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“Rhy, I’ve been looking for you”. A masculine voice cropped up behind me. It was unfamiliar.

An arm slung itself across my shoulders heavily. I turned; the alley was too dark to properly see his face. But I didn’t know the guy. Andy, the name popped up—he looked like an Andy. So I breathed: “Andy.”

His head tilted, his fringe hung low, brushing his jaw. It shadowed his face.

“Let’s go.” He walked, steering my shoulders. I followed, almost melting in relief, thank you thank you for appearing and getting me out of there.

“Hey girlie, we’re not done.” They stepped closer.

He turned. I caught a glimpse of his earrings. And a messy bun. Oh dear goodness. Double piercings? Long hair? The wave of relief from before evaporated. A gulp lodged itself in my throat.

An icy chill hit me; I shivered. They stumbled, the drunken assholes, and tripped on something I didn’t see, sprawling on the ground.

He stared at the unmoving figured. I stared too. They were drunk, but I don’t remember them being that drunk.

He looked up. His hair fell back. I saw lips, and they were pinker than mine. “Can I borrow you for a moment?”

Borrow me?

He yanked my shoulders forward without a warning and sauntered in the opposite direction, arms still around my shoulders. He quickened his pace, I was pulled along to catch up.


Caught off guard, I stumbled. “What?” He dragged me along regardless.

“Where are you going?”

The alley twisted and turned, I felt like stepping into a maze, losing sight of the shortcut route I was well acquainted with.

“This way.” He turned the corner. I stuck close to him, confused as to why dread was settling in my stomach.

I saw murky swirls, vague ones. Not exactly see it, I think I’d felt it rather. Dark flashes at the back of my eyelids when I closed them. Shadowy substance-less aura closed in from behind us. I moved closer to him, confused at what my eyes were greeted with.

They spilled out from the alley, in front, in black vapour. From the left, the right, like fog, except I found myself finding it much more terrifying. I didn’t know why, my hands started shaking.

“Hold on.” His hand snaked around my waist. I squirmed away from it.

“What?” My voice pitched. The smoke was getting scarier by the moment. Why? And thicker, and closer.

He looked up. “We’re jumping.”

“What are you t—” My sentence broke off, and was replaced with a shriek when my shoes lifted off the ground.

My eyes flew shut. Wind whished past my ears, I felt my hair whipping my face. I clung on to his jacket for my dear life at the sensation of nothingness underneath my feet.




A/N: last one i could find so this is it for now; i seem to have a thing with flying/jumping… lolllll. Btw this was inspired by Beautiful Creatures, it’s a novel series by Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, lol didn’t realise there were two authors; it was also adapted into a movie in 2013. I remember my desk mate had the entire series and i borrowed of the entire set of books back and bulldozed through half the series in a single sitting hahaah

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