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Xiao Ying was trembling all along. Yuan Yuan Yuan seemed to hear her low sobs; she could feel a few warmth droplets against her neck, it probably wasn’t the rain.

The two of them were as though criminals running for their life… of course this was only Yuan Yuan Yuan’s own perspective with regards to the current situation. Perhaps Xiao Ying wouldn’t think she was on the same side as this stranger in windbreaker that picked her up. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan finally stopped; she had no idea how long she’d ran for. She sniffed the air, their scent, hers and Xiao Ying’s, seemed to have mostly dissipated.

“Where do you live?” In the dark, Xiao Ying suddenly heard the person carrying her ask. 

“Walk, walk forward, at the compound beside the train station.” Xiao Ying’s voice was quivering. 

Of course Yuan Yuan Yuan knew where Xiao Ying stayed, they were neighbours after all. But she still asked because she was pretending to be a person that didn’t know her. 

Her brain was still wooden, she’d only been propelling herself forward out of muscle memory. It was only until she saw the familiar residential compound, the faint light emitting from the windows above did she return to Earth. 

“Go home now.” Xiao Ying heard the person carrying her said. She’d been carried all the way here; during the entire journey, she hadn’t dared to move even a single bit. In fact, Xiao Ying didn’t even manage to see the person’s face. 

She could only hear his voice; it was a very bright, magnetic male voice, and he spoke very gently. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Xiao Ying sniffed and looked around, realising that they had arrived below her block. 

Xiao Ying was still in a bit of a daze. When she saw the light from the window from her unit, her brain was still hazy, as though she’d lost track of the day and time. 

When Xiao Ying finally came to again, she turned around; she was all alone. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan climbed into her unit through the window and slid down against the wall to the ground. 

Dazed, she sat there stoning, not speaking for the longest of time. The only thing that could be heard was her breathing, and even so, her inhales and exhales were trembling faintly. 

After a long while, a flurry of frenzied footsteps sounded at the corridors. Yuan Yuan Yuan slowly walked towards her table, picked up her phone and dialled. “Hello? Aunt, it’s me, Yuan Yuan, Xiao Ying’s back, we don’t need to search anymore, enh… don’t worry…”

She placed her phone back down and looked around, her gaze a little lost. She slowly got up and walked into the toilet. She took off the windbreaker and threw it into a pail. Then, she decided to take off all her clothes, collected a pail of hot water, stood in her bathtub, and doused herself from head to toe with the water several times.

Hurried footsteps sounded outside. Yuan Yuan Yuan heard a cry from outside, as though the person was on the verge of breaking down. She slowly washed her hair too before she stepped out of the tub and wiped her body dry of water.

“Where did you go! Goodness gracious!” Her neighbour’s voice sounded, her voice was raw with emotions. Following which, Xiao Ying’s heartbreaking sobs sounded too. Yuan Yuan Yuan ignored everything and sniffed herself instead. After confirming that there was no particularly evident demon scent emitting from herself, she slowly walked out the toilet.

She grabbed a mop and wiped away the water stains at her window. After washing the windbreaker, she dried it with her dryer, ironed it before she hid it at the bottom of her closet.

As a half-demon, Yuan Yuan Yuan could control and suppress her demon scent within a short period of time if she wanted to. Based on her previous experience, no one should be able to realise that the person was her.

Hopefully those people would not find her, it was really difficult finding a nice place to settle down in. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s face had already unknowingly returned to her original appearance. Yuan Yuan Yuan rubbed her face and inhaled heavily. She returned to her bedroom. The light by her bed was still on, glowing a warmly and peacefully.

She fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment before she groped for the light switch and turned it off.

The bedroom was submerged in darkness.

Three days later. 

“Yuan Yuan, be careful these days, the grand demon staying in the Circle block was killed nearby.” Sister Xue said. 

“Which grand demon? There’s a ton of them.” Yuan Yuan Yuan asked as she bit off a piece of her bread. 

“You probably don’t know him, he’s a known killer in his early years, he couldn’t continue outside so he ran over here to hide. He’s got quite a scary appearance, no one knew what his original form was, now that he’s dead, you can tell that he’s actually a big gecko…” Sister Xue spoke as she walked. Something suddenly came to mind, at that, she turned to ask, “speaking of which, I still haven’t figured out what your original form is.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan stood and welcomed Sister Xue’s scrutiny as the latter guessed away, “rabbit?” 

“…you really like dried fish, or maybe you’re a cat?” 

“It’s not that I like eating dried fish, it’s just that this is on sale at Gatolaye, so I stocked up on this.” Sister Xue hazarded many attempts, but didn’t manage to arrive at the correct answer. 

After Sister Xue left, Yuan Yuan Yuan closed the door. She could feel her heart galloping away in her chest. She recalled the windbreaker sitting at the bottom of her closet, perhaps she should find a place to burn it someday soon. 

“Sister Yuan!” The door was knocked. Xiao Ying’s voice sounded from outside. From the enthusiasm in her voice, she seemed to have recovered from yesterday’s scare, “do you eat fried dumpling? My mom made a lot.” 

“Yes.” Yuan Yuan Yuan opened the door, took the plate of fried dumplings and plopped one in her mouth. 

It was a comfortable day today. It has been raining every day for the past few days; the air felt particularly clean today. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan returned to her bedroom, switched on the light and scrolled through her phone. Her manga app just happened to push her a notification — the manga that you are following Demons has been updated! 

She laid on the bed, grabbed a bag of Gatolaye dried fish and chewed on it as she opened the app to check out the latest story progression. 

However the moment she opened the latest chapter, she frowned; the entire screen was painted in black and red. 

— on the screen, a person in black windbreaker was running in the rain. That person was carrying another person in their arms. The entire image was very dark and dimly lit, making the image out to appear almost murky and faded. 

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