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She clenched her fist quietly as she searched the words she’d heard that corresponded to her own belief… “you mean, it’s fine even if I’m ruthless to their illegitimate child?”

“Yeah!” All Tan Lu En wanted to do was to turn the “benevolent” Xuan Mo into someone more ruthless. Hence, he slapped his hand down without hesitance, and even dragged Tian Jin Jin into the equation, “Tian Jin Jin, you’re Tian Jin Jin right? What d’you think, you gotta be merciless, right?”

Tian Jin Jin nodded her head: “Yes yes!” As she spoke, her eyes glistened in extreme curiosity.

“Alright.” Xuan Mo turned. “Let’s go.”

“Uh… you’re not gonna go in?” Didn’t they agree that they were out to catch the mistress?

“Go in, for what?” All she had to do was to find an opportunity to get rid of the child.

Tan Lu En didn’t speak. He scratched his head before following after Xuan Mo. Though the outcome didn’t quite sit well with Tian Jin Jin, she hadn’t in any position to make any points previously, nor was she in any position to make a point now. And so, she could only follow after Xuan Mo as well.

While they were singing, Xuan Mo sat in the corner expressionlessly. Initially, some of them wanted to pull her in but were stopped by Tan Lu En and Tian Jin Jin. Though the others had no idea what happened, they backed off without a word more when they saw the latter two’s poor expressions. And so, the remaining bunch of them played on for the entire afternoon.

Xuan Mo on the other hand was uncomfortable. Torture didn’t even cover what she felt throughout the entire afternoon. This was the definition of a mental endurance training for her. Their howls and yowls came in from all directions. Moreover, she’d never heard of the songs they sang, she’d never sung before, and she did not obtain any form of mental strength from those songs. She could only endure it, endure it, and find herself bleeding internally from holding it in.

Hence, when a random Yi Hai Lan or Qi Shan popped over by her side to talk to her, she ignored all of ‘em… consequently she hurt countless people that day.

After singing, the group of them discussed where to eat.

Xuan Mo monitored her step-dad and the lady. After the lady drank her coffee, they shopped at the mall for an entire afternoon, during which, her step-dad’s credit card was swiped countless times. After which, they returned with their hands full to a luxury condominium one kilometre away. It was unfortunately outside her area of surveillance, so she had no idea what they were doing there. However, that didn’t prevent her from tracking their whereabouts.

“I’m leaving.” She stood to leave.

When the people beside her heard that, they immediately objected: “Xuan Mo, don’t, you didnt’t even sing this afternoon, at least join us for dinner.”

On what basis are you human-sized sound wave explosive bunch demanding her, the victim, to dine with them for dinner?! Xuan Mo held in her internal injury: “I have some family stuff.”

Tian Jin Jin immediately stood out when she heard that: “Yeah, Mo Mo has an emergency, she has to go home.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 61 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Qi Shan was unhappy: “She has an emergency? Why don’t I know about it.”

When Tian Jin Jin met Xuan Mo, she got to know her step-dad too. She’d only thought that her step-dad was a very nice guy and was the perfect dad. She too would be upset upon discovering something like this. Hence, she sounded impatient when she spoke: “Why do you need to know when something happens to her?”

“Humph!” Qi Shan turned her head aside. Xuan Mo ignored her this afternoon too, so she was feeling particularly grumpy.

“Since that’s the case, Mo Mo you should head back first.” Yi Hai Lan stood, “why don’t I send you back?”

“No need.” Xuan Mo and Tan Lu En replied at the same time.

Topping everyone’s gazes, Tan Lu En gaze a slight smile: “I’m going back with her. I’m looking for her brother.

“Oh!” Xuan Mo received meaningful glances.

Yi Hai Lan forced a smile, saying: “Is that so, goodbye then.”

“I’m leaving then.” Xuan Mo turned to leave. As she did so, she tugged Tan Lu En along. Indeed, she needed a strategist to provide her with some suggestions and advice.

The two of them hailed a cab and headed straight to where her step-dad and that lady was. After making a round along the skyscraping luxury condominium, Xuan Mo patted Tan Lu En: “Has my dad seen you before?”

Tan Lu En thought for a moment: “No.”

“Two six zero five, check the room out.”

“…oh.” Tan Lu En had been dying of curiosity when they were on their way over, but Xuan Mo didn’t tell when he asked so he could only hazard guesses, and that Xuan Mo’s here to get some help. When he heard her tone however, she seemed to be sending him to check out her step-dad?

“You, you you you, you knew this before? You’ve already planned it out? And even found his den?” Excited, Tan Lu En sputtered incoherently and even used words like ‘den’.

Xuan Mo slammed hard on his back: “Enough talking, are you going?”

“Yes!” If she was looking for someone unafraid of trouble, he would be the most suitable person. At that, he strode forward. However, he was blocked by the security, “sir, may I know what you’re here for?”

High class zones usually had security at the entrance of the residential area. Zones that were even one class higher would have security at every condominium.

Tan Lu En frowned. Just as he was about to cook up a reason, Xuan Mo who had been outside previously had already walked over to give the security a cold glance: “Mind your own business.”

Then, she pushed Tan Lu En forward: “What are you stoning for, go in.”

Even the security was surprised by her strong presence, and only watched as the boy entered. After which, the girl emitting murderous intent crossed her arms and stood beside him, raising an eyebrow at him.


The guard nodded.

“Are you trained?”

He nodded.

She frowned: “Stand straight!”

He straightened up.

She shook her head: “Hopeless.”

The security felt a cooking rage. Even at the very least, he’s a youth with a bright future. Landing this job, even if he’d never produced any popping results, after returning from three years of military service, he’s never been reprimanded like this before… and definitely not by a girl.

In his moment of anger, he overlooked her suppressing presence. The security straightened his neck: “Who are you! Don’t you know that you need to register to enter our condo?!”

“No I don’t.” Xuan Mo was very honest. “What’s there to register?”

The security guard pointed at his notebook: “You need to register your visit.”

“Oh.” Xuan Mo shook her head, “Then I’m not registering.”


Tan Lu En came down. He nodded at Xuan Mo as he looked at the two people in conversation.

Xuan Mo brought Tan Lu En out the condominium. When she walked past the security guard, she gave an eerie smile: “Because, I’m not here for a visit.”




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