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After Yuan Ying Xi returned, the group of them were already in excited chatters. Lu Yu Chen zipped around between the food bar and the table like a busy bee, cooking the food in excitement. Xuan Mo’s plate was already filled to the brim with food, but he hadn’t taken a single bite himself yet. 

The food was too enticing for the other people at the table. Annoyed, some of the girls at the table instructed their sweating boyfriends around to cook the meat: “Hurry! Why are you so slow!”

Xuan Mo had never really found blue planet food to be particularly delicious. Though she had been following the blue planet being’s practice to consume three meals a day religiously, with a healthy mix of meat with veggies, she rarely shoved her face with food, neither was she interested in doing so. And so, she tried every food item they had on offer here before she stopped. Despite so, the pile of food on her plate remained high.

Xuan Mo contemplated for a moment before she pushed her entire plate to Lu Yu Chen, and snatched the thongs from his hands, commanding: “Eat!”

Lu Yu Chen was indeed quite hungry. At her words, he went ahead to grab a drumlet topped with some sauce before stuffing it into his mouth. As he chewed, he muffled out: “Mo Mo you’re not eating? You’re full?”

“I’m full.”

“…ah? It’s okay, you can take a break and continue eating again later.”

Ah Kah sitting opposite them was incredibly glum, at that, he mumbled, even more depressed: “Brother Yu you are too terrible, your bro I’m starving here!”

Lu Yu Chen looked at the charred food in the bin beside him, and then at the sad few pieces of luncheon meat on his BBQ rack and laughed: “Haha! I can’t help it that you’re this bad at BBQing!”

The person beside them was unhappy, and immediately argued back. Lu Yu Chen looked around and suddenly realised that there were only a handful of guys among them that knew how to cook the food. The majority of them were eating either half raw or scorched food. 

“Hoi, y’all can’t be that dumb can you!”

“How would I know, it looks cooked but when I bite into it, the insides are still raw, but when I put it back on the rack, the damn thing gets burnt!”

“Hahah!” Lu Yu Chen laughed, but had zero intentions of sharing the food that he had cooked for himself and Xuan Mo with the rest, “I’m not sharing mine, I need to feed my sis!”

“Your sis’ full, just look at her!”

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“Ah Kah, I can’t finish the drumlet I cooked, do you want it?” A gentle voice sounded, Yuan Ying Xi moved the cooked drumlet into Ah Kah’s bowl as she spoke, “try it, is it good?”

Ah Kah was moved: “Sister Ying Xi, you’re too nice!”

Ying Xi smiled: “I still have a lot, anyone of y’all want any, go ahead and take it.” She had been cooking the food silently and carefully earlier, and hence managed to cook quite a fair bit. 

“Me, I want some!”

“I want some too!” The entire table was filled with ravenous kids with lit up eyes.

The food Yuan Ying Xi had cooked was split cleanly. At that, she continued cooking happily, before she suddenly patted Lu Yu Chen: “Brother Yu, I’ve almost finished cooking the meat, I can’t leave this unattended, do you think you can help to get me some more?”

Lu Yu Chen nodded: “Oh, what do you want?”

“Chicken wings, drumlets, fish skin, luncheon meat, and some beef too… oh honestly anything will do, we have so many people here.”

Lu Yu Chen stood and went to get more food. Yuan Ying Xi suddenly added a brinjaw on Xuan Mo’s mountainous pile of food: “Xuan Mo, try this, this is my specialty BBQed brinjaw.”

“Oh, thanks.” Xuan Mo ate it, it didn’t taste particularly special, but it was still more delicious than the things Lu Yu Chen cooked.

“How is it?”

“Better than his.”

“Hehe, thanks, I have some more here, go ahead and have some.”


Xuan Mo was full, but she had no interest in cooking the meat with them. On this side, Yuan Ying Xi was the chef in charge of supplying cooked food to the entire table; Lu Yu Chen on the other hand was in charge of transporting the meat over. Some of the people were ill at ease that they were eating away when these two were working, and so they cracked a few jokes, that they were like a couple, splitting the job equally while helping each other out…

Yuan Ying Xi was glowing in happiness, while Lu Yu Chen appeared very forced; the latter had even cut off the jokes that were flying around multiple times.

Xuan Mo on the other had was getting rather bored of them listening to them. She looked at her phone, Zhao Jing Lei had sent her a message. He was straight to the point: “Xuan Mo, did you notice anything off around the Golden Stone building last night or this morning?”

She had revealed her extraordinary senses with regards to the Golden Stone building in the previous incident with the death of the guard. The mysterious car was definitely going to leave the Golden Stone researchers in unease, hence it was no wonder Zhao Jing Lei was asking her. 

Xuan Mo had already thought about how to answer if such a question were to pop up. She had no intentions of revealing anything as important or serious as the Cosmic Coalition, and so her reply for forward as well: “No.”

This answer was within Zhao Jing Lei’s expectation. He replied with an “oh”, and the conversation ended. 

But Xuan Mo suddenly felt that his simple answer seemed to hint at something else; this wasn’t the end.

After eating, the bunch of them decided to head back to school. Xuan Mo was the only one at NDU, the rest of their schools were around the same area, and so they went off in their separate ways after a short while. Lu Yu Chen was worried and had insisted on sending Xuan Mo back. Before Xuan Mo replied however, Yuan Ying Xi spoke: “Brother Yu, I’ll go with you then, I haven’t visited NDU before.”

“NDU isnt open to visitors.” Lu Yu Chen replied without hesitation. 

Yuan Ying Xi paused for a moment but persisted: “Then I’ll just take a look from the outside.”

She’d had her mind set on tagging along.

Xuan Mo was getting impatient. She walked over to the road and hailed a taxi. Before she boarded, she said: “I’m going back on my own, I don’t need any sending.”

Lu Yu Chen was at loss; he couldn’t change Xuan Mo’s mind either, and so, he could only watch as the taxi drove off.

Yuan Ying Xi appeared to be quite worried: “Will she be alright on her own?”

Lu Yu Chen had no idea how to reply to this persistent girl. He ended up sighing before running forward to catch up with the rest of them. 

When Xuan Mo returned to her dorm, her entire being smelt of the oiliness of BBQ. She couldn’t stand the smell. After today, she decided that she was never going to step into a BBQ place again. After showering, she got on her bed, and while she was at it, she placed some mental energy to survey the Golden Stone building area. 

Shortly after the lights went out, a call suddenly came in. It was an unfamiliar voice: “Are you Miss Xuan Mo?” 


“Is your brother Lu Yu Chen?”

Xuan Mo got up. When she noticed that her dorm mates were awake too, and had their ears perked, she didn’t bother keeping her voice low when she replied: “Yes, did something happen?”

“He was attacked on his way back to school, he’s in the Second People’s Hospital right now, the situation’s a little thorny, we need his family member’s signature to proceed with the surgery, we’ll need to trouble you to come down. Do bring along some cash, just in case.”

“Is there anyone there, you can proceed with the surgery, I authorise the accompanying person to sign on my behalf.”

“We are currently preparing for the surgery, it will begin in half an hour. We understand that you are currently in NDU, you should be able to reach the hospital in 10 minutes if you get a taxi.”

“But I can’t get any taxis now.”

“…then please try to make your way over as quickly as possible, try to reach before the surgery begins, if not we will need to settle with another emergency measure.”

“Okay.” Xuan Mo hung up and dialled for Zhao Jing Lei. The call rang for a moment before it was picked up: “Xuan Mo, what is it again, why are you always calling me in the middle of the night?”

“Send me to the Second People’s Hospital.”

“Did something happen?”

“Nothing to do with you.”

“…I’m downstairs now, I’ll pick you up.”

When they arrived at the Second People’s Hospital, Xuan Mo frowned.

She’d sensed a very familiar aura; the owner of the aura was the same person that had wounded her last night.

She immediately spread her mental net all around the area; she felt that the owner of the aura had been forced into a corner by her presence. Though the latter was shivering from her mental net, it was still trying to resist.

To think that it still had the guts to counter her mental net?! She will sort it out in a moment! Xuan Mo gave a cold smile before she rushed into the emergency room. After asking the doctor about Lu Yu Chen’s situation, she was told that he was in a relatively stable condition; it wasn’t too bad an injury. At that, she signed the papers, paid the money and walked over to the emergency room to check out the situation. Only Yuan Ying Xi was outside the emergency room. When she saw Xuan Mo, she stretched out her hands, as though she was leaning over for a hug. Xuan Mo ignored her gesture and asked instead: “What happened.”

Yuan Ying Xi froze. When she noticed that Xuan Mo was not a single bit in panic, nor was she in a fragile state, Yuan Ying Xi could only proceed to stutter out what exactly had happened. There weren’t many details to begin with though — the two of them didn’t manage to catch up with the rest, and were walking in the dark. Lu Yu Chen suddenly shouted in the dark to ask who’s there, and dashed into the green belt that had been planted with trees. Afterwards, she didn’t hear anything further, so she gingerly inched over to see what had happened, only to find Lu Yu Chen lying on the ground…

“I didn’t bring any money, I wasn’t his relative and I couldn’t contact our tutor either, I… sob…” Xuan Mo was completely fine, but Yuan Ying Xi’s eyes reddened as she spoke. 

“Okay, I got it.” Xuan Mo turned around. Zhao Jing Lei got up with a yawn: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the police look into this properly, we’ll definitely not let the culprit run loose… what exactly is happening these days, your brother witnessed a robbery last night, and was assaulted today…” His eyes suddenly widened, “unless your brother saw something he wasn’t supposed to see?! But that can’t be it though, it’s just a set of clothes and a car wasn’t it.”

Exactly, just a set of clothes and a car wasn’t it, but that exactly was the things that he wasn’t supposed to have seen. Xuan Mo told Yuan Ying Xi that she’d be staying at the hospital overnight, and told Zhao Jing Lei and Yuan Ying Xi to head back to school. The two were a little worried but they weren’t needed nor did they have any say to stay behind, so they left reluctantly. Xuan Mo sat for a while. After she confirmed that the two had made their way off, and the people within the hospital were mostly resting, she got up and walked down the hallway.

She followed the aura that she had sensed before she reached a hospital room; it was a very cold room. The ghastly pale room fell into her sight when Xuan Mo opened the door. 

Of all places to hide, it had to choose the morgue.

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