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The day of a guild war had once again dawned. Fan Hua San Qian switched on YY* and just dragged people into the room; Fan Xiao Qing was amongst the arrangement.

* YY is a Chinese video-based social network, one of its features include online voice chatting

Their opponent was the guild Qi Yue Liu Shui ranked first. Their opponent was, in every way, evenly matched with Fan Hua San Qian, in fact, their number of guild members were even more that Fan Hua San Qian’s.

This was Fan Xiao Qing’s first time going on YY. When she first logged on, she heard a very nice-sounding male voice directing methodically, and couldn’t help but pause. Upon seeing that it was Fan Hua San Qian, her heart, strangely, fluttered a little. Also, that voice sounded really familiar, it was as though he was someone she knew.

But after a while, she returned to reality, and followed his directions to stand at her designated spot. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 05 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Fan Hua San Qian had her stand in front of the healer. Her occupation was a tanker, so naturally, she would need to sacrifice herself for the healer.

During the guild war, Fan Xiao Qing realised the scene was a little chaotic. She was pretty much too absorbed about killing, and had simply just waved her sword at any of the opponent guild’s member. After dying again and again, and resurrecting, she ran back to continue killing.

When the guild war had finished, Fan Xiao Qing’s blood-boiling protection of the healer had the guild members teasing her.

Fan Xiao Qing wasn’t someone with thick skin to begin with, so her face flushed after a few praises. “No no, I just obeyed orders.”

Yeah, it was Fan Hua San Qian who had directed her to be the healer’s tanker, so naturally, she was ready to risk her life and limb to help out. If she were to disobey his directions, he would definitely find ways to torture her.

After she said her piece, everyone is YY quieted down, as though surprised that the sword-wielder, who had broke their guild leader’s ground countless of times, had such a voice so…delicate and soft.

Fan Xiao Qing didn’t even have time to be awkward before she heard Fan Hua San Qian saying: “Hoh, my Qing Qing?”

This time, it was Fan Xiao Qing’s turn to freeze, and then she rolled offline immediately, her face flushing.

Fan Xiao Qing didn’t know that her escape made it look as if there was something between them, even if there really had not been anything. After a period of silence in YY, several sounds of congratulations erupted. “Ze*, San Qian you sure are fast.”

* 啧 = ze; sound of tongue clicking

Fan Hua San Qian didn’t explain, admitting it with his silence instead. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 05 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

And hence, very hush-hush-ly, Fan Xiao Qing had taken the guild leader’s fu ren* seat very solidly. Z L T

* 夫人 = fu ren; lady/madam, (polite) referring to married women
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