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The sirens of the police car rang loudly on the entire journey there. Despite so, they still were met with traffic, and the traffic light just so happened to turn red. The countdown time read ninety-nine seconds, and there were three cars in front of them. Even though it was a lane designated for turning, the cars ahead did not turn, but were instead halted in front of them.

“The heck!” The police siren ran on. The young policeman driving the police car slammed the steering wheel with force, stuck his head out the window and shouted: “Can you turn in! Turn in! We have an urgent case at hand!”

The cars ahead did not move.

Seated in the backseat, Xuan Mo looked down, silent. Suddenly, her eyes glinted. In her mental-net, the negotiator’s words enraged the robbers holding the hostage. The robber brandished his gun as he looked out from behind Xuan Mo’s mother, before quickly retracting his head, agilely dodging the bullet from the sniper. Before the robber could sigh in relief however, Xuan Mo’s mother cried in pain — her thigh was shot by the sniper, and she collapsed suddenly. The robber at that, too, squatted down quickly together with her movement, dodging another bullet aimed at his head after Xuan Mo’s mother fell down and out of the way.

The plan was executed strategically and perfectly; it’s evident that those in action were incredibly skilled. However, gathering from how their multiple attempts have proved futile, they seemed to have bumped into an enemy that was very familiar with their strategy — not only did they hurt the hostage, they’ve also lost a golden opportunity.

After being shot and crying out in pain, Xuan Mo’s mother was in such agony, beads of sweat rolled down her face. Despite so, she bit her lips, not speaking. Her gaze however was unfocused, her eyes misting from the pain. Though the bullet didn’t hit any major artery, blood still gushed out with no semblances of stopping.

Xuan Mo suddenly felt incredibly upset and uncomfortable. At that, her head shot up. After leaning forward, she kicked open the door, ran out, raised the gun and shot.

Bang bang bang!

The entire street became silent. Xuan Mo had a gun pointed at the driver of the first car, bellowing: “Drive! Move out of the way!”

Before the driver could react, she pulled the trigger again, the bullet just scraping by a hair’s breath away from the driver’s nose bridge.

The driver stomped on the gas and the car shot off at an unprecedented speed, almost colliding with the other driving cars in front. Subsequently, screeching sounds of braking sounded. Xuan Mo sent a bullet at the second driver that was still frozen. The bullet went straight through the windscreen and brushed past the driver’s ear.

After the second car escaped, the third car was next…

Before Xuan Mo boarded the police car, she raised her hand and shot for the third time. At that, after a bang sounded at the three cars blocking the way and their windscreen sacrificed consecutively as a result, their wheels busted too.

“Hurry, move out.” Xuan Mo slid back into the police car, placing the gun casually on her lap. Pale, Lu Yu Chen on the side swallowed, shrinking into his side of the backseat instinctively.

The police officer tried to keep his calm as he started to car. With a puzzled expression, the other police officer on the side stretched his hand out at her: “My… gun… when did you…”

Xuan Mo raised the gun, but this time, the nozzle was pointed at the police officer: “There’s two more bullets, I don’t want to use them now.”

The policeman glared at her: “Are you threatening the police?! Do you know what the consequences for what you’ve just done are?!”

Xuan Mo did not put her gun down: “Let’s hope that my mother’s fine. Else, you will realise how severe a consequence awaits you.”

Though her voice was calm, it was even more bone-chilling than the black nozzle pointed at them.

After this hiccup, the remaining journey was smooth. The car reached the entrance of the bank that was robbed. The majority of the people outside were barred from entering. There weren’t any reporters around either. The police officer brought them in through the cordoned area to where a bunch of police cars were parked. There were multiple police officers with their guns raised, pointed at the bank, awaiting orders. The atmosphere was incredibly tense.

A special ops officer in black uniform stopped Xuan Mo from entering and brought them to the robber’s blind spot, saying: “I believe you guys are informed, your mother is currently held hostage.”

Lu Yu Chen had no idea what was going on all the while, neither did he know what Xuan Mo’s mother was facing. He was very anxious due to the grave and tense atmosphere, and was shocked helpless by Xuan Mo’s mad actions during the drive here. It was then where he figured that something was off. Now that he’s heard what had happened and registered Xuan Mo’s lack of surprise at the news, he tried to control his shock and apprehension from the thunderbolt news as he looked at the special ops officer in earnest.

The special ops officer couldn’t help but admire the girl’s calmness when he saw her. At that, he spoke as gently as he could: “According to the psychological analysis of hostage, as a single mother, the person she would be most worried about would be her daughter. Your name is Xuan Mo right, as her mental pillar of support, you play a very important role here. In order to maintain the hostage’s peace of mind and sanity, and to avoid possible PTSD after being rescued, we need your help in encouraging your mother as calmly as you can along with the police. You can bring back memories of the past, of course… happy memories are the best, or you can chat about happy and light topics of the present and the future… you can speak about happy and relaxing things, don’t worry about getting in the way of the negotiator, do you understand?”

In reply, his face ate a fist.

Xuan Mo’s face was cold. Her eyes squinting, she stared at the special ops officer: “You’re the commander?”

After being knocked down by this little girl, his reply only came in after he stilled himself from the daze. At that, jumped up and got into a defensive stance, unsure what he should make out of this situation. At that, he replied, innocent: “No.”

“Who’s in charge?!”

“…that’s not something you need to know. Rest assured, we will do all we can to rescue your mother.”

“Get lost!” Xuan Mo sent him a kick. Though the special ops officer didn’t believe that the girl would continue making moves, he still mentally prepared himself. Who would have known that the kick this time came so quickly he didn’t even have the time to register it. Not only so, the kick was spot on on his chest, and had him flying out and lying on the floor coughing.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 103 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Medic, medic! What’s wrong!?” A low voice sounded from his earpiece.

“Cough cough, nothing… hello!” Xuan Mo pulled the medic’s earpiece off his ear and put it on hers, speaking coldly: “Are you the commander?”

“…yes, who are you, you’re not the medic.”

“I’m the daughter of the hostage.”

“…” The other party inhaled deeply. “Miss, don’t worry, we will do our best in rescuing your mother, can you…”

Suddenly, the medic got up and lunged fiercely at Xuan Mo. He’s finally registered properly that the girl in front of him ain’t some weak flower worth his pity, and she was heartless when making her moves. As such, he gave it his all when trying to grab the miniature communication device from Xuan Mo. Xuan Mo continued speaking while dodging him with ease: “Rescue my mother? Don’t think I don’t know, the bullet wound on the hostage’s thigh is the result of your stupid tactics and crappy sniper! She’ll die of blood loss at the rate you are going, and the bunch of you still have the nerve to gather ‘round the area sprouting bullshit!”



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: woah girl… you sure you can fire a gun in the middle of the street like that? Side note, speaking of the special ops and military medic, when i was translating, i suddenly confused myself with the special ops and medic Qin Ke Xuan and Yin Xu Dong from another translation (completed) I Am A Killer (IAAK), how nostalgic hahaha. Also omg i wonder how well Xuan Mo (THMYO) and Qin Ke Xuan (IAAK) would get along with each other if they were in the same universe hahaha, that would be so interesting; if anyone ever writes a fanfiction about this LET ME KNOW!! I’d totally read it LOL and link it here if it’s good XD


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