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If someone you didn’t know was afraid of you for no reason, and you weren’t ugly, then it meant that he probably knew something he wasn’t supposed to know. 

Xuan Mo had always known that her appearance was really very alluring, and so scaring off people was definitely impossible. 

After checking him out, she could confirm that he was indeed a human, inside and out. 

Honestly she wasn’t exactly careful in hiding her identity, there were a lot of times she revealed herself, but there were very little that actually caught on to the telling clues. There were a lot of people that suspected her, but there were very few that suspected her and were fearful of her. 

Alright, honestly her senses were telling her that this person definitely knew something that he wasn’t supposed to know. 

Though she didn’t really bother about a lot of things, when it came to issues related to her identity, she would become extremely attentive. And so after brief contemplation, she decided to be diplomatic first before anything more violent occured, in other words, they should have a chat, alone. 

However, after observing him for three days with her mental-net, she realised that someone who was constantly surrounded by people actually existed, Xuan Mo did not spot a single chance to catch him alone!

She must admit that this school — where the cream of the crop gathered — was indeed hiding some particularly interesting individuals. Ling Yun was known as a cool guy, but he was the walking definition of a collective individual, no matter where he was, he would never be on his own; the moment he had time to himself, he would rack his brains to pull someone along with him, no matter the reason. 

This was getting more and more interesting. What exactly was he doing? Recalling his fearful gaze, did he think she was going to assassinate him? Xuan Mo had only learnt about his existence three days ago, but judging from his familiarity, he’d definitely been doing this for more than three days. 

Seeing how finals were nearing, the students would be returning home after exams, Xuan Mo felt that time was very tight. If she were to let him continue hiding, time would fly by and before she knew it, they’d be parting ways. 

And so that night, after Xuan Mo entered the dorm, she went straight to the twins and asked to their face: “Ling Yun’s mobile number.”

The twins blinked synchronously, and blinked again before they inhaled sharply, stuttering: “Xuan, Xuan Mo… you, you you you, you are…”

“I need to ask him something, his mobile number, quickly now.”

“Oh ohh… XXX…” Xuan Mo remembered the number and dialled, before suddenly realising their dorm had become completely silent. The three other girls had their ears perked, their eyes glinting as they stared at her. 

Xuan Mo’s lips twitched. The call went through, and Ling Yun’s voice sounded: “Hello, who is this?”


“…” The call was silent for a moment before Ling Yun’s calm voice sounded, “Eh, hello, Xuan Mo.”

“I feel like we need to talk, are you free tomorrow afternoon?”

“…can I say no?”

“I’ll come find you tomorrow afternoon then.” Xuan Mo paused for a moment, glanced at the three excited ladies beside her, and suddenly added, “you’re hoping for a harmonious meeting I believe.” 

“Ahhhhhh…” The twins screamed silently at each other.

“Alright, twelve thirty, beside the tennis court.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo hung up and looked at the three ladies, “is it entertaining to eavesdrop?”

“Cough cough, Xuan Mo classmate, what motivated you to suddenly chase Ling Yun classmate? Is it his handsome basketball shooting skills? Or his reputation and talents?” Yang Jia pretended to interview Xuan Mo.

“Hmhh.” Xuan Mo took her facial cleansers and went to the toilet, “because he knows too much.”

“…” The three of them suddenly shivered.

This was perhaps Ling Yun classmate heading off somewhere alone in a long time. He sat at the spectator’s seat beside the tennis court in unease. The three people at the court had just completed their training and were packing up to leave. 

When Xuan Mo arrived, he froze for a moment, before suddenly exhaling as though in relief.

Xuan Mo sat down and looked at his floating gaze, shaking her head: “There’s no one around.”

“…oh.” Ling Yun clenched his fists.

“You’re scared of me.”

“Yes… and no.” Ling Yun looked at Xuan Mo. As though something came to mind, he suddenly looked down. 

Xuan Mo observed his reaction: “You wanna say it yourself, or should I help you say it?”

“I’m the president of the school’s recreational Astrology Club.”

His reply at her squinting her eyes. What does the Astrology Club have anything to do with her? It couldn’t be that people saw her flying into the blue planet?

“One day when I was surfing the forum that I checked a lot, I saw news about an unknown flying device remnants being discovered in Yellowstone Park in America. The images and the developments afterwards seemed pretty legitimate, even though the information together with a lot of other related ones got deleted afterwards, but I was still very excited… that night, I was at the astronomical observation deck and I wanted to watch the stars…” Ling Yun gradually slowed down, and sounded almost a little embarrassed, “I’m not sure if you know, but, I, cough, I’ve tried chasing you before, but later realised that it probably won’t get anywhere so I gave up, I even deleted your number…”

Xuan Mo had no idea where he was going, “what does you watching stars have anything to do with you chasing me in the past?”

“Yes, it is related.” Ling Yun coughed, “I’ve asked around before about your schedule, and noticed that the only difference between your schedule and everyone else’s was that you’d head off to the hill behind school often, so I found out about the Golden Stone Building.”

The Golden Stone Building wasn’t classified information exactly, it was known to the public as a research centre for new materials. It was low-key, and did not receive any backing; not only so, the building was also pretty shabby, so even if the students did find out about it, it wasn’t too big of a deal.


“I stayed till very late that night, I’d intended to overnight at the deck, because there were a lot of stars. I was looking around randomly, and then I saw, uhh, you running over. Before you reached the Golden Stone Building, you hid yourself in the bushes.”

Oh! She figured out what happened now. Xuan Mo was a little speechless. She was very certain that there was no one around, but she didn’t expect there’d be a blue planet being bored out of his mind peeping at her from another hill through a telescope!

What happened next was expected, Ling Yun went on to share that he saw Xuan Mo getting stabbed through the telescope. Next, Xuan Mo glowed in blue light, pulled out the dagger, “battled” the red light and chased it away — the red light person turned into a stack of clothes… after which, Xuan Mo leisurely walked off. 

He happily went on to spectate the entire thing until morning, and also witnessed the car appearing out of nowhere. 

“I went to search up the car later on, and the clothes… there’s only so many high-end fashion stores on campus, I’ve seen it before, in one of the window display…” Ling Yun felt even more at loss the more he spoke. “I consider myself to be relatively well-versed in computing, so I researched about the car and the clothes situation. As expected, there was a police report that evening, someone said that they’d witnessed someone stealing clothes and stealing a car…”

Xuan Mo was low-key impressed, exactly how lucky was he to be able to witness everything and link everything up; and how meticulous indeed as well. 

Ling Yun was almost done. He looked at Xuan Mo carefully: “Xuan Mo, you’re not a human being, right.”

Xuan Mo was silent.

Not human could be a literary exaggeration, a personification, an exclamation or a curse, but not a human being, would refer to something else altogether. 

Just one additional word was enough to exclude someone from a race completely. How mysterious and interesting language was. 

“What do you think?”

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