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No matter how fearless Xuan Mo was, the countless strange gazes she received had her scalp tingling in unease. 

A female student from a prestigious school and a top host from a luxurious, extravagant entertainment saloon… 

Though they both topped the charts in their own respective fields, these two “valedictorians” were unrelated in every possible way. 

As for who was whose sugar daddy, this question was answered when Xuan Mo threw Ai Er Ge a card in front of everyone when he asked for one. 

And so, a certain host’s clothes grew in quality, and so did his reputation. 

Last month, a wealthy woman who’d wanted to spend for him; last week a guy who confessed to him; yesterday, a rich young lady that wanted to buy him out, and today, a whole line of expensive cars were parked outside — they’d heard that the host was here, and was here to bring him out to party. 

This wasn’t too much of a big deal to those that knew, but for those that didn’t get the memo, they’d think that there were a lot of closet lovers in NDU. 

Meanwhile the rest of the not-so-well-to-do NDU students sighed, finally understanding what outrageous spending meant after personally witnessing it.

Finally when Ai Er Ge was hidden away with Xuan Mo in the little forest, holding hands to re-charge, his head started nodded away, as though he was falling asleep on his feet.

Xuan Mo glanced at him, humming coldly: “Did you sleep?”

Ai Er Ge shot up; he seemed to vaguely recall Xuan Mo’s question, and managed: “I guess I kinda did.”


“Eh, those people are too strange, they didn’t let me sleep.”

“…” Xuan Mo felt that the reason those people didn’t let Ai Er Ge sleep was definitely due to misunderstandings as a result of their different civilisations. “How did they not let you sleep?”

Ai Er Ge immediately pouted and protested: “Sleeping is sleeping right, but they insisted that I must take off my clothes!”

“Enh.” Said Scorpio was a shameless Scorpio. “Take it off.”

“Fine I took it off, but the females want to hug me in their sleep, the males want to hug me in their sleep too?!”

“…” A certain shameless Scorpio suddenly seemed to have recalled something; at that, her expression changed a little.

“Fine, hug me then! But what the hell, they were nudging and moving around the entire night! You’re not bugs, what the hell are you wriggling around for!?” Ai Er Ge grabbed Xuan Mo’s arm, feeling glum and wronged, “Xuan Mo! I really admire you! How did you survive for so long without exploding? If I were anywhere as strong as you, I’d have flattened this place a long time ago!”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply. Instead, she cocked her head to one side and recalled, before realisation suddenly dawned: “Extinguisher-kun!”


“…no, nothing…” Xuan Mo’s expression returned to normal, “they’re probably mistaking you as their backup partner, I’ve only learnt this recently too — blue planet beings’ bodily desires to mate is, you know, a bit strong.”

“…” Ai Er Ge was silent for very long before he suddenly started shivering violently. He could feel the parts that had been rubbed by them tingling in numbness. At that, he couldn’t help but shriek in horror, “save me! I, I, I don’t want to live anymore!”

A walking definition of a young lady whose cherry’s just been popped. 

As the Elges have been hunted down for countless of years, their people were rather bonded, and they value purity in their bloodlines. When they encountered flirtatious provocation from other races, they usually would not consider things in such aspect, not only so, they were not the kind to be enticed either. So when it dawned on him that he might be the subject of other people’s dreams, Ai Er Ge couldn’t help but want to curse. 

Xuan Mo sighed. She felt that she was pretty lucky in comparison, she’d only received a few confession letters, unlike Ai Er Ge, who actually had to, more accurately forced, to experience it.

“I can fake an identity for myself, but I didn’t know how long I’d be here; the boss said he’ll help settle it for me, that’s why I decided to work there, I, I…” Ai Er Ge stuttered. He was perfectly unruffled by the righteous and disdainful looks that the students around gave him. He had no idea what selling himself meant either, it was only now did he realise, he might as well be a prostitute at this rate… that won’t do!

Xuan Mo couldn’t help him out; she never had to worry about anything like that, neither did she intend to help. 

Ai Er Ge settled into a deep frown, before finally deciding — once he gets his identity related papers settled, he’s gonna retire! No way he’s gonna continue this career! Not even if he dropped dead!

Xuan Mo retracted her hand, evidently laughing at his predicament: “That’s it, you can go.”

Ai Er Ge instinctively got up too, before he suddenly recalled all the gaggle of people with highly questionable intentions outside the school. At that, he immediately plonked his butt back down on the stone bench, not moving. He ain’t gonna leave this little garden: “I’m sleeping here tonight!”

Xuan Mo got up, ready to leave without hesitation: “Up to you.” With that, she disappeared down the walkway. 

Ai Er Ge looked at Xuan Mo’s retreating silhouette, at loss. He’d wanted to speak, but he couldn’t quite figure out what to say. And so, he ended up mincing his lips to himself in glumness. He opened the laptop that he brought around with him. He didn’t make himself invisible when he came to find Xuan Mo these days, because the two of them would only stay around the little garden. This saved him some mental energy too. If the other students were to notice them, they’d only think there was something going on between Xuan Mo and him. Neither of them were bothered by rumours like these anyway.

He checked the latest news, and continued chasing the novel that he’d been reading the past few days. Ai Er Ge slowly lost track of time. Suddenly, he felt a wave of pressure — Marshal Xuan was trying to contact him via his mental net!?

Xuan Mo had never been one to poke into his business, in fact, she didn’t want to hear a single bit about it. Hence Ai Er Ge was quite puzzled at her initiative when he received her message.

Xuan Mo: “Get your ass to the canteen entrance.”

“Oh.” Ai Er Ge instinctively obeyed, before he caught himself and sat back down. “I’m not going!”

“…come!” The pressure exerted by Xuan Mo was no joke. In his efforts to resist Xuan Mo’s pressure, Ai Er Ge spent half the mental powers he had in his reserves. 

“No! It’s definitely them! They’re here!” Ai Er Ge dispatched his mental tentacles to check the situation out. As expected, Xuan Mo was surrounded by a group of young men and ladies, and they were chattering and saying they were looking for him. He’d seen most of them before, some of them had even “rubbed” him before… he screamed: “I’m not going even if I die!”

Xuan Mo laughed coldly. Be it the gaggle of rowdy people surrounding her, or the even noiser spectating students around her, she was wholly unaffected. Her eyes glinted before she said: “He’s still at the little garden, by the stone bench, he won’t run, you can go grab him in ease.” After which, she even pointed them in the correct direction kindly, “do you know where that is, it’s not far, follow this pavement all the way down straight, there’ll be a sign, when you see the tennis court in the distance, there’ll be a small walkway on the side, go in by that.”

At that, the gang of young men and ladies left in the way she pointed. One of the young woman looked at her in disdain as she puffed her voluptuous chest, huffing: “Lil’ girl, I know what’s your background, don’t bite off a bigger piece of cake than you can finish, if it’s not yours, it won’t ever be yours.”

Xuan Mo held in her laugh: “You better hurry if you want to get him, there’s only one Ai Er Ge.”

In the mental net, Ai Er Ge’s furious howls sounded: “Let me go! Let me go! You damned Scorpio release the mental restrictions! Quick! They’re coming for me! I hate you! I hate you! Ahhhh!”

After he was caught, one of the handsome uncles brought him in his embrace and didn’t allow anyone to touch him. With that, he was dragged out the little garden and stuffed into his car. Ai Er Ge’s movement was restricted by Xuan Mo via the mental net, and so the handsome uncle literally had to half-drag-half-hug him out. By the time Ai Er Ge made it to the car, he was barely alive.

The cars drove off. Shortly after, when Xuan Mo was about to release her mental restrictions, she heard Ai Er Ge clenching his teeth: “Xuan! Mo! I will be back!”

Entertained by his predicament, and the fact that she managed to get rid of this baggage, Xuan Mo was incredibly happy. Even her expressionless face seemed to glow.

She had quite a few things on her to do list these few days, she had to work on her own for a while. As she ate her lunch, Xuan Mo decided to head back to her dorms. 

Zhao Jing Lei’s call came in: “Xuan Mo, you didn’t come down to the research centre lately?”

Xuan Mo replied in boredom: “Enh, there’s nothing for me to do.”

“Okay, oh and, seems like you are pretty useful haha.”

“…what are you trying to say?”

“Nothing, I just caught wind of something… we have a mole here.”

“You’re calling me to test me or you think I’m not the mole?”

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This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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