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By the time Xuan Mo returned to the dorm, the other three had already washed up. When they saw Xuan Mo, all of them wore a strange expression on their faces. Xuan Mo on the other hand after glancing at her already tidied bed and table figured that Lu Yu Chen had made a trip over when she’d been out earlier. With that in mind, she didn’t ask the others about it, and instead decided to head to the bathroom to wash up, following the same schedule from back when she’d still been in high school.

“Xuan Mo Xuan Mo!” One of the twins stopped her, “who was at your dinner gathering? C’mon share with us, spill some tea! Don’t leave us thirsty!”

Xuan Mo glanced at her before she started counting with her fingers: “There were one two three four five six seven people from the computing club, Tang Jun brought them over, and Zhao Jing Lei…”

“That’s all?”

Xuan Mo glanced at her strangely: “That’s nine people altogether, is that not enough?”

“Oh oh.” Yang Jia seemed incredibly happy for some reason. “Xuan Mo, your brother dropped by earlier today. He sorted out your things for you and treated us to dinner.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo paused as she picked up her towel. She turned, asking, “you bathed earlier?”


Xuan Mo pointed at the bathroom: “You forgot your underwear in the bathroom.”

“Ahhh!” Yang Jia ran over in a fluster. Behind her, Yang Ni’s laughter spilled, “she’s careless as ever really, you’ll get to see exactly how headless she can get in the future.”

Xuan Mo turned to look at Yang Ni for a moment: “You guys are twins?”

“Enh, yeah.”

Every race had its own form of twins. Twins on Scorpio were those with completely identical appearance and mental energy. Not only so, twins played an incredibly strategic role in the military. Scorpio had a pair of twins named “Gemini Stars” back in the days; they were two major generals who led their own troops. As their mental powers were completely identical, they were able to successfully confuse and mislead the enemy, and entrap the elite troops from Bloodiron Planet. This strategic success played a crucial role in their war against Bloodiron; this battle was also recorded in the history books as a result. Though this particular tactic employed was simple, they were able to maximise the potential of their advantage to its fullest.

The twins were oblivious to the fact that other curiosity, Xuan Mo’s analytical gaze was really doing a complete evaluation of their strategic potential in battle.

“Xuan Mo I’m done, you go ahead.” Yang Jia walked out with a red face with her things.

By the time Xuan Mo was done, her three roommates were already on their own beds. Xuan Mo hadn’t sorted out the internet connection. She heard that year ones apparently weren’t allowed to bring their laptops to school, but she figured there won’t be anyone coming to confiscate her laptop even if she were to use it. They’ll probably just cut off her wifi.

Though she still retained her mental power so linking herself up wasn’t any issue, she wasn’t addicted to surfing the net or any of that sorts so she was in no rush.

They moved in before lessons actually started, so they still had two days of freedom. Tightly after would be military training. They still have yet to receive their uniforms, so all those that were dressed in their own clothes were freshies; all the seniors would be in their uniforms.

She’d known that they would get uniforms, so she didn’t even bother bringing a single jacket of her own. Her tiny luggage was filled with only tube tops and shorts. The next morning, Zhang Yi Ke went out with her parents. The twins discussed and asked Xuan Mo if she was interested in joining them to walk around the campus.

By the time they arrived at the entrance, Xuan Mo had already “toured” the entire campus with her mental power. It’s just that she couldn’t bear to reject their incredibly passionate invitation, though she had no idea why they were this overly nice, and it was to the point they were almost bending over backwards just to get her to join them at that.

In her white singlet, denim shorts, shades and ponytail, Xuan Mo left her dorm with a twin flanking her on each side.

“Let’s grab breakfast first! This is our first meal in school!” Yang Jia pointed ahead.

There were quite a number of people up and around even in the morning; guys in uniform walked past in groups. It was truly impossible not to notice the sight of the three girls walking in their direction. It was even more difficult to ignore one of the girls among the three.

The twins weren’t particularly eye-catching, not all twins had incredible genes. Not only so, having just graduated from high school, they were still a conservative in their dressing and hence shied away from wearing anything too mature. And so with Xuan Mo in the picture, the two of them were made even more inconspicuous, but they seemed perfectly fine, and instead chatted happily en route to the canteen at Zone Seven.

The school rules required students to wake up at six thirty in the morning, and breakfast would start around seven. It was a little past seven right now, and they saw a flood of green — this timing was when the canteen was the most crowded after all. Included in the morning breakfast crowd were students grabbing their meal after their morning exercise.

On their way to the canteen, the three of them finally registered how little girls there were in NDU. All they saw were guys and more guys; it took them really long before they managed to spot two girls, and just that itself took them half a day before they realised that those two were actually girls. On top of that, the two girls appeared especially unhappy when they noticed Xuan Mo in particular.

In the canteen, whispers would erupt wherever they walked by. There were even a few tables of guys that were shoving each other around laughing, their intentions evident.

What surprised Yang Jia and Yang Ni was Xuan Mo’s reaction. Though her attire was incredibly eye-catching, she didn’t appear at all affected or interested in the guys around. In fact, she walked, cold and expressionless with her back pin-straight and chest up, exuding an air not as though an ice beauty but that of a soldier.

She was the kind of person that could make wearing denim shorts seem as though she was in uniform.

The two of them didn’t have the best of intention initially when they left the dorm. Though they weren’t particularly attractive, they had loud personalities, and followed Xuan Mo to spectate a possible commotion that might happen. On the way to the canteen however, Xuan Mo’s demeanour and chill was so suffocating they didn’t even dare to cross the line when teasing her. Both of them were still wondering why they chickened out, but their lingering guilt reined their actions. Now that they suddenly saw so many guys affected by Xuan Mo, some with eyes glued to her even, they immediately regained their courage. Grabbing onto Xuan Mo, they pointed at one of the guys: “Aye, Mo Mo, look at that guy, isn’t he handsome! His blushing so hard, did he fall in love at first sight or something, c’mon look at him, look at him.”

Xuan Mo ‘glanced’ at him with her mental power, before she realised that there were lots of guys who were looking at her with their faces flushed and blood flow quickened. At that, she continued looking ahead without turning before moving to join the queue for buns.

Though the queue looked long, the stall sold buns after all, so the queue moved relatively quickly. The guys queuing ahead kept turning behind. The guy queuing right in front of Xuan Mo was particularly at loss. There was a very pretty girl right behind him; he felt as though his entire back was on fire. He really wanted to glance behind, but felt that it would be too strange to do it, so his neck was positioned halfway between turning and not turning as he stressed over this.

Xuan Mo had been observing the guy for very long. When she noticed that it was almost his turn to get food, she finally couldn’t take it. And so, she tapped his shoulder: “Oi!”

“Ye-yeah?!” The guy whipped his head back at the speed of light, his face flushing as laughter from the twins sounded from behind.


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