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Armed with a birds-eye view map and a communication device, Xaun Mo indicated all the positions of all the special ops officers on the map before clearing her throat: “Remember what your job is.”

To obey instruction.

The eight special ops officers naturally didn’t like nor understand why she was given the role. However, after the tactics they were familiar with were seen through by the enemy, given the current equipment and manpower restraint, and the urgent hostage situation, this crazy and arrogant girl that sprang out of nowhere for some reason made them feel some sense of anticipation.

Changing the commander halfway through an operation to a little girl — this felt something that’d only happen in a drama honestly… or in a movie, or novel…

“I don’t have the time to understand what each of you are good in, so everyone needs to give their best effort, or you’re dead! And, obey instructions!” Xuan Mo was firm. “Number three, four, five and six remain at your positions, seven prepare yourself and wait for my instructions, the moment I tell you to begin, flip in through the window above you in thirty seconds!”

The chief couldn’t help: “We’ve considered the window too, you can get through to the back of the counter if you enter, but the window is a decoration, the railings have long been welded, you can’t open it without making noise, it’s impossible to enter through there! Why d’you think the robbers ignored the window there?!”

“I’m here to give instructions, not to teach you.” Xuan Mo hummed coldly. “Gun, silencer, swiss knife… you’re saying you can kill people but you can’t open a window? What’s the point of hiring you as an officer?!”


Number one ran over to where seven was. The two of them looked up at the window, discussed for a moment before they loaded the silencer to their guns and aimed the nozzle at the welded parts.

“Negotiator, continue what you’re doing, speak whatever you want, just make it loud… begin.”

The negotiator immediately grabbed the mic and started howling: “Everyone inside, please keep calm! No matter what, please do not harm the hostage, everything is negotiable, we are currently in contact with our higher ups about your request…”

The robbers yelled back: “We know you’re out of tactics! We’ve controlled the entire place! If you want to rescue the hostage, accept our requests, prepare the helicopter, all the police and special ops officers retreat to the main street, or else! Don’t blame us if our hands slip!”

“You won’t get away with it! Justice has long arms, you can’t escape it even if you fly! Release the hostage, put your weapons down, you still have the chance to surrender yourselves!”

“Enough with the nonsense! Just prepare what we want you to prepare!”


Number one assisted seven; even with the silencer on, the sound was obvious after continuously shooting at the welded joints. One of the robbers in the bank seemed to have noticed it and turned to look over at the window. When he didn’t manage to see anything however, the robber turned back. The two officers quickly got up again. Covered by the large honking sound outside, the two started prying at the railing violently before removing the window silently.

Before the two of them could report back their progress, the next instructions came in tightly after as though Xuan Mo knew that they were done: “Well done, flip yourselves in in a bit and hide yourselves behind the rubbish bin near the outermost desk, it’s a blind spot. Negotiator, continue going, do as you wish. Sniper, aim at your eleven o’clock direction, after shooting, aim your gun at the target and go with the flow. Rest of you, spread out and find a suitable location to shoot. Report once you’re in place.”

The special ops team had their own set of strategy when it came to rescuing people indoors. As the landscape within the bank was simple, and the window was very large and obvious, even if it was situated at the back, the idea to enter through the window had been initially rejected by them, hence everyone was nervous as to whether this would work. Opening the window and slipping in one person wasn’t an issue, but they would be discovered if any of the robbers were to glance back.

Xuan Mo didn’t beat around the bush. The soldiers slipped the window open slightly without hesitation before sliding themselves in carefully. Every time the robbers glanced over, they would immediately stop all movements.

They entered one by one while keeping track of the robber’s view of sight. Even if the others could not see what was happening, Xuan Mo could feel from her mental-net how tense these soldiers were.

Xuan Mo frowned. Though their skills just scraped by her standards, why did they have such poor mental resilience, they can’t be new recruits now can they…

She immediately turned to ask: “Is this a new team?”

The chief paused before smiling bitterly: “You noticed huh… we’ve had a lot of big cases recently, our elites are sent away for missions and we’re not one of the key cities, so our resident team is new. They’ve only had two rounds of practice after joining, but who would have known we’d get such a case. They’re the only ones we can send.”

“A large-scale bank robbery happens the moment new recruits arrive?” Xuan Mo laughed coldly as she asked.

The chief’s expression froze for a moment before looking down, contemplating, no longer speaking.

Finally, one of the robbers noticed that something was off. He swept a look behind, carefully examining the surroundings, especially under the tables. Though he didn’t see anyone, the tense atmosphere left him more suspicious than usual. He got another robber to watch the hostage before he slowly made his way towards where the four special ops officers were hidden.

Though the four of them hid separately, they weren’t too far away from each other since they’ve only just managed to enter. If the robber continued walking this way, he’d definitely notice one of them. If that were to be the case, then it won’t just be the hostage that will be in danger, perhaps the remaining bunch of people squatted down in the bank may be hurt.



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