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”Then when do I come back to work? Did Sister Li’zi say anything?” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked. 

”Sis, Sister Li’zi isn’t here, she’s in front. She told me to come down for a few days, there aren’t a lot of people here. She said you can come back when the saloon’s open again…” As he spoke, his voice grew softer and softer, and Yuan Yuan Yuan’s expression became more and more perplexed. 

Even the sound of the water dripping down from the cup was louder than his voice. 

”Oh, oh… then I won’t disturb you.” She quickly nodded. She glanced at the guy who had not turned around the entire time, and noticed his ears. 

Under the dim lights, his ears seemed almost translucent, not only so, it looked incredibly flushed, as though he was blushing like how a girl would. 

…what the fuck. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan slowed down her footsteps, slowly walked out, slowly closed the door and slowly breathed…

Oh my god.

When she was back on the streets and saw the sun outside, she exhaled loudly. 

She didn’t even dare to breath loudly inside the kitchen. 

Who in the world was that guy, was he Sister Li’zi’s little brother? They were seriously too different? Why was he so timid, he seemed almost like a little girl, even though he was so tall. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked back and glanced at the back door again as she mentally remarked that this world was truly large, she’d never encountered anything as strange as this. 

She now knew that she wasn’t fired, and could still go to work. As for whether her salary would be cut or not… well that was really not something Yuan Yuan Yuan dared to ask given the state of the person in the kitchen earlier. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan strolled around on the street, bought a stalk of spring onion, a few tomatoes, and a packet of discounted eggs that was nearing its expiring date before she headed back. 

Not long after she finished frying her tomato fried eggs, she heard someone knocking on her apartment door. Yuan Yuan Yuan placed her chopsticks down, walked over to open the door, and a figure ducked in from beneath her elbow. “What’s that smell, it smells so nice, I wanna try…”

Yuan Yuan Yuan recognised Xiao Ying’s voice. This lil girl was quick as lightning. Before Yuan Yuan Yuan could exclaim in reply, she saw Xiao Ying picking up a piece of egg with her chopsticks and swallowing it. Yuan Yuan Yuan was so shocked she screamed, “hold on! The egg…”

And then she stopped herself from continuing. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Forget it… she probably won’t get a food poisoning from something like that. She’d been eating eggs like these all these years and she was perfectly fine. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan watched as the naughty kid picked out all the eggs in her plate, leaving behind only the tomatoes. 

After the latter was done munching on the eggs, she wiped her mouth and removed her incredibly large backpack. Xiao Ying unzipped her bag, and pulled out a huge stack of photo cards. 

“Oh my god…” Yuan Yuan Yuan watched, flabbergasted at the sheer number of photocards on the table. And the latter wasn’t done. She watched as Xiao Ying produced another stack of it from her bag. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan asked, shocked and in a daze, as she looked at the two huge piles of photocards. “Xiao Ying, where, did you rob a bookstore?”

“No.” Xiao Ying replied. She produced a black liquid pen and handed Yuan Yuan Yuan one too. 

“I asked my entire cohort for their photocards.” She replied gleefully. “A lot of students would buy this manga but they wouldn’t submit the vote, so I asked if they could give me their photocard. I collected a total of 127, I’ve got too many, and I can’t finish writing all of them, so I’ll have to trouble Sister Yuan Yuan to help to fill it in for me.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan took the pen, still in a daze. She held the pen as she watched Xiao Ying push a photocard over to her. “Write here, the code is… 20931, the name is black shirt guy, the reason for voting… just write because he’s handsome for all the cards.”

She looked at the beautiful photocard. There were many different types of art illustrated on the card, it was really quite delicately designed. The field at the top was to fill in the character that you were voting for. The field at the bottom was why you wanted to vote for the character. There was also a field on the back of the card left blank for official purposes. 

“…Oi oi oi, you might as well don’t write the reason then, if you’re just gonna write he’s handsome.” Yuan Yuan Yuan remarked. It’s not that she felt that it was embarrassing to praise herself, she really felt that there was no need to write such an obvious fact. In fact, it would even sound sarcastic if she did write that…

“Enh… alright then, Sister Yuan Yuan you just write whatever fits.” Xiao Ying picked up a card and started writing. “Thank you for helping Sister Yuan Yuan, I have a lot of homework today, after I’m done I still need to rush through it.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan picked up the pen, looked at the card for a few seconds before she started writing quietly. At the reason field, she paused for a moment before she silently skipped it. 

”Sister Yuan Yuan, you have a very nice handwriting.”


”I’d thought that you’d have a messy scrawl.”

”…your sister I have been to university aight kid.”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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