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Yuan Yuan Yuan had never thought that one day, she would be known as a “very powerful character”.
All she did was go for work, chill at her workplace, get a few whips from sister Li’zi… tldr it’s generally very lax for her. Things are definitely much better now. Once you secure some form of financial income, you naturally become less anxious overall.  
“Sister Li’zi, I’m warning you, if you dare to come over again, I’ll beat up your brother.” Hidden behind Si Qun, Yuan Yuan Yuan was half-squatting as she hid – only her eyes were visible. 
“Si Qun!” Sister Li’zi shouted, “catch the demon behind you and bring her over!”
Regardless, the back kitchen was only so big, they had sufficient space to chase each other down. Every time after tiring themselves out, they end up spending quite a while cleaning up the area too.
Yuan Yuan Yuan was caught by sister Li’zi in the end. Sister Li’zi dragged her along and brought her up to the top floor to continue her training…
Enh, as long as she could earn enough to feed herself, Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t afraid of anything else.
Back in the days when things weren’t so busy, Yuan Yuan Yuan could even scroll her phone while washing the cups. Life was blissful indeed. But now, things weren’t as easy as before. She had to especially make time just to grab her phone to check.
Even though she had things to do, sister Li’zi had left the room, so Yuan Yuan Yuan sighed in relief before grabbing her phone to scroll through. 
First, she checked if anyone gave her a call, and she then checked her tencent, wechat and other accounts. Lastly, she clicked open DreaManga out of habit to scan through the updates. As she was randomly scrolling through, she suddenly noticed this comment.
【Thank you for today, black-shirt guy.】
Yuan Yuan Yuan… was dumfounded.
This black-shirt guy should be referring to herself right? Why did this user thank her?
She checked the comment timestamp. It was sent ten minutes ago, and the account user was an artist too. Even though it wasn’t a very famous artist, the artist has been constantly updating their works for a long time. While it wasn’t very well-known account, it was definitely one that’s been around for quite a while.
Yuan Yuan Yuan… found herself even more dumbfounded.
She wondered why exactly was she being thanked… could it be that Ji Qiu had drawn her too beautifully, and that had inspired this artist, that’s why the artist decided to express their gratitude to her?
Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t figure it out. After sitting on this question for a while, she had to put her phone away, because sister Li’zi was back.
The artist’s gratitude was naturally shelved aside at the back of her head, it didn’t pop up again, and soon after she’d completely forgotten about it. When the dawn broke, Yuan Yuan Yuan was so busy she was literally flying around. At this point – what artist, what gratitude? All these didn’t even exist anymore in her head.
In the morning of the second day, by the time she was back, the house was already neatly tidied. Despite so, she could still tell that some things were placed differently.
She had no idea how long Xiao Ying and Li Xin were here till last night.
Yuan Yuan Yuan dumped her bag on the sofa, slipped into her bedroom, and without even changing out, she fell slap into her bed and slept like a log.
And just like this, life slowly trickled by.
“When you guys are over, calm down alright, don’t use my stove when I’m not in, you don’t know how to use it.” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at Xiao Ying and Li Xin lying at her small table doing their work, and headed back to the kitchen to make some food.
In a blink of an eye, it was almost weekend. Xiao Ying seemed to have fallen in love with her little dump of a house – the latter had even moved over to her place to do her homework. Yuan Yuan Yuan would also make enough food to settle the two. Given the situation, Xiao Ying’s mother also decided to buy double her usual groceries and passed Yuan Yuan Yuan half of it. Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t have to pay for food, and even managed to save some money as a result of this arrangement. 
Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t find these two additions troublesome… she was really just curious why they decided to imprint on her place. The interior decor wasn’t as nice as Xiao Ying’s house, the sunlight wasn’t as bright either; no matter where you looked at it, the entire place reeked of the smell of a single like her – quite a boring place in her opinion.
“It just feels comfortable.” Xiao Ying said: “If I were to move out in the future, this would be the kind of house I’ll get, I don’t need so many things either, a bed, a fridge and a stove and that’s enough to survive.”
“Well, you’re only thinking like this cuz you’re still staying with your parents. When you’re really out there on your own, things aren’t as fun as you think.” Yuan Yuan Yuan smiled and filled the pot.
She figured the two kids just found her place novel. After this while, they’ll get sick of this and head back to Xiao Ying’s place.
“Oh right sister, Yuan Yuan, did you check DreaManga’s first round of elims?” Xiao Ying flipped a page of her exercise book and looked up at Yuan Yuan Yuan.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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