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Scorching summer. University was starting.

Their universities started around the same time. Lu Yu Chen and Xuan Mo boarded their designated pick-up school buses respectively after getting off the plane. Dressed in dark-coloured police academy uniform and glaring military academy uniform, the crew of people from both schools inducting the freshies were particularly conspicuous.

The seats on the bus were almost filled. Most of the students came together with their family. Some of the parents accompanying their children were chatting away. Of course whenever a new person boarded the bus, they would glance over to check the person out.

After placing her luggage in the baggage area, Xuan Mo boarded the bus leisurely, and was greeted with a round of eyeballs drifting her way.

The gazes landing on her remained fixated on her for a longer period of time.

Well, Xuan Mo was dressed very differently after all. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 123 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Donned in a black tube top and low-waisted shorts paired with a pair of tennis shoes and a large, black sling bag behind her, she had her hair up in a clean ponytail. The pair of shades she had on was large enough to cover half her face. Despite so, it still wasn’t enough to hide the fact that this girl was incredibly pretty.

Even if someone dressed like how she did walked on the streets, they’d be able to turn lots of heads, much less a bus heading for the military academy.

Topping the glances in her direction, Xuan Mo walked over to a window seat. Along the way, she realised that she’s not seen a single girl. The only females she saw were all middle-aged. Was she the only girl on this bus?

Mincing her lips, she looked out the window.

Lu Yu Chen wasn’t the cause of her attire; she’d wanted to dress like this since long ago. It’s just that she’s never really had the time to go out to shop, so when she went shopping with Lu Yu Chen earlier, she’d very happily managed to get some pieces she wanted to wear.

Reason being, her body was a walking energy panel. Though she could last long even without replenishing solar energy, she’s not gonna complain if she could collect more. Similar to how important food and exercise is to a human body, solar energy was the most suitable energy for her body. This had been the first holiday break she’d experienced after transmigrating here, so every extra inch of skin she exposed meant she was able to effectively absorb energy one bit more. In fact, she was completely fine even if she walked around naked, this was really nothing to her.

As to what other people around thought about what she wore — sorry but that’s not within her scope of concern.

She did find it noteworthy that Lu Yu Chen’s reaction seemed a little off when they were on the way here.

As she basked in the sunlight streaming in from the window, Xuan Mo pushed her pair of too-large shades that was sliding down. The high-speed energy exchange would generate a glow from the flow of data, so she needed to cover her eyes.

En route to the school, she overheard lots of parents reminding their kids about all sort of matters, out of which, the parts on finding a demure and ladylike girl as their girlfriend was particularly emphasised… Xuan Mo suddenly was especially thankful that she’d managed to convince her mother out of joining her today. It sure saved her a lot of trouble.

But she did recall that it was written expressly in their school rules that students were not allowed to date, so she didn’t quite understand why these parents were reminding their children that.

She’d travelled through countless galaxy gateways, so the so-called majestic entrance to the university didn’t impress Xuan Mo much. The only thing that threw her a little off was the various administrative matters that she had to sort out upon enrollment. Not having experienced anything similar before, Xuan Mo was this close to flipping the table after she was informed for the second time that “you are unable to collect your items if you have not made the xxx payment”.

And so, she decided to plant herself down along the potted plants as she looked up at the scorching sun with her phone in her hand, wondering if she should summon Lu Yu Chen to sort this out for her.

“Xuan Mo? I’d been looking for you.” Suddenly, someone walked over and stood beside her. The voice that sounded above was gentle and tinged with surprise. Following which, a shadow cast down on her.

Xuan Mo sighed: “Move your umbrella away.”

“Oh? You’re not avoiding the sun? You’ll get tan.”

“Move it.”

“Alright then.” The shadow moved away. Zhao Jing Lei kept the umbrella and stood beside her. Donned in the green military student uniform, he stood with a light smile as he played with his cap. “Tang Jun had wanted to pick up you but he’d just handed over the student council to the new batch last sem, and the new president still needed some help… anyway I got to pick you up instead because of that, haha.”

Xuan Mo was silent for a moment. She took her phone out of her bag before throwing the entire thing at Zhao Jing Lei: “I’m gonna walk around, you help me with these.”

Zhao Jing Lei smiled bitterly as he trudged after her with her bag: “You can’t abandon me like this.”

“Don’t forget, my luggage’s at the reception, the dorms are too far.”

“That’s not an issue, I can drive you over.” Zhao Jing Lei paused before asking, “where’s your dorm?”

“Zone seven, building three, unit 402.” Xuan Mo smiled, “If you’re free, you can help me tidy the place while you’re at it.”

Zhao Jing Lei paused before he registered what she’d said: “You know?”

“Know what, your identity in Zone seven?”

“Who told you that.” Zhao Jing Lei became serious.

“You’re definitely suspecting Ah Gui huh,” Xuan Mo hummed, “I know everything you guys have done, collecting strands of my hair, to searching all over everywhere for my blood samples, checking my medical history, my family’s medical history, anemia, anti-social disorder and mild depression was it… and apparently I have a congenital heart disease…”

When Xuan Mo meet his gaze, she smiled: “Really, thanks for the concern, I didn’t even know I had some of these. But, don’t cross the line, I know everything you guys are doing.”

She stared at Zhao Jing Lei before she smiled sarcastically: “Get it in your head, I, know, everything.”

Xuan Mo patted the stoning guy before she walked off into the scorching heat. “Sort out the admin stuff, collect my things and tidy the dorm, ok?”

Zhao Jing Lei was silent for a moment before he shook his head and smiled and nodded: “Ok, got it, your majesty.”


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