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Yuan Yuan Yuan was sitting inside the saloon. Sister Li’zi looked at her actions in disdain, “this won’t do, lower it.”

“How low? This isn’t low enough?” Yuan Yuan Yuan shifted again, “the clothes are too heavy, it’s weighing my hands down.”

“You might as well die of hunger at the rate you’re going.” Sister Li’zi shook her head. Someone suddenly called her name from outside, and Sister Li’zi left in a hurry. Before heading out, she turned to tell Yuan Yuan Yuan not to move about, and continue practising. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan sighed, and continued practising how to pour liqour, she had to figure out how to pour it prettily while not spilling the liqour. 

Too many things had happened these few days, her head was in a huge mess. And Sister Li’zi just had to insist that she learnt how to pour liqour. Sister Li’zi had told her that they were really short on hands, and among the ones left, she was the only one with a decent enough appearance, so she had to substitute this empty role and earn some bucks. 

It wasn’t that Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t want additional salary, she was just afraid that if she refused, she’d be fired. After all, half-demons like her really had no rights around here. 

And so, she could only continue poruing liqour, as she did, she slowly tried to exercise her numb hands.

Aye… please let her return to the kitchen, it’s much more fun scrolling through her phone than doing this. The type of work she was doing was really twice the salary that she was getting paid, what a tragedy.

As she poured away, she couldn’t help but keep looking towards the door. There were several furry heads lined up in one row, sneakily peering over at her. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan glanced over, and just hapened to see one of the kids widening her large eyes. Their heads were propped on top of each other, the oldest child was at the top, the youngest one at the bottom. All the girls looked very young.

Of course this was only their external apeparance. Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that they may even be old enough to be her grandma. Every time Yuan Yuan Yuan was being taught how to pour liqour, there would be a bunch of kids outside peering in. It was strange to be spectated on something like this, but Yuan Yuan Yuan had never chased them away before.

The girls were hidden behind a partition screen woven with a Hakki Yagyou* scene; they were very quiet, and made no noise. 

* 百鬼夜行: (myth/lore) Night Parade of A Hundred Demons

She sat in the room. Donned in a thick and billowing crimson attire, she held her hand steady and straight as she tried to recall the action that was taught to her. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 47 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

A few other strange and eccentric paintings adorned the room. Most of them were depicting some demon related happening; they looked like illustrations straight out of a Demon Lore book. 

The incense pot was lit; a particularly clean and crisp scent wafted faintly from the pot.

It was already morning by the time Yuan Yuan Yuan got home, the sky was brightening. Her head was buzzing, she didn’t sleep the whole night last night. She didn’t get proper sleep the night before too — when she’d finally fallen asleep, all she would dream of was herself dying. She figured that she’s gonna go mad at this rate.

In such situations, two sides of a person would emerge. The calmer, more rational persona would consistently urge her to calm down, while the irrational persona would tell her to fuck it all, just go out and have fun.

Yuan Yuan Yuan was getting through every day battling the two voices in her head. 

She didn’t dare tell anyone, she couldn’t she tell anyone, neither did she have anyone to tell to.

Such lonely days had her feeling like she should find a boyfriend…

When she took out her keys, she saw Xiao Ying exiting her own apartment. The latter had a huge bag behind her, and she looked ready to leave.

“Hold on, where are you going?” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked, stopping her. Xiao Ying turned around: “I’m going to a anime and manga convention.”

“Anime and manga convention?” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked, “are you planning to cosplay and walk around, or you’re just going there to take a look?”

“I’m not cosplaying, Li Xin is cos-ing, don’t worry about us, our moms know about this.” Xiao Ying gestured for her not to worry and turned, ready to leave.

“Don’t stay out too late.” Yuan Yuan Yuan reminded. Just as she was about to go back into her apartment, she noticed something strange at the corner of her eyes.

She stuck half her body out again and looked at the girl following behind Xiao Ying.

That girl had a black windbreaker on, a short-haired wig on her head, simple makeup on and a huge bag behind her. 

“…who are you planning to cosplay?” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked.

“The character that you helped me vote for the other day.” Xiao Ying waved her hand and shouted at Yuan Yuan Yuan, “we’re heading out, Sister Yuan Yuan goodbye!”


Yuan Yuan Yuan leant against the door, and watched as the two girls ran off downstairs happily before their silhouettes disappeared into the distance…


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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