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Fan Xiao Qing was a nv xia* who held her word. Of course, this was what she had termed herself by herself.

* 女侠 = nv xia; (ancient) heroine

The next day when she went online, she had originally wanted to pretend nothing happened. Very unfortunately though, she was caught by Fan Hua San Qian the minute she logged on to go clear dungeons.

Actually, Fan Hua San Qian with his current gear, level and experience seriously did not need any protection from Fan Xiao Qing. Rather, Fan Xiao Qing’s the one with brittle blood. A few skills at her and she’s gone.

However, Fan Hua San Qian did not mind, it’ll just be like dragging along some burdens while running about on the map. Every time he met someone, he would say: “Ah, this is my bodyguard, isn’t it OP…”

Fan Xiao Qing after seeing that remaining silent in protest was useless, very bluntly waited upon him with her sword; it sure was walking a mile, killing a mile. After three days, the durability on her gear had dropped several levels, and that had her feeling beyond glum.

And so, the Fan Xiao Qing, who if not dying in silence died in silence, imploded, and incited her uprising. With blood-red eyes, she neared him, saying fiercely: “Bodyguards also need salaries right? I’ve been following you hopping around without earning a single buck! Fudge it, I still want to clear my dungeons and I still want my peach blossoms*!”

* 桃花 = peach blossoms; people of opposite gender who view you as their love interest; a more commonly known term is “桃花运” directly translated as “peach blossom luck” which means “luck with the opposite gender”.

Fan Hua San Qian wiped the spit from his face, his pair of eyes blinking brightly. “You want peach blossoms? “ ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

After finishing yelling her piece, she added leisurely. “After following you around, you think I can still get peach blossoms? I’m gonna die an old virgin…”

Out of the entire chunk of words by Fan Xiao Qing, he had to pick such an unimportant main point, and hence had Fan Xiao Qing even more infuriated. After which, he… he happily logged off!

Xiao Fan Qing stood where she was. The autumn wind blew, and the leaves swept up. She stomped her feet from anger.

After graduating, Fan Xiao Qing was working in an IT company. It was rumoured that the girls working in these kinds of companies were existences that had a female body but actually was a male on the inside. Ever since her senior year though, there had been a guy that was chasing her, and very persistently at that.

However, Fan Xiao Qing didn’t dare to accept. Even though he was outstanding and elegantly casual, and even after university started, he still came over to her to report his attendance, he would always either invite her to eat out, or drink milk tea. But no matter how handsome he was, anyone would develop some feeling of annoyance at having to drink milk tea every time after eating out, right?

Her four university-years-long milk tea career was really devastatingly painful. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Even though she had felt her pursuer had a mentality that only she would do for him, the only one he’ll marry would be her, and the only one he’ll love was her, Fan Xiao Qing still retreated due to the hindering milk tea.

Back to the topic, Fan Hua San Qian logged on the next day and brought Fan Xiao Qing to clear dungeons. After clearing dungeons they went to the arena. When they occasionally picked up suitable gear, he’d just pick it up and fling it at her without even a blink of an eye.

Fan Xiao Qing, however, had eyes bubbling little red heart, and from then on had no complaints about her financial sponsor.

Because any random rubbish gear of Fan Hua San Qian’s would sell at several hundred in the market. Even if he were to sell it at a discounted rate to Fan Xiao Qing, she could earn it all back easily, and several times at that, just by selling it on consignment.

Fan Xiao Qing, for one, was living off as a woman. Fan Hua San Qian, however, had his thoughts quietly churning. Z L T

Cooking a frog in tepid water hmm? He rubbed his chin, the corner of his lips tugging into a devilish smirk.
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