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Ji Qiu was a guy that meant what he said. In this week’s chapter, he finished off a total of three characters. 

One died in the beginning of the chapter, another one died in the middle of the chapter, and the last one died at the end of the chapter. Even though these three characters weren’t particularly important or popular, but there were still known enough to be ranked into the DreaManga’s leaderboard. 

The similarity among these three characters was that they were all completely eliminated in the prelim round. From Yuan Yuan Yuan’s observation, the order of their death was exactly the same as the order of their elimination.

After discovering such a trend, she immediately turned to read the comments. Even though it’s only been half an hour since the chapter was published, anyone would be able to notice that the comments in the discussion section had exploded. The number of comments were far higher than that of comments in other chapters. 

As time passed, the number of comments only increased. Yuan Yuan Yuan left the chapter page to scroll through the forums; it was the same situation.

While eliminated characters weren’t exactly popular, they still had their own group of fans, so the fans had also imploded at the development. Some even turned to expressing their variety of intense emotions in their comments. Yuan Yuan Yuan pulled out the list of character names that proceeded to the next round and looked through it carefully. At that, she realised that Ji Qiu didn’t send all the eliminated character to their death. If he’d done that, there’ll be five deaths in total, but there’s only been three so far.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the two remaining characters that was lucky enough to escape death this time. Both of them had been appearing in the recent chapters, but their airtime wasn’t particularly long, or at least it was far less than the three that had died. In Yuan Yuan Yuan’s opinion, she felt that these two characters had quite some potential. Given time, they may even grow in popularity. All they’re lacking was screen time. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t sure how the characters even got onto the DreaManga leaderboard as participants. But she seem to have recall hearing someone say it was a result of a discussion between the author and the editor. In other words, the characters that appeared on the leaderboard were personally curated by Ji Qiu.

…in other words the characters that didn’t make it past the first round didn’t hit his expectation, and this was him dealing out the consequences? ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 46 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

The more Yuan Yuan Yuan thought about it, the scarier it all seemed. But there was one thing that she could confirm, and that was — Ji Qiu was definitely somehow related to all this. 

After a moment of contemplation, she seemed to have figured out what Ji Qiu was trying to do. Killing off three characters in one chapter was a very bold move. Evidently he was trying to communicate this to all the those that were involved in this manga, to be more alert, he meant serious business. 

As for what kind of serious business exactly… just look at the demons that died a horrendous death — it was crystal clear. 

So far, it seemed that Ji Qiu was not killing of characters randomly or just for the fun of it. If Ji Qiu was really going to follow through with the results of the DreaManga leaderboard, the remaining two of be greeted with the same ending as the other three.

The three demons’ death in this chapter was really just a small plot development on the side. The main plot was still about the MC tracking down the human trafficking situation. He’d found out that there turned out to be a huge network behind all this, and it was not something that he could get rid of on his own right now. And so, he’d been on a crazed drive collecting evidence recently, and had been trying very hard to improve his own abilities and skills. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan figured that the saloon she’d worked at had stopped all happenings related to human trafficking… after all they had just been flashed across the headlines of the manga, they would concerned that their place would be smashed again. 

After witnessing the MC’s enthusiasm, Yuan Yuan Yuan figured she might just spot a certain cross-dresser if she just hung around a lil bit more at the saloon. 

She sat on her bed and looked out. The streetlights were off. At that, she cursed mentally, it was going to be another sleepless night. 

…and it had to be on her rare off days. How unfortunate that she’d have to be bothered by all this. 

In reality honestly, Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t as anxious as she had imagined she would be. She could even calmly walk to the kitchen to grab a piece of bread. As she stuffed it in her mouth, she scrolled though DreaManga’s elimination round.

The preliminary round had already ended, the following round was the elimination round. Yuan Yuan Yuan scrolled through to look for her opponent. The opponent this time looked familiar, she’d seen this guy before but she’d never paid him much attention. This character was the male lead of a shoujo manga, and she’d never read that manga before.

Seemed like she’ll need to catch up on the manga… well actually it was fine even if she didn’t read it, at the end of the day, she wouldn’t be the ones casting the votes. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked through the comments at the bottom, there were quite a number of readers with an are-you-kidding-me reaction. Avid fans of the three characters that had died were all shocked, and commented: “What the hell! I would’ve bought a few more issues to cast more votes if I knew about this.”

“Jiu Qiu what the hell? How are we gonna read in peace? So you’re planning to kill off everyone that doesn’t make it to the first place?”

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that Ji Qiu was probably not going to kill characters to that extent, she didn’t think he’d be this crazy. After all, it’s not fun if there’s only one character left. Of course, that’s not to say that his current actions weren’t crazy…

She looked at the sky outside, locked her phone and close her eyes to rest. This didn’t mean that she was very calm though. In reality, she felt that she was going to have a nightmare tonight.

Forget it… when you’re up to your ears in debt, you stop worrying about being in debt altogether.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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