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Ai Er Ge, who had once upon a time “hated a certain someone very much” happily went to look for his “enemy” to charge himself up. 

As the subject of intense hate from such a weak creature, Xuan Mo was not a single bit affected. On the other hand, Ai Er Ge’s frank and open sharing of what had happened in Scorpio Planet had Xuan Mo in quite a good mood. And so, she closed both eyes on the Ancient Demon contact name that popped up earlier. 

Ai Er Ge seemed to have let bygones be bygones too. He knew very well that Xuan Mo didn’t care if he hated her or not. Not only so, hunting down the Elge was something the entire Great Coalition had pledged to do, it’s just that Scorpio was extra strong, so they had it extra tough from them. Frankly speaking, Xuan Mo herself had never been directly involved in the hunt. To the Scorpions, hunting down the Elge Civilisation was only a “pastime”, and Xuan Mo as a Marshal was not one to bother with such pastimes. 

And so, holding hands, the two of them sat together chatting about the galaxy. Suddenly, Ai Er Ge asked: “Xuan Mo, you called me last night, what is it?”

“Enh, I heard there were a lot of other countries that had the same stone, and they were conducting experiments, but I didn’t feel any fluctuations.”

Ai Er Ge thought about it before saying: “The galaxy door must be initialised by mental powers before it can be activated by other energy sources. Did you try running your mental powers through the stone or something?”

Xuan Mo did check out the stone when she first saw it. The stone had been glowing back then. She didn’t realise she’d activated the stone. 

“That’s about right then.”

Well the other countries had it worse, they’ve accidentally sacrificed a few lives without managing to earn anything back in return.

“And one of the countries’ stone exploded in the research centre, what are your thoughts on this?”

“Exploded? How did it explode?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 162 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

“Apparently they were charging it up with all sorts of energy, so it exploded.”

Ai Er Ge cupped his forehead as he muttered to himself before he spoke: “That doesn’t make sense, how is it possible for humans to explode such a material… they shouldn’t even be able to activate the stone.”

“Can’t it be that humans cultivated mental powers?”

“Their brains are not developed enough, how would it be possible to cultivate mental powers?” Ai Er Ge was very well-versed theoretically, “really, you’ve been here for so long, you still haven’t got this figured?”

“It’s not that I didn’t figure it out, more like I don’t think about it.” Xuan Mo shook her head, “they have their own path for evolution.”

“You’re really, deadpan and boring! You actually could dominate this planet!”

“Dominate the blue planet for what, for fun?”


“That’s why I said, why tire yourself out.” Xuan Mo seemed to smile, “y’know why Elge annoys people?” 

“Isn’t it because of the technology we know!” Ai Er Ge’s expression was complicated. 

“No, because you guys overestimate yourselves.”

“What did you say?!”

“You didn’t understand me? Where did your brains go?!”

Ai Er Ge suddenly realised that while he believed he was relatively smart, he’d never won Xuan Mo when they bickered. What was even more devastating was that his verbal opponent was an ancient Scorpion… 

Xuan Mo saw that they were almost done charging, and asked: “Have you settled down?”

Ai Er Ge paused before going silent: “I don’t know, what do you mean by settled down, why are you suddenly asking?”

“Nothing, the sem is ending, it’ll be winter break soon, I’ll be going back to City H.”

This was a big problem. If Ai Er Ge didn’t want to maintain his current form, he could continue here without a problem. But if he wanted to remain as a human, then he had to go with Xuan Mo. Xuan Mo couldn’t possibly stay with him here… even if his job was lucrative, it wasn’t enough for him to afford a house here. Currently he was staying and eating at the saloon; he’d rejected the house that the rich lady offered to give him…

After the semester ended, Xuan Mo would be going home to celebrate Chinese New Year. Xuan Mo did not have any particular feelings about the celebration. It’s just that her mother had been calling her and telling her that she had been dearly missed, so she should head back and be a good daughter. 

Ai Er Ge decided without much contemplation: “I’ll go back with you.”

“Okay.” As for how he’s gonna survive in City H, that was not within her consideration.

Meanwhile at the Golden Stone Building, their research had bottlenecked. When the other countries heard that the research centre in Country Z that was the most short on capital and manpower compared to everyone else had made the most developments, multiple countries sent their representatives over for collaboration talks. 

In the beginning, it was only representatives from friendly countries, afterwards however, even countries that were well-developed were sending their representatives over. When the upper management realised how attention-grabbing the research item that Zhao Jing Lei had taken over halfway was, they immediately brought it back into their scope of attention. As a result, Zhao Jing Lei became incredibly busy, he literally had no time to grab Xuan Mo over to participate in anything. 

And so, Xuan Mo invested all her time into preparing for finals. 

NDU had a very strong studying culture, the majority of the students were the kind to study from the very beginning. On the other hand, Xuan Mo only stepped foot into the self-study classroom one week before finals. 

By the time she entered, it was already dark outside. The classroom was filled with students studying at night. She glanced around, there was not a single seat that was free. The twins that noticed her gave a helpless gesture as well.

Yang Ni walked over to the door softly, feeling guilty: “Sorry Mo Mo, when we told you to come we said we’ll save a seat for you. Yi Ke must have overheard us, she didn’t say she’s coming but she turned up, and we only have one seat, we couldn’t reject her…”

“So there’s no seats left?” Xuan Mo nodded her head again, “I’ll go back to the dorms then, anywhere’s the same.”

“No don’t Mo Mo! If you don’t mind, you can squeeze in with us, we can shift to the side, you just need to grab an extra chair over… I heard that you scored full marks for your Math mid-terms, this final question is killing both Yang Jia and me, please help us.”

Xuan Mo and the twins were from different majors, despite this, they still knew how much she scored for exams. Exactly how many people have been observing her? Xuan Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and so, she could only nod her head. She sat down on the extra chair that Yang Ni had added temporarily and took out a few books. 

Zhang Yi Ke knew that she took Xuan Mo’s seat, but she didn’t want to apologise, so she didn’t say anything, and instead remained engrossed in her work. 

The twins started looking through their Maths; when they had questions, they’d ask Xuan Mo. 

Xuan Mo was now very accustomed to blue planet beings, or rather how people from Country Z solved Maths problems. Hence she was incredibly fast at doing questions, and would even have some strange comments about certain questions. Of course, neither of the twins understood the extracurricular things that Xuan Mo commented about.

After the self-study period was over, the four of them went back to their dorms together. When they were washing up, Zhang Yi Ke picked up a call on her bed, speaking in a sweet voice. 

“It’s her boyfriend, they’re in the same class, they’ve been together for a month now.” Xuan Mo had been brushing her teeth. Yang Jia whispered when she came over to wash her hands. 

Xuan Mo was confused. She didn’t ask anything.

Yang Jia seemed to have figured out her confusion, and laughed: “I knew you didn’t know, when are you ever concerned about us, all you do when you come back is sleep.” Her tone was playful, as though she was very familiar with Xuan Mo’s character. “That’s good too, no drama.”


“There’s a lot of girls with a really happening romantic life, I mean given the girl-to-guy ratio, girls can really have their pick. If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Ni and I are twins, so it’s much harder, we’d probably be attached too.”

She was now quite a gossip queen…

“Aye Mo Mo, why don’t you check out the people around you, you’re really breaking a lot of hearts!”

“…” Xuan Mo brushed her teeth and proceeded to wash her face.

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