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The man laid on the floor for a while before he suddenly leapt up. A flash a light appeared in his hands, and he whipped it in the spectator’s direction.

Crack! The glint stopped in front of Xuan Mo. Tightly after was an aching crack.

“Argh!” A blood-curdling screech reverberated. As Xuan Mo held on to the blade, she plucked the switchblade out of the guy’s hands as she said coldly: “You really shouldn’t take things like these out.”

Very quickly, the police on patrol came over and apprehended the thief. The spectators left after chattering. The few people whose items had been stolen came over to retrieve them. One of the girls found her phone and came over to give her thanks profusely.

Xuan Mo had long became annoyed and wanted to leave, so she didn’t produce much of a reaction in return. All she did was nod before turning to leave, not giving any damn about how the story of her “courageous act” would be spread around among her schoolmates, nor how much it would be warped as it spread.

Even when Lu Yu Chen caught wind of Xuan Mo’s valiance, he too was shocked at the trick she had up her sleeve. Tan Lu En hung on to Xuan Mo excitedly as he showered her with questions. It was almost instinctive for youths to revere those who were powerful, and so, to Tan Lu En, Xuan Mo had now evolved from being just a “girl” to an Ultraman.

Though Tian Jin Jin was slightly apprehensive of Tan Lu En, her curiosity got the better of her. And so, she pulled Xuan Mo over and drilled her about it. Just as Xuan Mo was about to kick her away in annoyance, the voice asking her questions suddenly stopped.

“Mo Mo, isn’t, isn’t that your dad?”

Xuan Mo raised her head. She controlled her mental powers to lock onto a cafe that was out of her mental net’s range. In front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window, her step-dad was chatting with a young lady. That lady was the person that had retrieved her lost phone earlier. So her rush had been to run back to this cafe.

She hooked an arm around Xuan Mo’s step-dad’s hand as she smiled sweetly. Beneath the sunlight, Xuan Mo could sense the zipping bio-currents. Well, it’s safe to say that the current Xuan Mo had completely understood the electrocution shock of electrical components covered in leather that came into contact with electricity.

“Mo Mo, that lady can’t be…” Tian Jin Jin had already hazarded a guess given the situation. Her eyes glistening, she looked at Xuan Mo, only to find the latter unchanged in expression. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 59 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Why?” Xuan Mo glanced at Tian Jin Jin before she turned to leave. Tan Lu En was quiet for a moment. When he saw Xuan Mo leaving , he frowned, “Mo Mo, you’re not going to clarify? Or look into it?”

“Why?” Xuan Mo was puzzled. He’s only meeting a friend. Even if the atmosphere seemed off, what did her step-dad meeting someone had anything to do with her. It’s not like they’re flouting any laws or anything.

“You, you don’t mind… you’re not worried about your mom?”

“Why do I have to worry about mom when dad is meeting someone else?” Xuan Mo thought for a moment before it dawned on her, “unless someone is taking the opportunity to hurt mom while dad is preoccupied? Or that my mom is now in danger?”

Tan Lu En facepalmed and stopped Xuan Mo from calling home to ask. He said, speechless: “Mo Mo, do you actually understand what it means when a young lady is approaching a married man? This could mean that the family relationship is breaking down! People like these could very likely be a mistress.”

“So?” Xuan Mo blinked.

“So, we need to pull out the weed and nip it in the bud before she can pull her weight and sway your step-dad destructively!” Tan Lu En said in a murderous tone.

When Xuan Mo had been pulling out her phone previously, she had already expanded her mental feelers to surveillance the two of them. The conversation topics that was transmitted back to her was very lifestyle-centric, such as do you have enough money, how’s your health, how’s it going, is it lonely on your own…

“I don’t think there’s anything going on.” Regardless of the civilisation Xuan Mo was in, she was someone who lacked experience in this field. She wasn’t someone who liked to hesitate, as long as there was uncertainty, there would be danger. And so, she started: “If it’s really as serious as you said, then I’ll ask him directly!”

“God! Xuan Mo you’re really a god! Is this something you can ask directly? The best way to resolve stuff like this is to do it in the dark!” Tian Jin Jin held back Xuan Mo. The other guys and girls had already walked off after deciding to meet outside KFC at 12pm. There had been a lot of people earlier, and the commotion had dispersed the group of them. Only Tian Jin Jin and Tan Lu En was beside Xuan Mo. As Tian Jin Jin grabbed Xuan Mo’s arm. She was genuinely concerned that she might not have enough strength to hold this superwoman-strengthed girl back.

Tan Lu En urged: “The best way is to call your dad and ask him where he is. Ask him if he’s free to lunch. If he lies than it’s a problem!”

Xuan Mo dialled her step-dad’s number without a word more: “Dad.”

Inside the cafe, her step-dad pulled out his phone and check. After smiling at the girl, he stood and walked over to the other side before picking it up: “Mo Mo, is there something you’re calling me for?”

“What are you doing now?”

Tan Lu En and Tian Jin Jin rolled their eyes in tandem.

Her step-dad paused. He wasn’t dense person. Having evidently sensed that something was off, he swept a look at his surroundings in vigilance.

Xuan Mo didn’t mind, but Tan Lu En tugged Xuan Mo and Tian Jin Jin backwards mindfully before he looked around calmly.

When he didn’t see anyone suspicious, her step-dad’s voice became gentle as he said: “I’m quite busy right now, is there anything you want to tell me?”

“Just wanted to ask you what you’re doing now.”

She’s too obvious! Too obvious! Tan Lu En was on the verge of going mad. He really wanted to knock Xuan Mo out with a mallet. Meanwhile Tian Jin Jin was already in action—tugging at Xuan Mo’s ear… she seemed to have forgotten how scary Xuan Mo could be…

“I’m, cough, having lunch with someone.” Her step-dad couldn’t decipher Xuan Mo’s tone and agenda, so he could only reply with a half-truth.

“Oh.” Xuan Mo hung up, and replied calmly: “He’s not lying, he really is having lunch with someone.

It suddenly dawned on Tan Lu En and Tian Jin Jin as they sobbed internally. So this little goddess of theirs still had absolutely no inkling of what they had been trying to convey to her.

As girls, she should have an instinctive understanding of what a mistress, affair, second-wife and the likes entailed. But they were completely taken aback at how Xuan Mo had no idea about such things. Really, did this girl even have any semblance of EQ?

She did!

And it definitely must be in the negatives!

“Mo Mo, I don’t even know what to say.” Tian Jin Jin sighed as she shook her head, “Now, I really suspect that your crush on Yi Hai Lan is as big of a deal as passing clouds.”

Xuan Mo didn’t react, but Tan Lu En paused: “Mo Mo had a crush on Yi Hai Lan?”

“You don’t know?” Tian Jin Jin’s eyes widened. She glanced at Xuan Mo carefully before shutting her mouth, “I shall not divulge any further.”

Standing in front of Xuan Mo, Tan Lu En pursed his lips, not saying anything further.

Silence ensued.

Xuan Mo’s annoyed voice sounded: “Say, is there anything else?”

Tian Jin Jin and Tan Lu En looked at the chatting couple in the cafe that was oozing cancerous diabetes. The man went to flick the lady’s hair back, and the lady took the man’s cup of coffee.

“Aye.” Even the main character of this plot twist found the two of them nosy, so why bother, really. And so, they made their move.

The three of them checked the time. They still had a bit of time left before noon, but they weren’t anywhere near KFC. The three of them hence decided to head straight to KFC without shopping in the malls.

Qi Shan had already called Tian Jin Jin to hurry her.

“Aye, we’ll be there soon…”

Xuan Mo sped up. Just as she was about to retract her mental feelers from her step-dad, something the lady said stopped her in her tracks.

“Jian Hua, I’m, I’m pregnant.”

Before her step-dad could even react, Xuan Mo had already whipped around to head back to the cafe as her rage surged.

How dare he impregnate her illegally without seeking the Coalition’s approval, the family’s approval, and without eligibility verification from the Hereditary Association! In the name of Scorpio Galaxy and the entire Cosmic Coalition, she shall annihilate this scum who was heedlessly disseminating valuable genetic make-up!



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