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Lu Yu Chen had imagined his dear little sister caring for him while he was hospitalised.

Ever since her tokenistic and brief visits before she disappeared during her days off, his hopes have been dashed. 

His friends didn’t turn up either. Yuan Yang Xi as the class rep on the other hand popped by frequently to visit him in representation of their class. She’d helped him get water, fruits and even with his clothes, but Lu Yu Chen felt a bit awkward. He wasn’t a very amiable person to begin with. He was used to being chased by girls, but wasn’t like his friends who took pride in it. Hence after the several days of assistance from Yuan Yang Xi, he couldn’t take it any longer.

He had a heathly body, therefore despite his severe symptoms that shocked the entire team of nurses on duty, he was up and jumping within a week. Not only so, he’d been requesting consecutively for a discharge. At his persistence, the doctor gave him the go ahead. The only condition the docter-in-charge requested was that he had to inform his relatives. His younger sister had requested previously that he must tell her once he had recovered.

Lu Yu Chen’s wispy feelings finally warmed up. At that, he happily dialled for Xuan Mo as he spoke about the news: “Mo Mo! I’m finally discharged! Are you coming to pick me up?!”

“…is it confirmed?”

“Of course! Your brother, I’m healthy as a horse!”

“Then how did you end up getting a concussion?”

“I!” Lu Yu Chen wanted to rebuke, but the moment he tried to recall the incident, his head started spinning, and nothing came to mind. At that, he was shocked: “The heck! I forgot! Dang the guy for getting away with this easily!”

“You’ve only just realised you forgot?”

“The doctor told me to avoid thinking about it, in case my head hurts.” Lu Yu Chen was very sorrowful, “the doc said I might experience selective memory loss, I can’t be this unlucky can I?! Does that mean I won’t remember all the enemies that I clash head on with?”

“Enh, good that you forgot, in case you get another concussion.”

“How is that possible, that guy that hit me, don’t let me find him! I’ll throttle him!”

In the call, Lu Yu Chen seemed to hear a faint shout: “Tell him to come! Come at me!”

Lu Yu Chen immediately shot up: “Mo Mo, who’s with you? You’re not in your dorm?”

“No, I’m outside.” Xuan Mo’s voice was a little cold, “there’s a nutjob throwing a fit. Alright I’m hanging up, you go back on your own.”

At that, she hung up. 

Lu Yu Chen held on to his phone, a little uneasy, he felt that the male voice was replying to him, but… Xuan Mo…

A few of his good friends that he’d summoned earlier came over to help him with his things. He dispelled his suspicions and continued with sorting out the administrative procedures. 

Xuan Mo hung up and turned to look at the redhead coldly; the latter was looking down trying hard to bury his existence: “Do you want to die?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 158 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

“No no! It’s just that he’s a blue planet being, yet he is provoking… alright I won’t say anything.” Ai Er Ge latched on to Xuan Mo’s left hand in a death grip, not letting go. A faint silver-blue string of energy connecting the two hands could be seen; their hands seemed almost translucent in comparison. “When did Scorpios become so kind that you’d even help protect the blue planet beings. This planet was discovered thousands of years ago, yet there has not been any evaluation of this planet’s potential or value; given your efforts, isn’t this a high risk investment?”

Xuan Mo squinted: “You seem to have acquired a lot of words outside your word bank.”

Ai Er Ge flaunted: “We did say Scorpios are simple-minded, see now, you need to observe your surroundings more and learn more!”

Xuan Mo was silent. Though she didn’t want to admit that she was simple-minded, she must admit Elges are much more quick-witted. 

“Speaking of which, isn’t your mental powers are a little too powerful, this is many times the strength of my elder, Scorpios have not evolved this much have they, I remember they don’t live for very long.”

Xuan Mo didn’t intend to hide her identity: “I was here before blue planet beings had creatures.”

“…” Ai Er Ge was silent for a moment before he suddenly started counting with his fingers, “from what I understand about this country, the country has been independent for sixty years, before that it was a republic for N years, there was the Qing Dynasty, Ming Dynasty… uhh forget it, let’s skip to five thousand years ago, during the times of the primate… no there’s the Ice Age too, and it happened three to four times, before all sorts of creatures emerged… dinosaurs, fish… my goodness, before blue planet had creatures, exactly how many years ago was that?!”

“Around two hundred million years.” Xuan Mo smiled, “the Marine Civilisation had already begun.”

Clang! Ai Er Ge fell from his chair before he climbed back up and grabbed Xuan Mo’s left hand to continue the charging. There was no fear in his eyes, only a splash of shock and a tsunami of hunger. “Tell me! What was it like back then?”

Xuan Mo cocked her head to the side as she recalled: “Better than now, much simpler too, I used to visit the ocean often, the aboriginals in the ocean strongly enforced the boundaries of their own territories, they were quite rugged and robust, it was a comfortable civilisation.”

“Ahh! Then how did you… hold on… you can’t be!” Ai Er Ge’s eyes widened, finally understanding why even though a Scorpio like Xuan Mo could materialise her own body was willing to reside within someone else’s body and skin instead. “Did you use Separation?! You peeled off your mental outer skin?”


“My goddess of knowledge! I can’t imagine how painful that must be! It’ll definitely hurt more than humans peeling off their skin!”

“…” Xuan Mo wanted to reply that it was still alright. It’s been two hundred million years after all, no matter how excruciating the pain was, it’d already faded. But now that this came to mind, the slight discomfort returned, and so she shut her mouth.

“Why though? Are you waiting for your people to pick you up?” Ai Er Ge was puzzled, “you can’t be the only one here right, there definitely must be others. My goddess, a Scorpio from two hundred million years old, you are a walking ancestor!”

“I was the only one that could endure the Separation.” Xuan Mo replied blandly, “I did it after the others sacrificed themselves, and had the last elder activate the Separation on me before he died. I’m not scared of dying, but I want to bring our people victory.”

Ai Er Ge was silent for a moment before he suddenly said: “Soldier, may I hug you?”

“Sorry.” Xuan Mo smiled, “but I’m a Marshal.”

Clang. Ai Er Ge didn’t manage to climb back up this time after falling off his chair.

After the one-hour charge, Xuan Mo stood up and looked around: “You can go now.”

Ai Er Ge suddenly slowed down: “I’ll wait for a bit longer, my job’s at night.”

Xuan Mo snorted: “Your gaze is telling, are you still thinking about that stone?”

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This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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