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CHAPTER 04: Physician Qi’s Magical Nature II

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Interestingly, the general rule of thumb for those that didn’t die after going Mad was — the Madder you were, the stronger you would be. In the past life, Yi Ling Long towards the end was essentially walking around in God Mode. She only died because of the sheer number of people that was sent over to attack her. Yi Ling Long was not someone you could try to predict with common sense. 

In terms of the damage output, this world seemed like Gu Long’s novel; there wasn’t any standard system of martial arts, neither was there any particularly evident hierarchy of power. There were many people who gained enlightenment from doing things like watching the setting sun, and would be able to wield some form of attack as a result. There was no structure per say, but everything seemed quite realistic.

A lot of martial arts practitioners after going Mad would become incredibly cruel, and even bloodthirsty. They would also become more extreme, easily angered and more suspicious. People from the Doors of Six definitely would be able to find a way to identity these individuals. 

Yan Sheng glanced at Hua Rong Yue, speaking: “You heard too? Try not to go out these days, it’s quite chaotic outside.”

He left in a hurry, leaving behind a quiet Hua Rong Yue gathering Wan Fu Lian’s wuxia books and later placeing them on the bookshelf by the side. 

Physician Qi was heading out almost every day on medical runs. The places that he’d went to were mostly the poorer areas. According to Wan Fu Lian, Physician Qi has even been to Hansen’s Disease Village, and was lucky enough to make it back alive. But the place he was going to this time had Hua Rong Yue frowning. 

”Eighteenth Pavilion?” 

”I know someone died around there recently, but this is not something I can help.” Physician Qi spike helplessly, “there’s a few patients that are in immediate need of medical attention, they’re elderly, and are in a poor health, they can’t head out far.” 

”You’re going on your own?”

”Yea, Xiao Lian you shouldn’t go.” Physician Qi said, “it’s quite a frightening place.” ♢ CHRONOLOGY OF A HUNDRED HERBS, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

”I’ll go with you then.” Hua Rong Yue spoke without hesitation. Physician Qi didn’t reject his suggestion. After all, having someone accompany him there could help him muster a little more courage. 

The two of them rented a carriage. When they reached, Physician Qi led her through the major streets and tiny alleys. The further in they went, the dirtier it became. Rat corpse could even be seen in the middle of some streets. Having a speckless Hua Rong Yue in a place like this would leave anyone worrying whether she might accidentally dirty her clothes or shoes. 

However, she remained clean and fresh even when they reached the patient’s residences, looking as though she’d just left the apothecary. Even Physician Qi spared Hua Rong Yue a few extra glances. He actually really wanted to see how the latter would look if his clothes and shoes got dirty. Not that he would laugh at him if that happened, but he was just curious. 

Honestly speaking, it was really quite impressive. Hua Rong Yue always seemed so put together and calm and collected around people, as though he was wielding some magic. 

All the residences were dusty. Those that stayed here evidently wouldn’t be able to afford the fees. Physician Qi entered the first residence. An elderly lived within. Physician Qi visited the residences for about five minutes, and left the elderly some herbal ointment and a packet of medicine. In return, the elderly insisted that they bring back with them six eggs, all of which were still dripping in blood. 

They went down the row. As they did, the number of things they carried increased. Hua Rong Yue finally understood why Physician Qi had to carry such a huge bag before leaving. 

Physician Qi looked at the tastefully dressed Hua Rong Yue carrying a big bag, and was constantly worried that the latter would become impatient, and wanted to carry it himself. Hua Rong Yue on the other hand placed the bag behind her and said: “All of these are good things…”

Even though it was a normal bag carried diagonally across her back, she still managed to make it look good. 

They visited about a dozen or so residences. They started out in the wee hours in the morning all the way till the late afternoon; even the sun was now sitting on the western end. Hua Rong Yue looked at the sky, it was getting dark. Physician Qi said, “we have one more to go, then we can head back.” 

The two of them walked deeper in. The further in they walked, the stranger Hua Rong Yue felt. A light scent wafted over. It was a rusty, sweet scent, so light normal civilians would not be able to sense it. 

There were some abilities that Hua Rong Yue didn’t pick up hserself, rather, they were imprinted within this body. Hua Rong Yue was on the verge of telling Physician Qi that they should head back quickly instead. At the corner of her eyes however, she caught sight of something familiar. 

It was a clean entrance, with an strange lantern hanging by the door. The lantern was red on the outside, but the light that emitted from within seemed to leave one feeling a little uncomfortable. The entire ground seemed to be dyed in a crimson red as a result of the lantern. 

An unfamiliar voice seemed sound by her ears; it was a voice tinged with laze. 

“This colours suits you very well, like a red rubus rosa, very pretty isn’t it?”

“This shop sells paintings. Didn’t expect a painting shop around here huh?” Physician Qi spoke in a mysterious tone to Hua Rong Yue.

It was indeed… unexpected.

She was quite surprised. Hua Rong Yue looked up at the shop. Even though she could access Yi Ling Long’s memories anytime and however she wanted, that didn’t mean she knew exactly all the things that had happened to the latter. After all, it’s only been half a year since she’d arrived. Even if she spent her eating and sleeping time going through all the memories, she wouldn’t be able to look through close to twenty years-worth of memories.

However from the reaction earlier, this seemed to be a place that Yi Ling Long had frequented during her time.

The tiny cogs of fate had started spinning. But speaking of encounters, this lil physician seemed to be some kind of magical magnet?

Hua Rong Yue sent Physician Qi a strange glance. If she were to include herself, Physician Qi would have encountered a total of… three strange people so far? 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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