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After that day though, Fan Xiao Qing, having vented her piece on her side, restrained herself.

Fan Hua San Qian was the role model of a main account player—helping clear dungeons and bringing secondary accounts for others. However, Fan Hua San Qian still remembering that girl who was still holding a grudge against him, he avoided clearing the same dungeon as her.

One of the old-timers in the guild sniffed out some of the fishiness going on. “Hoh, San Qian, there’s finally a person around here that’ll make you avoid.”

He didn’t know who let the word get out, but the more it went around, the more exaggerated it got. In the end, it evolved into “Qing Qing Wo Xin was chasing Fan Hua San Qian so ferociously it had Fan Hua San Qian withdrawing strategically”.

That day, when Fan Xiao Qing exited a dungeon on her own, she saw a bunch of people encircling the dungeon entrance. She’d originally intended on walking by without a sideward glance, but one of the MM* that blocked her way asked overbearingly. “I hear you’re chasing San Qian**?”

* MM = mei mei; girl

** 三千 = San Qian (shortcut of Fan Hua San Qian), also translated as ‘three thousand’. Wordplay here: ‘San Qian’ can also mean ‘three thousand dollars’.

Fan Xiao Qing did not react in time, and replied: “I’m chasing Ren Min Bi*.”

* 人民 = Ren Min Bi, RMB; Chinese currency. Note the wordplay: Fan Xiao Qing thought that MM was referring to “three thousand” dollars, as in money.

And hence, the MM got angry, and immediately waved her friends over. “San Qian’s already so busy trying to avoid you, can you stop sticking to him? I heard you guys met because San Qian killed you yet you’re still sticking to him like this, can you not go so low.”

Fan Xiao Qing then realised, several beats slower, that this MM was referring to Fan Hua San Qian. She had been pretty glum then. Can they still converse nicely? Why did she have to go San Qian San Qian, was it very fun to be so mushy? And that guy’s seriously an idiot, to actually give himself such an RMB-esque name.

After remarking mentally, she opened the map, checked Fan Hua San Qian’s location coordinates and reached there via a portal. Z L T

Fan Hua San Qian had just ended a fight and had a slim bar of health left. Fan Xiao Qing immediately rushed up, lugged her large sword and swung at him with a wave of her hand. She had originally thought she would be able to see Fan Hua San Qian’s health running out and him flopping dead, and her running forward to add a few slashes could help vent some of her anger.

However, she was stunned after slashing. Because Fan Hua San Qian very solidly endured that slash, and even managed to down a bottle of health when she slashed at him to refill his health. Following which, he grabbed the Fan Xiao Qing who had wanted to turn and run with a single hand, and sent her a World of Ice and Snow with a few moves, and a Paralysis, then pulled out his weapon and poked her one poke by one poke.

Fan Xiao Qing was struck dumb. Exactly how excellent was the quality of his gear, why was it so OP. No matter what though that skill she’d sent would have been able to shave off his last trace of health, but it did not bear any effect…

Therefore, Fan Xiao Qing finally came to a conclusion—this guy was playing with her. If he’d really wanted to kill her, all he had to do was to drag her to the arena and wave his weapon several times, and she would die under his weapon faster than butchering a pig.

Fan Hua San Qian upon seeing the person no longer able to escape, then decided to leisurely shave her health off little by little. When her health was almost emptied, he had the healer on the side to heal her, and continued to torturing her.

Fan Xiao Qing still had not completed her daily quests. Upon seeing the time that was passing by, her patience had also drained. “Just kill me if you want to kill me.  You sure you’re still a guy dawdling about like this!”

Fan Hua San Qian was full of patience. Upon seeing her going crazy, he laughed coldly: “Don’t provoke me, it’s useless. I’ll let you go after you apologise.”


Fan Xiao Qing seriously just felt like turning her head. For her to do such a sovereignty-forfeiting, country-humiliating job? She ain’t doin’ it.

Fan Hua San Qian, very noticeably, had also predicted her reaction. He had the healer to fill up her health bar again, before asking her with calculated unhurriedness: “You’ve been wanting to kill me all this while. If I don’t properly give you a lesson to remember, won’t I need to be constantly beside myself with worry about my little life being at risk?”

Before Fan Xiao Qing had the chance to reply, she heard him continuing: “Be my bodyguard, and I’ll release you. Today’s quest is ending soon, you sure you have enough time to finish them?”

Fan Xiao Qing had originally wanted to spit a mouthful of blood on his face in disdain, but his last sentence had her noticeably hesitating. She’d already completed the quests, all that was left was submitting it to exchange for gear. Seeing how things were at the moment, he’ll definitely continue torturing her if she didn’t nod her head.

Why was it that he just had to know she couldn’t log off! If she logged off then logged on again, there won’t be enough time!

And hence, Fan Xiao Qing had to sovereignty-forfeiting-ly, country-humiliatingly give her little head a nod.

Upon receiving the answer he wanted, Fan Hua San Qian straightforwardly sent another skill at her that thoroughly sent her to paradise.

And so, Fan Xiao Qing got angry. Freaking hell…. we gonna have a large feud, the two of us. Z L T

Fan Hua San Qian watched the screen filling with her profanities and asked serenely: “Do you think sending you to the resurrection point is faster, or you approaching the NPC with your whatever shred of health left is faster?”

What he meant was that you’re not grateful even though he’d killed you for your good!

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