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Ai Er Ge looked down, he was regretting this so much he felt like dying. He’d originally thought that such an intense fluctuation was because a fellow clan member had activated the galaxy door in blue planet, hence as to why he rushed over without any preparation. In the end, he ruined his own flying device, and realised he was scammed by this little shard. The worst of it all was getting caught by this ancient demon — there was no escape! And if he wanted to survive, he had to rely on this demon for energy!

Xuan Mo didn’t intend to help Ai Er Ge. She’d wanted to use the galaxy door in the past too, but she didn’t know where the galaxy door connected to, not only so, she didn’t dare to activate it either. Even if she were to masacre an entire city to start it up, there was no need to return either, because the Great Coalition army would come hunting her down instead. 

Last but not least, she didn’t know where the galaxy door was either. Even if she did know, she didn’t plan on telling Ai Er Ge. She’d ruin the door first. 

Ai Er Ge knew exactly the situation he landed himself in. This Scorpio Marshal was very upright and principled, her mind and soul was also very resilient and strong, even Separation was nothing to her, she definitely could withstand the passage of time for another two hundred million years. Meanwhile back to himself, without her, he wouldn’t be able to survive for even a year. Perhaps it’d be easier for him to spend his time searching for the galaxy door. But to activate it… he’d never be able to get past her. 

At this, he couldn’t help but lapse into a depressed state, was he going to die here?! On a planet that was even worse off than the Insectoid Planet?!

“Aye…” He got up and slowly made himself invisible. “I’ll come again tomorrow.”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo turned to leave. Ai Er Ge strided out the lover’s garden in the school, left the campus and headed towards the place of his job. 

There were always a few places around that didn’t mind taking in the not-so-legal workforce. 

Because of Lu Yu Chen, Xuan Mo could take a few days off from the Golden Stone place. Though whether she actually went to the research centre or not seemed to make no difference. It’s just that now there’s an additional uncertain factor in the form of an Elge, she decided it’s time to bring the Golden Stone research back into her purview. 

After understanding the material and other relevant information from Ai Er Ge, Xuan Mo was now more concerned about the origin of the golden stone. However given her limited access, the information she could refer to would not record anything about this. Even after she’d read through all the classified information in the research centre, there was no information about the origin of the stone. 

She couldn’t help but recall the security footage that she’d come across previously. The research centre definitely had, or more accurately used to have, a very established and vast organisation backing this research. Perhaps it was the one that Zhao Jing Lei received the bad news from — news about the organisation halting the research and them shrinking into the Golden Stone research team today. 

But things like these were very annoying, reason being she had no inkling on how or where to start searching from!

Ai Er Ge was also very evidently unsatisfied. His job was usually at night, so in the day, other than charging up with Xuan Mo, he’d been going around different places, and one of the locations that he’d lingered for a while at was the Golden Stone building. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 159 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

After a few days at his job, he became quite wealthy. Armed with a laptop, he’d plonk himself in a LAN cafe, and continue learning and absorbing knowledge, his drive an Elgeian characteristic. 

Xuan Mo didn’t care about him at all, save for certain things that crossed her line. As time passed, Ai Er Ge was no longer as scared of her. He’d even give her some interesting things once in a while, or even crack a joke or two. 

While NDU was a military school, the administration wasn’t very strict, and they also allowed visitors, as long as the visitors record down their information before entering. And so, after charging up with Xuan Mo, Ai Er Ge would once in a while make a u-turn and walk in openly to find Xuan Mo to play. 

And so, pink hearts once again float the air. Despite Xuan Mo’s expressionless face, much braincannon ensued among her classmates when they noticed Xuan Mo’s new frequent visitor. 

One day, Lu Yu Chen seemed to have caught wind of something. However he had something on, so he could only call her.

Xuan Mo was enjoying the sun. When she saw Lu Yu Chen’s call, she waved her hand and let the smirking Ai Er Ge pick it up.

Ai Er Ge cleared his throat, answered the call and spoke in a lower voice than usual: “Hello.”

Lu Yu Chen paused before asking unhappily: “Who are you? Where’s Mo Mo!?”

“Mo Mo’s beside me.” Ai Er Ge glanced at Xuan Mo gingerly. When Lu Yu Chen called Xuan Mo’s nickname, his heart tightened in anxiety; the difference in their abilities was still a hard fact. When Xuan Mo didn’t react, his courage immediately spiked, “what do you need her for? She’s resting.”

“Then walk away from her, I want to speak to you!”

“Don’t worry, she can’t hear.”

“I’m her brother! You better stay away from her!”

“What does you being her brother have anything to do with me walking away from her?”

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are! I heard there’s a new mixed-race host at Fool’s Quay, Ai Er was it, I don’t care who you mix with, but keep your dirty hands away from my sister!”

“Oi oi, my name is Ai Er Ge, not Ai Er… and what’s a host? All I did was help to pour some drinks, and, how am I dirty, I shower every day, I don’t sweat much either, I smell amazing, definitely better than some that run and rolls around in the dirt like you. Lastly, someone’s chasing you yet you’re not letting anyone chase your little sister?”

“Anyone can chase her! Except for you! You’re a guy, and yet you’re selling yourself, aren’t you ashamed?! Even a construction worker is better than you!”

Ai Er Ge was rather glum: “My appearance is granted by the heavens, if I don’t use it now, when will I use it, when I’m an old uncle? After I’m done having fun doing this, I can be a construction worker, but you can’t, you’re exactly like the load of other people in the shop I’m working at.”

“You you! Shameless! Ahhh!”

“Haha!” Ai Er Ge laughing happily. He looked at Xuan Mo; the latter squinted her eyes, as though amused. “Your lil sister thinks I’m right too!”

“The hell!” Lu Yu Chen growled in anger, “Mo Mo’s always on Martian-thinking mode, are you like that too?! Martians! You guys are actually from Mars right!”

Ai Er Ge suddenly stopped smiling. He spoke in a grave expression: “Shut up! Don’t let me hear you speaking poorly of Martians, they have saved me before, I will safeguard their dignity with my life!”

After which, he hung up angrily, panting away.

Lu Yu Chen stared at the phone, unsure whether to get riled up about this or laugh. The warning seemed quite serious, should he take this seriously or take this seriously or take this seriously…

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This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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