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It’s okay for Xuan Mo to not know how to make herself up, but it’s not okay for her to not be able to decipher what was and wasn’t good-looking.

Donned in a black woolen coat with puffy frills, light jeans, coffee-coloured hiking boots, she left the house just like that — without any bags, accessories, scarves, gloves, or hats.

She exited with an air of valiance, shocking the bunch of people at the door.

Friendship between guys was difficult to comprehend, for example Yi Hai Lan and Tan Lu En, and for example, Tan Lu En and Lu Yu Chen.

Some of them were classmates, some classmates from their junior high, and others, in a romantic relationship… with all the many layers of relationships in place, this outing became a first year hodgepodge gathering of many well-known people across the various classes.

After sending off the Japanese exchange students, Yue Lin Lang, Li Fang and Tan Lu En also came along. There were also a few well-dressed girls from Class Thirteen. Out of everyone, Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan were the only two girls that Xuan Mo could find a topic of conversation with. The two of them were very bubbly normally, so they were invited as well.

The large bunch of guys and girls met up at one of the streets. They decided to walk around the mall before heading straight to the KTV at the mall after dinner.

It’s normal for some guys nowadays to be as noisy as girls. Xuan Mo was squeezed in between Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan. Yi Hai Lan too stuck himself in and they formed a gossip circle. No matter how strong her presence was, the quiet one would often be overlooked. Eventually, the gathering drew to an end..

She was a little glum, because she was already familiar with all the deep and dark gossips they were telling — she’d already heard of them all before. With her mental net in place, she could even accurately identify when it happened down to the second. Despite so, there was no way she would be able to put on that sort of mysterious expression while spilling the beans, and she definitely wouldn’t be able to give the customary don’t-spread-this-guys prologue…

You’ve already spilled the beans, what else was there for you to be reserved about… Xuan Mo really did not comprehend the Blue Planet being’s mindset, and similarly, she was very clear that majority of others didn’t understand some of the things she did. She tailed behind them leisurely, listening, learning, watching…

After walking for a while, someone discovered a new shop that sold many cute accessories. The girls surged in. Yi Hai Lan too was pulled in by some of the girls he was close too. Tan Lu En and the few of them didn’t get along well with the girls and found the place too crowded, so they stayed outside to wait.

Xuan Mo of course didn’t enter. She looked around, bored.

Tan Lu En looked at Xuan Mo, then back at the shop before he suddenly decided to enter. Before long, he bought three identical set of gold Transformers Decepticon keychain. He handed two to Xuan Mo and added the one he had in his hands on his phone: “Here, one for you, one for your brother.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 58 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo was puzzled. She kept the one for Lu Yu Chen, and looked at the metallic gold pendant that glinted a cool blue. She definitely knew what Transformers were, so she held on to this troublesome accessory. Despite so, she didn’t find it a nuisance. She hung it on her phone without a word more.

She’d never added a keychain to her phone before so she didn’t knew it’d be so troublesome. Because of so, that at her momentarily flustered. Tan Lu En took out the one he had on previously with ease, and was long done with his. When he saw Xuan Mo struggling with hers, he stretched his hand out: “Pass it to me, I’ll help you put it on.”

Xuan Mo accepted his help and handed it to him. It was then did Yi Hai Lan get dragged out by Tian Jin JIn and Qi Shan. With a bitter laugh, he handed a phone keychain to Xuan Mo: “Here, Jin Jin and them picked it for you. I think the four of them comes in a set; they said this one suited you the most.”

As expected, the keychain on Tian Jin JIn’s phone was an adorable elf, Qi Shan had a little noble lady with her chin raised, Yi Hai Lan had a price with a naughty smirk, while the one he handed to Xuan Mo was the queen of pirates with a murderous expression.

Xuan Mo looked at the pendant expressionlessly. A hand stretched forward to grab the keychain in Yi Hai Lan’s hand — it was Tan Lu En’s hand. As he added the pirate queen keychain on to her phone, he laughed: “Hehe! This suits you! That aura, that figure, that expression… hah!”

Qi Shan and Tian Jin Jin paused. The cold-faced Tan Lu En was smiling and relaxed in front of Xuan Mo? And what’s with their interaction! Why did it seem so natural!

Xuan Mo didn’t know either. She took her phone, now decorated with two keychains, back in dilemma. She was someone who hated trouble, so the two additional inconvenience on top of a burden of a phone she had to carry around… what a tragedy.

Yi Hai Lan’s expression was hard. He slowly dropped the hand he’d forgotten to retract earlier and watched the interaction between Tan Lu En and Xuan Mo, before shifting away his gaze stiffly and walked aside.

Tan Lu En smiled sheepishly. After hanging the keychain, he slung an arm across her shoulder as though she’s a bro and started chatting with her.

“I heard that Yamano person had wanted to see us before they were sent back… both of us weren’t there though, haha! I heard from a bro that his face stunk because of that…”

“Why aren’t you asking me why I wasn’t there, your brother went to school obediently but I went to computer city. You seem to have a pretty sick pc too, want me to help you fortify it a lil bit? I’m not gonna be adding some random stuff on the outside, I’ll be using my one and only special firewall. I can guarantee you that your defence will be impenetrable after that!”

“Look at that store! I went with your Brother the other time… aye, what are you doing!”

Xuan Mo suddenly gripped the arm of a man who was walking by. She met his shocked gaze as she said lowly: “I’ll give you one chance.”

“What, what’s your problem!” The man growled, “are you insane? We’re in broad daylight, what…”

“You had your chance.” Xuan Mo’s voice was soft, but her blows were heavy. Her hand twisted and her knees raised, the man was instantly slammed on to the ground in a warped position, howling in agony. Xuan Mo released him and dusted her hands. She stood as she watched coldly. After being kicked and twisted, the man collapsed on the floor, feeling as though he’d been thoroughly shattered.

“What happened?” The guys and girls circled over.

Xuan Mo nudged the guy’s back with her foot: “I’ll give you another chance.”

The guy was in too much agony to speak. Trembling, he produced two phones and a wallet from his pocket.

“Oh!” The spectators immediately understood the situation, and shot looks of disdain at the person on the floor.

Xuan Mo didn’t moved. Instead, she raised her leg.

The men trembled, and instantly pulled out two more wallets from his chest pocket.

Xuan Mo looked at the guy in silence for a while before lowering her leg.

“Call the police! Quick!” One of the youths behind shouted.



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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