Announcement: THMYO hiatus

Yo guys, so as the title says, THMYO is gonna be on pause.

To sum up my lil RL situation: I’m stuck overseas and hospitalised for pneumonia (urgh), and my new term is starting but my school’s new system is screwing up big time so I gotta deal with a ton of admin stuff using a phone while overseas on the hospital bed = = and it’s a long public holiday now back in my home country so the admin stuff ain’t gonna go through anytime soon ;-;

I’ll be pausing THMYO translation for a few weeks, or at least until I’m back home, with my com, in my dorms, alive and kicking, and have no admin nonsense from my school I need to deal with.

Don’t worry, I’m fine, kinda. I’ll definitely be back, and you’ll definitely see Xuan Mo soon ;), just give me a while to sort things out on my side.

Thanks everyone for your patience! <3 stay safe and remember to see the doctor if you have a flu/cold + fever!


20/08/19 update: THMYO will resume this Friday (23rd Aug) 🙂


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