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Manga and anime conventions… used to be things that Yuan Yuan Yuan attended often, but these few years, she had neither the money nor the time. Even if she were to attend, she’d be attending as an employee. 

But to bump into someone cosplaying as herself, this was definitely a first… and well she figured this was probably not something everyone would be able to encounter. 

According to the weather forecast, it was going to rain today, Yuan Yuan Yuan hoped that they wouldn’t get drenched before even getting out. She was completely exhausted right now, all she wanted to do was to lie down on the bed. She didn’t even have the energy to eat.

And so she lied down as she’d wished, until she was suddenly awakened by a strange feeling. 

The shaken Yuan Yuan Yuan laid on her bed, before suddenly realising what had happened. 

Oh, it turned out… it was her period that was coming… her stomach was contracting in pain. 

No wonder she was so tired, and so annoyed, like she wanted to throttle someone. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan got up, went into the toilet and stayed inside for ten minutes before walking out, and splaying herself down on the sofa, her gaze floating. 

It wasn’t here yet but it was coming soon. Who said demons didn’t have periods. Who said that after they’ve cultivated to a certain level, they wouldn’t be afraid of the cold or the heat, needed no food to sustain them. At least for her now, she was feeling all kinds of uncomfortable. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan rummaged through her supply of pads. When she realised she was low on stock, and she’d ran out of brown sugar, she decided to head downstairs to get some. 

She walked down the staircase of her apartment. Just when she turned a corner, she smelt something strange. She paused in her tracks and turned to look in the direction where the smell was coming from. 

Ah… that’s why they said it was easy for bad things to happen on rainy days, after all the rain could wash away a lot of things. So all kinds of people or demons would find a rainy day to hit up their arch enemies for revenge. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the entrance of the shop, and glanced in the direction of the smell, and sunk into a moment of contemplation. In the end, she clenched her teeth and went over. 

To be honest, this was definitely something she’d avoid at all cost in the past, even if it’d cost her her life. But for some reason, she wanted to take a look at what was happening for some reason. 

You can say that after she’d changed into her glamour, she was definitely much braver. Even her scent changed after she transformed — after all she’d personally experienced being locked out of her own apartment by her rune. Ji Qiu was really too skilled; she figured that if she didn’t remove her glamour on her own, no one would be able to figure who she was out.  

Oh well, if she could win she’ll fight till the end, if not she’ll make a run for it. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked into the alley; there were no surveillance cameras around the area. She transformed into her glamour and switched her phone to silent mode, before she carefully moved towards the source of the smell. The closer she got, the stronger it was — it was a fishy smell. Usually Yuan Yuan Yuan wouldn’t like demons with a fishy scent. 

She peeked in the direction, it was pretty much what she’d imagined. 

A few people wanted to get home quicker so they decided to take a shortcut through the dark alley. 

Alleys are high-risk areas. Not only so, this one didn’t have any surveillance cameras. The victim wouldn’t be able to obtain evidence for herself if they were to bump into a hooligan or gangster, much less a demon. Very unfortunately, the girl was quite unlucky to have bumped into this today, but this was also not something she could control. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan checked her pocket and produced a small blade. This small blade was the smoothest one that she’d used so far. 

When she looked up and sized up that demon’s physique… Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that given her current strength, she was still able to overpower that chap. The demon opposite her looked like an undeveloped child, he was only up to Yuan Yuan Yuan’s chest level. 

Perhaps it was their size difference that inspired courage in Yuan Yuan Yuan, so she quietly shifted over and made a detour, ending up behind the demon, and gave it a slash at its neck.

Evidently, the demon didn’t notice Yuan Yuan Yuan was nearing, hence the blood immediately sprouted from the sudden gash.

Yuan Yuan Yuan gave a few more merciless jabs with her blade, as though venting. Before the demon turned around, she immediately retreated with a huge step, bringing their distance apart to about five or so metres. 

The demon turned very slowly. He seemed to want to chomp at Yuan Yuan Yuan.

The moment he turned, Yuan Yuan Yuan saw his face. That… was a very strange face indeed. Yuan Yuan Yuan went numb just looking at his face, and for reason she wanted to laugh too. This demon was probably transformed from some kind of insect; he had an insect-form opening on his face, in short, he looked like he walked out of a tragic sci-fi experiment.

Oh my god, bro, erm, you haven’t even figured out your transformation why were you out and about scaring people off? 

There were really not much opportunity for Yuan Yuan Yuan to chance upon something or someone so peculiar looking. If she were to pluck off his head, clean it up a bit, she might even be able to sell it off at a relatively high price on Taobao as a realistic eccentric cosplay head mask…

The peculiar looking demon glanced at Yuan Yuan Yuan‘s post-glamour face, and its moving feelers beside its mouth suddenly stopped. 

The atmosphere within the alley suddenly became incredibly tense, as though they were in the middle of a battle. Before she’d leapt into this situation, Yuan Yuan Yuan had already mentally prepared herself for a major face off, and silently clenched her fists.

It’s fine, don’t worry about it… she’ll head home after she’s done. Speaking of glamour, if her period suddenly came would her glamour stay on…

A bunch of nonsense zipped through her head. She figured that the demon opposite her had probably already recognised her. After all, this identity that she had on became quite infamous after she landed herself on the bounty list. She’d bet all the guys here would be able to identity her. 

Anyways, she was all ready to battle the entire day away. The next moment however, the demon did something that completely threw Yuan Yuan Yuan off.

That demon… suddenly flung his two long feelers and turned to run.

Yuan Yuan Yuan: “…”

The alley became incredibly quiet. The air wafted a muddy scent, mixed in with a faint smell of blood.

…hold up, why the hell did he run! Come back! They haven’t fought?

Flabbergasted, Yuan Yuan Yuan watched as the insect demon’s retreating. She even saw the thin threads that he spat out from his mouth. Even after the demon swung off into the distance like Spider-Man, Yuan Yuan Yuan still haven’t recovered from her shock. 

How should she put it… she was all prepared, rolling up her sleeves and ready to get into a fight, and this was what he pulled?

So, should she still chase after him and finish him?


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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