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The family planning on Scorpio Planet was a little absurd.

It didn’t dictate that they couldn’t give birth to more, it only prohibited the offspring of certain genetic combinations.

They do not cling to bloodlines and clans, nor do they mind impure or servile bloodlines. To them, it was only a matter of whether the gene combination was outstanding and not.

Across the countless years of history, illegitimate offsprings of couples who did not undergo genetic matching were all subpar.

Children borne by parents that were innately matched or were an acquired match inherited the majority of their parents’ merits. Illegitimate children on the other hand, having inherited the majority of their parent’s shortcomings, evidently held the shorter end of the stick when compared to children of matched pairs.

Scorpio Planet was now richly endowed, strong and incomparable.

From the brutal vigour that has passed from one generation to the next, one could tell that Scorpions didn’t lead majestic and carefree lives. In the very beginning, the quality of living was below many other plants, below Earth even. They lead incredibly difficult lives, they detested anything that was a waste and anytime if that was imperfect, so they fought, they warred, and made use of every resource they had at hand to strengthen themselves.

Only excellence could allow a race to last. Scorpions firmly stood for this belief and propagated it, to the extent that no one needed a reason for this blind faith.

Love? Freedom? Those were important.

But as compared to strengthening the Scorpion civilisation, that was as trivial as passing clouds.

The Hereditary Association was the organisation that controlled everything.

To Scorpions, the one race that could have everything their way as a nation in the entire universe, they did not regret having their once in a lifetime marriage arranged by the association. This was because being able to find one’s most compatible partner and produce an offspring was the most honourable thing that one as a Scorpion could accomplish in their life.

On the other hand, those who go against the law of compatibility and produce illegitimate children of their own were not only guilty, but they also invite upon themselves suffering for their children.

Illegitimate essentially meant substandard, and it was tragic — their survival, of which wasted resources of the race, was not permissible.

Those who wasted resources and did not contribute to the future of Scorpio were offenders!

The majority of the civilisations in the Cosmic Coalitions did not understand and violently objected to the merciless Scorpion tradition. Yet it was such a ruthless culture that dictated their inheritance of their civilisation, of which progressing at lightning speed to surpass the other civilisations.

While they did not allow illegitimate children to remain within Scorpion so as to rid resource wastage, they also forbade the existence of exiles that remain outside of Scorpion. Hence if need be, they would hunt them down to the ends of the universe just to regain their gene and return the inheritance of the nation into their hands.

The children were innocent? ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 60 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Why don’t you ask your parents if they’d thought about that when they’d made you!

If you were to ask Xuan Mo why she was so furious, she herself wouldn’t know either. It’s something like the passage of a culture, even though many follow it, they may not understand the reason behind it. Despite not knowing anything though, they would still follow it; even the Chinese of the past celebrated spring festivals yearly without fail, and that’s more so for the obstinate and stiff Scorpions. Such an important reason definitely heralded the need to pass the culture on from one generation to the other without fail.

Tan Lu En and Tian Jin Jin did not hear what the lady had said, so they were completely confused.

Wasn’t she completely clueless just now, why’s so so mad all of a sudden? Did realisation just dawn on her? It really took a little too long for her to react to this, really…

Xuan Mo’s aura of murder around her was enough to upturn mountains and drain the oceans. Even if the two of them had the intention to joke, they weren’t going to risk their lives for it. At that, the two of them shut their mouths instantly as they watched Xuan Mo walked slowly back towards teh cafe.

“Mo, Mo Mo… what are you gonna do?” Tan Lu En being male, after suppressing his fear asked.

Xuan Mo’s anger broke out, unleashed, but it settled as quickly too, and she calmed down in a blink of an eye.

The culture gap was really a notable issue here between beings from two different planets, so the root of their anger stemmed from two different causes.

Couples live apart due to cultural and lifestyle differences. The pair may not be in love, but when they nurture their children together, they would discover the uncanny similarity between each other. However, that may not necessarily be true love.

The couple that lived separately may be together with another person of the opposite gender due to loneliness. Firstly, however, they will not bear children. Secondly, no matter how important this romantic partner was, they would not be able to compare up to their spouse whom they bore their children with.

Xuan Mo’s mother and her step-dad were busy people, and they barely met each other. It wouldn’t be a surprise if her step-dad had an affair. In fact, if Xuan Mo’s mom had a guy outside, she would have felt that it was very normal. When it comes to bearing offsprings however…

Her step-dad’s mistress had his kid…

Xuan Mo was very distressed, how to earthlings handle problems like this usually?

Her naive mental garage had no prior experience. And so, Xuan Mo had no idea what to do. She could only turn to Tan Lu En and Tian Jin Jin: “If…”

“If what?”

“If they have a child.”

“…Xuan Mo, though their child is innocent, you shouldn’t pity them. It is absolutely within reason to blame the mistress… and at the same time sort out your step-dad.” Tan Lu En evidently misunderstood. He urged her, “even if they have a child, the child is innocent, but there’s a saying that goes that the offspring is obliged to pay their parent’s debt. You shouldn’t let things go when they shouldn’t be let go. If they are shameless enough to have an illegitimate child, then why should we be benevolent? You need to be merciless and ruthless! That is the only way to obtain the best outcome!”

After saying that, he exclaimed: “Did you hesitate just now cuz you were wondering if they have a kid? Mo Mo, I didn’t know you’re so kind!”

If Xuan Mo had blood, she’d have long spat it all out.



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btw i read something interesting from a reading in school (that is completely unrelated to THMYO or ZLT) but just liked to share it haha, very random yes: “Fear is a powerful teacher, and its pedagogy is never more insistent and ubiquitous than when those who suffer it do so unawares. Ordinary and quotidian fear escapes our attention; thus, it becomes an almost perfectly moderating force, precisely because it is unrecognized as such.” a line from a journal by Edward J. Ingebretsen, S. J., quite insightful isn’t it — fear is a very scary (and effective) force to contain you of your actions when you are oblivious of the fact that you are fearful


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