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“I think you’re not the mole.”

Xuan Mo was silent for a while: “Zhao Jing Lei, you’re not a good leader.”

Zhao Jing Lei couldn’t help but laugh: “Hah! I’m a bad guy for not suspecting you?”

“You should be suspecting everyone, especially a half-in-half-out personel like me.”

“Oh cut it, I know we have a mole here, because in the other similar onging research projects in other countries, there were three cases of the same death, their blood was sucked dry.”


“Since you don’t know how you knew something happened at the Golden Stone Building, I’ll take it that you have exceptionally accurate gut feeling, so I’m hoping your gut feeling can protect the Golden Stone Building. Who knows, maybe someone might drop by.”

“Let them come then, all of us have the same stone, you think they’d still steal ours?”

“But in one of the countries, their stone exploded, so the research had to stop. Across the entire world, our defence is the weakest, and we’re the most unsupported out of all the research centres that have a specimen, you get me?”

Nonsense, Xuan Mo remarked internally. Which of the research centres have a Marshal from Scorpio guarding their stone?

“I’ll take note, I’m hanging up.”

“Aye, okay… good night.”

“Hold on.”

Chivalrous as Zhao Jing Lei didn’t hang up the phone, and so he caught Xuan Mo’s words: “What is it?”

“A stone in another country exploded?”


“How did it explode?”

“Not too sure how it happened exactly, what I‘ve heard was that they were conducting rigorous and consecutive experiments, and then it exploded. We’ll need to wait for a while before we get the exact details. Don’t worry, someone’s even more impatient than you are for the information.” 

“Enh, okay, I’m hanging up.” Xuan Mo ended the call. After a moment of contemplation, she decided to call Ai Er Ge, but the call didn’t go through. 

The memory of Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En secretly watching “extinguisher-kun” surfaced in her head. At that, her lips couldn’t help but twitch. 

Back to the stone though, if the stones from the other countries had sucked human blood before, why wasn’t there any fluctuations, it didn’t make sense that Ai Er Ge didn’t feel anything.

Xuan Mo decided she better ask him. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 161 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

She called again and again. Finally, the call went through, it was a female voice that picked up the phone: “Hello!? Who is it!”

It was very noisy on the other end. The music was hype, the person speaking had to scream to be heard.

Xuan Mo compressed and layered her voice, so that she wouldn’t need to scream for the other end to hear her: “I’m looking for Ai Er Ge!”

“Who are you?” The lady was silent for a moment, “Ancient Demon? What name is this, y’all are online friends?”

Ancient demon? Xuan Mo clenched her teeth, what a fantastic name: “I’m looking for Ai Er Ge.”

“He’s not free, what is it? I’ll let him know.”

“Then ask Ai Er Ge, does he want to be a human or a dog.” At that, she hung up.

Xuan Mo was a little annoyed that Ai Er Ge allowed a blue planet being to pick up his phone. As a stray alien that’s been wandering in the galaxy, how could he have zero control over his own things, exactly how did he survive till now?

The next morning, Ai Er Ge’s call came in. He sounded very wronged and miserable: “Xuan Mo, I want to be a human!”

“…” Xuan Mo plugged in her earpiece. She was still in class. She took down the lesson notes as she listened to Ai Er Ge’s whiny complaints. In his single sentence of protest, five words were spoken in Elgeian, three were in Bolde and only the remaining two in Chinese; she figured he’s probably having a tragic time. 

“Blue planet beings are too scary, blue planet is too horrifying, I want to return to Mars!”

“Enh, how do you plan to return.” Xuan Mo actually wanted to discuss the viability. He’d been located on Mars previously, if he could move back, it’d save her a lot of trouble too.

“My flying device was burnt down… can your hibernation pod fly?”

“Didn’t I tell you before, it can fly, out the atmosphere at most.”

“I can modify it! Modify it, modify it!”

“Cut it, if it’s modifiable, I’d have modified it long ago. The entire planet was ours two hundred million years ago, but we didn’t chance upon any useful materials.” Xuan Mo paused. “I’m majoring in Aerospace Materials, there’s nothing usable either. The only thing I can say is: we need to wait for more materials to be discovered.”

“Blue planet beings are too behind!”

“Aren’t you the protector of knowledge, why don’t you discover something then.”

“And you’re the min-annihilator aren’t you! Have you unified the internet?”

“…I don’t think I’ve ever told you that I was a min-annihilator.” Xuan Mo said lowly.

Ai Er Ge was silent, before he tried to laugh it off: “Aye, your mental powers are so strong, you can’t not be a min-annihilator.”

“Then tell me, what is a min-annihilator?”

“…an individual who can break through the universe-net with just his or her mental powers.”

“In other words, a min-annihilator is not just someone who has strong mental powers, it has to be someone who could use their mental power to engage in network warfare.” Xuan Mo laughed coldly. “Ai Er Ge, you figured out who I was a long time ago, didn’t you.”

“I, I didn’t know.” Ai Er Ge said timidly, “I was just guessing.”

“What did you guess.”

“Your mental powers reached the Marshal level, disappeared around two hundred million, is a Marshal from the Abu clan, there’s only one person that fits this description.” Ai Er Ge sighed, “Abudory, min-annihilator, the 27th Marshal since the Abu clan entered the mental generation; she disappeared in an expedition along with her entire elite unit; she is also the only person whose name on the Spirit Monument is still lit up for two hundred million years.” His voice was a little sentimental. 

“Xuan Mo, I’ve seen the Spirit Monument before, every new Marshal’s name will be engraved on the monument, and the Spirit Monument would be built taller and taller; it’s already through the clouds now. For the last two hundred million years, or in the Scorpio calendar, one hundred and fifty million seasons, there have been eight hundred thirty-nine Marshals, seventeen Emperors, and all of their names have darkened because they died. Your name is the only one that’s still lit up…”


“…your Spirit Mark is still there, so your name remains in the clouds, and it lights up the entire plaza… it’s become a lighthouse, a control tower, for the battleships.” Ai Er Ge inhaled deeply, “be it civilians or soldiers, when they walk past the Spirit Monument, they would salute at the light shining down from above the clouds; even enemies… would do that too.”

“In all honesty, your accomplishments might not exceed that of many other Marshals and Emperors, but because of your undying Spirit Mark for one hundred and fifty million seasons, your perseverance, resilience and wait despite your unknown locations, you became the greatest hero in all of Scorpio… Xuan Mo, Scorpio Planet had been through many ups and downs, the only constant that kept them going — was you. There had been an Emperor that led Scorpio Planet through battle during the intergalactic wartime; before the battle, he’d said this: even if all of us died! The light on the Spirit Monument would illustrate to our enemies the definition of immortality!”

Xuan Mo sat quietly, more so upright. Bloodlust exuded from her entire being, she yearned to battle; even her brain was bubbling, as though it’d never once calmed. 

Ai Er Ge’s voice seemed tired: “Abudory, I don’t just know you, just your name itself had dominated the entire Great Coalition. Every race in the Great Coalition had been researching and looking for you, it’s become a norm… your enemies hope for you to die, while your loyal followers continue to admire you even for thousands and millions of years…”

“I once was the coordinator at the history section in the Elge Knowledge Valley. As long as your spirit mark is lit, it would spell the endless tragedy for our people; do you know how much I used to hate you…”

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