How good is she?! There’s probably only three students that were specially recruited this year if I remember correctly, and it was the first year they opened the course to females, didn’t know that she was one of them.”

“Enh, hehe.” Lu Yu Chen was accustomed to such reactions. Xuan Mo didn’t bring a lot of things, so he finished after sorting out her beddings, wardrobe and some miscellaneous items. When he dusted his hands and sat down on her chair, he heard his stomach grumble. At that, he couldn’t help but feel slightly dismayed. Though he knew Xuan Mo was just being oblivious as usual, to think she ran off with someone else just after the two of them separated earlier in the day… how hurtful.

Yan Jia and Yang Ni felt like teasing Lu Yu Chen further when they saw his dejected expression, as though he’d been abandoned. Just as they were about to however, the door opened and Zhang Yi Ke returned.

While he was disappointed, Lu Yu Chen after seeing the that the person who just entered wasn’t Xuan Mo simply he gave a polite nod and smile; there was no way he’d be as nice as he would be to Xuan Mo, regardless of the person’s gender. It’s only just that these people will be the ones living with Xuan Mo for the next four years.

When she saw that the person sitting there was a guy, Zhang Yi Ke paused for a moment before she asked, almost a little nervous: “Uhm, my parents booked the restaurant beside school, they want to treat you guys to a meal.”

Yang Ni and Yang Jia looked at each other. Their parents just left so they were fine with the arrangement. Lu Yu Chen however would be in an awkward position, were they supposed to have him leave first?

Lu Yu Chen read in between the lines and decided it was time to take his leave. And so, he immediately stood up. He’s finished what he’d come to do anyway. “In that case, I’ll…”

“You are…” Zhang Yi Ke asked.

“I’m Xuan Mo’s brother.”

“Why don’t you go in Xuan Mo’s place. Just join us, you don’t seem to have eaten.”

“Mmh, I don’t think that’s too appropriate.”

“C’mon, don’t worry about it.” The twins persuaded him.

“Aye, alright then.” Lu Yu Chen stood, mentally preparing himself to stand in as Xuan Mo’s temporary PR manager.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: 哥哥 (ge ge = brother) sometimes can mean boyfriend, but is more commonly used to mean brother; think “oppa” in Korean which can mean both brother and boyfriend

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