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Who this new guy? This was her first time seeing him?

 Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the guy in black, her face an expression of confusion. She checked the contents page again, realising that she’d skipped a few chapters, so she quickly returned to where she’d originally left off. 

It was only until she’d flipped to the first chapter she’d missed did she finally connect the dots. This chapter was talking about the male lead hunting down an evil demon known for his massacre. The demon was very sly; he camouflaged himself among humans in the day, and headed out to hunt them at night. 

The artist had already spent the past four to five chapters detailing the male lead’s demon hunt… it was a very long journey indeed. Yuan Yuan Yuan’s interest peaked. Seemed like the male lead had finally found the demon’s tracks.

Yuan Yuan Yuan flipped to the next page. According to the story, the demon that the male lead had been chasing had entered a “city of chaos”; the demons within this city was the definition of chaotic — the evil, the sly, the uncanny, the cruel. It was a place normal demons rarely visited. The demons that resided within this area were mostly those with heinous crimes under their belt, or those that had no other places to go. 

As a demon slayer, the male lead rarely came here, or perhaps, this city was not a place for a demon slayer to enter at all; it was a place suitable perhaps only for the outcasts.

Yuan Yuan Yuan chomped on her dry fish, mentally remarking how understanding this artist was. There was indeed such a place, and that was exactly the city that she was in. 

Enh… speaking of which, what was this place considered? A Meteor City*-equivalent for the demons? Or Wandering Soul City District 80**-equivalent? 

* Meteor City (流星街), Hunter x Hunter anime reference: is a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts. People who live there do not exist in any official records and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people.

** Wandering Soul City District 80 (流魂街80区), Bleach anime reference: District 80 is the worst, most lawless region of Rukongai, full of thieves and murderers; Wandering Soul City is also known as Rukongai or Drifting Spirit Town

Yuan Yuan Yuan was almost impressed by her own imagination. Frankly speaking, while this city wasn’t in the limelight, it was still quite flourishing here, and population was rather dense. For humans, this was a comfortable and nice place to live in.

For demons however, things would be a little more messy. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 05 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

She continued flipping. As a demon slayer in this city, his presence was as conspicuous as a bright lamp at night. Evidently he himself knew that too, hence he carefully avoided the attention of the city-goers, deciding to head out only in the afternoon. 

Just the fact that he dared to even appear in such a city… what a strong and brave male lead indeed… Yuan Yuan Yuan shook her head. To her, this part of the plot was a little too unrealistic. If there was indeed a demon slayer that would enter such a city, then that demon slayer must be insanely powerful.

As to exactly how powerful, Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea — because she’d never seen such a powerful Toaist priest.

That’s right, Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t afraid of demon slayers, rather she had to be careful around the in-real-life “demon slayers”, aka the Taoist priest. But they weren’t any threat to her, she was still a half demon after all. 

Taoist priest these days are much more modern than demons. After all given the lifespan of humans, their generations change much more often compared to demons; the mindset of the new gens were also vastly different from their ancestors. Yuan Yuan Yuan had bumped into a few Taoist priests previously, all of them were pretty open and nice, and let her off when they sensed from her demon scent that she had not killed any humans previously. 

Normal Taoist priest usually were not the kind to make life difficult for the lower demons. Taoist demons that hailed from established clans however would probably be different… but Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t think that she’d have the opportunity to provoke any of them; not only so, she had her own ace prepared up her sleeve if she really had to face them. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan slowly swiped down, reading as the manga went on. Not long after arriving in the city, he discovered the demon that hid here. And so, he made proper preparations before he approached the demon. 

The male lead made his move on a rainy night. The rain would be able to camouflage his demon slayer scent very well. He tailed after the demon for a very long time. Halfway through however, he lost the demon to his surprise. This had the male lead anxious and headless. 

At that, he suddenly recalled some of the hiding spots that the demon used to frequent in the past, and so, he immediately turned to head over. He wanted to check if the demon retreated back into his hiding spots, perhaps the demon sensed that a threat was looming.

Just as the demon slayer arrived, he saw a dark figure dropping down out of nowhere, and landing spot-on on the demon’s head—

At the scene, Yuan Yuan Yuan spat out the milk in her mouth.

She looked at the scene, her face vivdly coloured with a WTF expression. 

The person that had dropped to the ground was dressed in a black windbreaker. Short hair splayed across his forehead, his eyes were cold and expressionless.

Red coloured the sky, the beautiful, crimson colour seemed to cover almost the entire scene. 

The figure in black seemed to fly up just like that, and with a turn, he landed on the demon’s head. A flash of silver followed, and the thing in his hands was pierced into the demon’s head—

A pair of slender, mono-lidded eyes gazed down, his gaze was collected, without any fluctuating emotions. Through the screen, it seemed as though the character was staring straight at the reader. 

The demon’s furious growl sounded. The figure in black windbreaker only had one free hand; despite so, he remained perfectly calm.

In his embrace was a girl, the girl was pressed against him tightly, her face hidden away from all eyes. With a clean twist of his body, he pulled off the dagger from the demon’s head and landed steadily on the ground. 

The entire action scene was smooth and seamless; just reading this static story was awe-inspiring and blood-racing. Be it the leap upwards into the sky, or the piercing of the dagger, all the scenes were aesthetically pleasing, and impressively so. 

The entire scene was filled with black, white and red.

The black — the figure’s windbreaker, and hair.

The white — the dagger in his hand, and his bloodless face. 

The red — the endless, spiralling red vines.

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s hands were shaking as she read the page, especially when she saw the face of the character.

She could feel her own heart thumping away noisly in her chest, her heart was racing as though it would leap out from her mouth any moment; she could almost heart it speeding away in her ears.

She spent the next five minutes on the same few scenes. She was silent, only her finger was swiping the page up and down, up and down, again and again. 

After another five minutes, she suddenly stood up and turned a few circles in her room. She grabbed her phone on her table, placed it back down again, and pulled open her curtains to look outside. 

The street was busy, filled with people and cars streaming past.

She pulled the curtains close again.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

T/N: honestly “taoist priest” sounds a lil too awkward for me but i cant find another alternative QwQ, i considered the term “(taoist) monk” but this word just brings to mind a lot of people in orange robes sitting in a temple, but i recall the ones in this novel wear white and they head out a lot hahah so the imagery is quite off… please comment if you have any suggestions 🙂

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