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T/N: heads up/trigger warning, this chap might be a lil unfriendly…

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When the prison officer saw that she came out on her own, he asked: “You want more time?”

Ai Bei didn’t speak. She pulled a cigarette and handed over to him. Her actions were particularly awkward; anyone could tell that she was a well-sheltered flower, and this wasn’t something she was used to doing.

The cigarette the youth held out in his milky-white hand made him out to appear all the more fair. 

The prison officer’s hand stretched a little more forward than necessary. He completely covered the youth’s hand before he slowly, caressingly took the cigarette from his grip. “Well, we’ll have to see if you know what to do or not then.”

Within the room, on the scorching gold screen against the red-blue console, a burly male character was fighting an innocent, lively little girl. As #2 clicked the buttons, the skills of his character were casted. Every move was a solid blow; he could almost hear the bones of his opponent cracking. Fighting games were always adrenaline-rushing and exhilarating. 

His movements increased in speed; at the same time, the excessive, immuned actions also increased in frequency. As a result, in health bar of the little girl character he was maneuvering dropped rapidly.

The game scenes were speeding up, but the thoughts running through his mind were slowing down.

The game filled the entire screen of the console. Even though there was no indication of the duration, #2 could still somehow feel the passage of time. Every movement of the character felt unrealistically long, as though the game was a stop-motion video. 

He knew that this prison officer batted for the other team, so he deliberately sent #5 out to buy him more time, but #5 was still a girl at the end of the day…

He couldn’t help up look up. It was only then did he suddenly realise the piece of band-aid sitting silently on the table. The colour was too similar to the table, he didn’t notice it earlier.

When did she leave it there…

Goddamnit, why was she so nosy?! He didn’t give any orders like this. 

When a rough hand made its disgusting way into her hoodie, Ai Bei counted down mentally, 10, 9, 8, 7…

A rhythmatic battle coupled with a hysterical male voice screaming the lyrics, the thunderous and fiery music suddenly sounded, exploding in the room. 

“Apologies.” #2 seemed to have unplugged the earpiece to his console. Against the backdrop of the victorious music of the closing scene played out loud, he leisurely stood, his gaze flitting in the prison officer’s direction, “I’m done.”

She started counting too early. 

She paused for a moment, before she continued counting away with her fingers happily, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

And finished it off by humming a happy tune to herself. 


#2 didn’t contact Ai Bei for the next two days. 

Frankly speaking, this was none of his business. ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 06 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

#4 was the one that gave #5 the male character, #4 was also the one set her the mission. #4 was doing all this to irk and disgust him, and probably hoped for a dog-eat-dog situation where they’d finish each other off (except that he definitely didn’t identify as a dog). Indeed, #4 managed to get to him, but if he were to vent it all on #5, wouldn’t that be right up #4’s intentions? 

And so, he changed his mind and decided to reign himself in for the remaining few days. He shall “generously” gift the five points to #5. 

The ventilation in the prison was poor; as a result the place was dirty and stinky. The newer inmates would get the spot near the toilets. He held his breath as he folded his blanket into a neat tofu shape. When he walked to the side, he accidentally stepped on their cell “head”’s shoes. Immediately, a hard shove from behind sent him down on his knees. The person yelled at him to lick the shoes he stepped on clean. 

His rejection elicited a round of beating from the other inmates. 

“What are you fighting about, stop!” The prison officer that suddenly appeared pointed at the inmates in warning. “Behave yourselves.” 

The inmates looked down, each of them faking obedience. 

The prison officer pointed at #2, “you, come out.”

The prison officer was the same officer that took him to the visiting room. The zones he was in charge of included his cell. The officer brought him to a quiet corner, “don’t say I didn’t take care of you, look at you and your stubborn temper, if it weren’t for me, they’ll finish your off one day at the rate this is going.” 

He looked at the prison officer coldly for a moment, “disgusting much.”

“What did you say? Say it again.”


The prison officer rubbed his fingers, as though in reminiscence: “the guy that came looking for you, why don’t you introduce him to me? Both of you have quite the character indeed…”

Before the prison officer finished his disgusting intentions, #2 spat on his unscrupulous face. 

“You rascal!”

The prison officer flew into rage and slammed his baton at #2’s stomach. #2 choked a cough. The sharp agony at his abdomen robbed him of his ability to reciprocate the pain. After enduring the merciless beatings from earlier, and weak from the lack of food intake, he could only watch himself feebly pressed against the wall by the scumbag before him. 

His shirt buttons were being undone. The tight fitting overalls he had on was a convenient attire for his work. If the officer wanted to remove it, he’d have to get it off from the top; he’ll be having a hell of a time trying to get it off. 

But the fact that there was an audience outside witnessing all this. Goddamnit. 

His consciousness was blurring. 

He seemed to have spotted a clean, handsome and fair face in the far distance. Donned in the same blue and white stripped prison uniform, she walked towards him. 

Even though she was currently in a male body, she seemed to have no intentions of adapting to her new gender. Her mannerism and way of speaking remained feminine and gentle, as though a fragile, easily bullied little white rabbit. It was probably this peculiar contrast that caught the attention and interest of the prison officer. Before she appeared, the prison officer would at most limit his teasing to verbal comments only. He’d never gotten this touchy before. #2 suspected that this was a result of the prison officer’s pent up sexual frustration; and he conveniently became a substitute medium.  

No matter how he looked at the situation, it was revolting. 

Suddenly, the little white rabbit before him suddenly pulled the prison officer off of him. With the standard white towels used in prison, she wrapped it around the officer’s neck and yanked it with all her might! 

The heavy force hammering down on him immediately disappeared. As he relaxed, he heard her saying: “thank goodness I came in.”  

He’d thought he was just hearing things. When his gaze landed on the prison officer’s reddened face, it finally occurred to him that something was off. The prison officer was slapping her hand clenching the towel with as much effort as he had left, but to no avail. 

#2 inhaled a gulp of cold air, “you…”

“You can always order me… to kill him now.”

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