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“… that is indeed our miscalculation, but believe us…”

“I don’t believe you!” Xuan Mo forced out, her voice low. The medic pounced at her again. This time, she didn’t dodge. However, a roar sounded. Someone behind her lunged at the medic, throwing him off balance. Lu Yu Chen wasn’t a lightweight; he held the medic down with all his limbs before shooting Xuan Mo an apprehensive smile filled with unease.

Owing to the fact that Lu Yu Chen was a seasoned brawler, the medic was unable to escape his clutches. Fortunately as a male, he didn’t make much of a scene after being pounced on. Subsequently, the two rolled around on the floor trying to get each other off while making little noise. Despite so, none of them gave in to each other. All this while, Xuan Mo stood by the side, speaking, completely unaffected.

“Tell me your action plan.”

“Miss, the situation your mother is in is very urgent, what you need to do right now is to stabilise her mental situation…”

“She’s doing absolutely fine, mental-health wise! Tell me your action plan!” Xuan Mo was very close to bellowing.

“We can’t. This is classified information.”

Crack. Standing beside the mic, Xuan Mo pulled open the safety lock on the gun as she spoke calmly, “there are two more bullets here. Believe, there’s nothing I don’t dare to do.” After which, without giving a damn about the special ops, she walked over to the medic and rested the gun nozzle against his head.

“Now, tell me what your action plan is.”


“Miss, are you ready… ah! What happened!?” The police officer that was sent over to hurry them gasped aloud in shock at the strange scene. In a moment of confusion, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at Xuan Mo.

Xuan Mo however paid him no heed. After listening for a while, she laughed coldly: “That’s your plan? Trying to distract the robber to mask your attack? And you’re using the hostage as the bait? Do you think the robber’s an idiot?!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 104 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“We cannot shoot a criminal dead without reason, after all, they…”

“The crime is insufficient to warrant death? Alright then, let me tell you what I think — when a group of creatures attempt to hurt their own kind, they are already putting themselves up against others. In other words, when the robber attempted to hurt any human, he is already setting himself up to be against humans, he… is no longer human! Yet you want to sacrifice someone to protect the lives of these animals?!”

“Miss, your mindset is too radical, now please put down your gun and calm down. We will begin our operation. If you do not wish to protect your mother and ensure her mental health, you can stand and wait. After we rescue your mother, you can look after her. Let’s stick with this shall we.” After which, the person on the other side hung up, evidently choosing to throw this thorny issue to the police officers outside the area that were rushing in.

Xuan Mo still had the earpiece on. She stood up, looked at the policemen in the distance coldly, before she tugged at Lu Yu Chen’s chilly hands and pulled him up. She ignored the special ops officer and medic that were now both lying on the ground and headed towards the policemen.

Though she no longer seized the special ops officer, the gun was still in her hands. The police officers around her looked at her as though she was an insane delinquent. As such, they remained alert all the while.

Xuan Mo and Lu Yu Chen finally saw the bank and what was happening inside.

The situation happened in the main lobby of the bank. The exterior of the bank was renovated off a western architecture remnant from the Republic. Xuan Mo’s mother was currently held hostage by the robber, and they stood behind the bulletproof main entrance, making their silhouettes out to appear vague. All they could figure out was that their mother’s leg was bleeding profusely. The police were monitoring what was happening inside based on the hidden surveillance cameras.

Dozens of people inside were squatting. There were five robbers spread out in the bank. Based on the position of the robbers, the mastermind behind this must be very experienced. Or at the very least, the robber holding Xuan Mo’s mother hostage was experienced enough.

A plump police officer saw Xuan Mo coming. He hesitated for a moment before pushing the mic to Xuan Mo: “You, why don’t you talk to your mother for a bit, don’t worry.”

Xuan Mo took the mic. She minced her lips and spoke into it: “Mother, don’t hug the robber, press down on the artery on your inner leg… stop the blood flowing out… then… that’s it…”

“…” Everyone was silent. The negotiator asked: “That’s all?”

“I don’t beat around the bush as much as you do.” Xuan Mo laughed coldly. In her field of vision, she could see her mother stretched her hand down with pain, and pressed the inner part of her thigh in trembling hands. As that wasn’t a place one would often touch in public, her pale face flushed with her action.

Suddenly, a robber’s head popped out in the camera’s field of vision. He tilted his head at the camera, lips pulling back into a smirk. Beneath his black face mask, his teeth appeared particularly white. Immediately after, he aimed his gun at the surveillance camera.


“The heck!” The plump policeman and negotiator slammed the police car at the same time, incredibly frustrated at the dead screen. The negotiator switched off the mic and howled, “special ops team, do not advance! This is a difficult enemy! He definitely must be a repeat offender!”

“But the hostage is dying!”

“The last camera was shot, how the hell do we save the hostage, we can’t see anything!”

“Then what should we do?!”

“Contact the team leader, we require additional support!”

“We’re running out of time!”

“Chief!” A police woman ran over, a phone in her hand. “The phone!”

The plump policeman took the phone. After listening, his expression became strange. After which, he quickly hung up, walked over to Xuan Mo with doubt before asking: “You… can do it?”

Xuan Mo pointed at the mini communication device that was still on her ear as she said coldly: “If you tell them to switch this on, I can do it.”




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