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“Possessed by what?”

“…I don’t know.”

His eyes widened when he felt his head starting to hurt. He heard that voice again: “What possessed her?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s just a joke then?”


“It’s a joke you shouldn’t be going around telling people?”


“You shouldn’t be sticking your nose into Xuan Mo’s business, regardless of what it is, understand?”



When everything returned to how things had been, Ah La Lei blinked. When he saw Xuan Mo who had her gaze fixed on the computer screen, he said, ill at ease: “Eh, sorry, blanked out for a moment.”

“Blanked out?” Xuan Mo seemed as though she was smiling, “took you long enough to return to earth.”

“Ahaha.” Ah La Lei scratched his head, puzzled. Something felt off but he couldn’t quite place his finger on what exactly was wrong… even if you drift off, there’d be a reason, but he couldn’t remember what he had been thinking about earlier at all.

After Lu Yu Chen returned with a cup of steaming hot coffee, he placed it on Xuan Mo’s table. Xuan Mo picked it up and downed it, not at all affected by its temperature. After which, she stood: “Let’s go, we need to pack.”

Before Lu Yu Chen even planted his butt down on the seat, Xuan Mo was done with the hot coffee. He watched as she spoke normally, as though the coffee she’d just chugged down wasn’t at all boiling hot, that they had to return to pack up. After a moment of pause, he stuttered: “Pack, pack what?”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “Since there’s no matches, we should head back to pack our things. We’re setting off in three days.”

“But…” His housekeeper had packed everything for him. Lu Yu Chen remembered that Xuan Mo’s place didn’t have a helper, so all he could do was nod his head: “Ah, then you go ahead, do you need to get anything? I can help you buy…”

“Okay, my mother sent me a list and indicated what I needed to get, you can help me buy it then.” Xuan Mo picked up her bag.

Lu Yu Chen tore a small piece of paper to record down the items. Before long though, he froze, and turned around, his face red: “Mo, Mo Mo… I’m helping you get all these?”


“Including, including the bra? And, un-underwear… uhh…”


“I think it’s better if I don’t…” Lu Yu Chen didn’t know how to feel, “what, what’s your size?”

“What?” Xuan Mo frowned.

“Nothing nothing nothing, I didn’t ask anything, I- I m-might n-not be able to help you with these…”

“Why not?”

“I’m a guy, you want me to get these for you? And, and, and… pads? Sunscreen? My god, Mo Mo, don’t, don’t leave first, I think you should get these on your own, I, I’ll help you carry the bags.”

“Y’think I need help carrying the bags?” The heat outside rolled in as Xuan Mo opened the glass door. Despite so, Lu Yu Chen still withered from the chill: “Brother, your brother I’ll get you everything except your undergarments, sunscreen and pads… and, surely I’m of help in other places too…”

Xuan Mo thought for a moment before she shook her head: “You’re not actually.”

His weak little heart shattering from her harsh words, Lu Yu Chen staggered back as he said glumly: “I, I’ll get it for you then!”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo wanted to laugh. She asked: “Is it very troublesome to buy bras?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 122 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

After paying at the cashier, Lu Yu Chen opened the umbrella for her when they walked out. He muttered: “I don’t know about bras but it should work the same as underwears? There should be sizes right? I thought girls would be very particular about that… how do you usually buy your stuff?”

“My mother buys them. She’s not free these days.”

“…aite fine, eh, let’s go then, to the department store, the one in front, they have everything there.”

The two of them headed straight for the place immediately after. Very soon, they reached. The department store like every other commonly seen these days had a mixed selection of apparels. The first floor sold fashion apparels and electronic gadgets. As for undergarments, Lu Yu Chen’s only heard of the brand Gujin, and that was only because it was a very in-your-face brand that had stores all over the place. And so, Lu Yu Chen searched the department store with Xuan Mo and they two found Gujin.

The sales assistant was very accustomed to seeing couples purchasing together. And so, the moment they arrived, the sales assistant handed Lu Yu Chen a magazine before accompanying Xuan Mo to look for bras.

Xuan Mo looked very young, and Gujin just so happened to have a line of undergarments made for the younger customers, and these as expected were in pastel blues and pinks. Xuan Mo didn’t mind the colours, but she preferred black. And so, she picked two sports bras in black; the ones she selected had no designs and covered enough to be just worn out as it is…

The sales assistant figured otherwise and handed them over to Lu Yu Chen: “Your boyfriend should take a look too, you girls shouldn’t be embarrassed about things like this. These types are made for sports, the pastel series is much more comfortable.”

Lu Yu Chen was greeted with two pink bras the moment he looked up. Not only so, right beside them stood Xuan Mo. At that, he flushed. He’d been out of it since the beginning, and was even more so now. He quickly looked down: “Let, let her decide.”

“Alright then.” The sales assistant continued smiling, “miss, you mentioned you don’t know your size? This should fit, would you like to try it on?”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo grabbed the four pieces and entered the fitting room. After a while, the sales assistant handed her two more pink ones.

A while later, Xuan Mo took all four out: “Too small.”

“Really? This is B60… any larger would be…” The sales assistant didn’t continue, and instead went to get another size. Lu Yu Chen standing by the side on the other hand was already burning from embarrassment.

After switching the sizes twice more, they finally found the correct fit. While Xuan Mo was still inside the fitting room trying on, Lu Yu Chen went to the cashier to make payment. As the sales assistant wrapped up the new pieces, she whispered to another sales assistant: “She looks so young, my god, I totally didn’t expect her to have such an amazing figure! Her waist was so tiny. If it weren’t for her loose clothes, she’s a complete loli I swear! Who would have expected her to be so voluptuous!”

One of the sales assistants noticed Lu Yu Chen’s red ears. At that, she teased: “Handsome chap how naughty of you, did you make your girlfriend wear a tighter fit so other people won’t notice her?”

What a day it was today indeed, Lu Yu Chen thought to himself: “She, she’s my little sister, sister!”

“Oh, little sister.” The sales assistant didn’t believe him. Soon, Xuan Mo walked out. Seeing that he’s done, she gestured with her chin at Lu Yu Chen, “next, pads.”

“Pfft…” Amidst the sales assistant’s laughter, Lu Yu Chen walked out, his face scorching.

He suddenly regretted deciding to study near Xuan Mo’s school. After getting him wrapped around her finger, or in other words, manage to order him around doing things for her, will he ever find the chance to escape her claws and become a free man again?!


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