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Post-surgery, prof Lin could get off the bed on the third day and walk slowly on the fifth day. Prof Lin’s recovering pretty quickly. We, too, gradually got closer to doctor Gu along the way. When he bumped into us in the corridors, he’d even joke with prof Lin: “

Eighth day after the surgery, prof Lin could manage walking straight without us having to help him with it. When we were strolling, we passed by the entrance to the doctor’s office. At that, he tugged my hand: “Quick, look.”

My heart skipped a beat: “Prof Lin didn’t figure it out did he…” Ridden with guilt, I slid a glance at the office; there was a youth in white coat seated at doctor Gu’s seat.

Prof Lin: “See that young man there? He’s quite the handsome chap.”

How is it that even your hobbies changed after falling ill? I mentally remarked to myself; and to the point where you’re even bringing your daughter over to his door to admire how handsome he was. He couldn’t have been influenced by all the middle-aged women around him could he… I glanced over again, fair skin, strong and rigid facial structure, spectacles. I concluded succinctly: “He’s average.” After which, I held prof Lin, ready to leave.

Prof Lin became stern all of a sudden: “He’s as handsome as an actor.”

Give it a break, you can’t even differentiate between Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Sean Lau, your conclusion ain’t gonna stand.

Without a word, I transported him away: “You’re really blowing it out of proportions really, he’s really just average.”

Prof Lin was persistent: “He’s really very handsome.”

An arm around him, I held him as we continued strolling: “Not as handsome as doctor Gu.”

After nearing the lift, we u-turned to stroll back the route we’ve taken.

Prof Lin began his rebuke: “Doctor Gu is cheerful and bright, but this chap’s features are stronger.”

Me: “We’re not talking about a bunch of wooden blocks here.”

Prof Lin: “He’s younger than prof Lin.”

Me: “Prof Gu studied for three more years. You need to have some solid skills nowadays.”

Prof Lin: “The chap’s really not bad.”

Me: “Doctor Gu’s better!”

After I asserted resolutely, a nurse that walked past us shot me a strange look. My heart skipped a beat, and I whipped around — doctor Gu was one metre away from us, smiling. It was rare to see him without a white coat. This time, he had instead a black down coat on, a grey cashmere sweater, casual pants, running shoes, and a backpack; he looked young enough to be a university student.

I’d really wanted to wilt away right there and then…

Doctor Gu was very calm and collected: “Prof Lin, you’re very energetic today, how’s the wound?”

Prof Lin: “I slept well last night. The wound still hurts a little.” ♢ THE OATH OF LOVE, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Doctor Gu: “I’ll come and check on your wound in a bit. If it’s recovering well, we should be able to remove the drainage tube.” After saying that, he nodded and smiled before entering the office.

Throughout their entire conversation, my gaze was drifting while faking my calm.

Prof Lin: “Enh, doctor Gu’s not bad.”

Who was the one that said he was too old? I complained to myself. It’s the white coat that makes people look older to make doctors out to look more reliable.


I held the boiler as I left the water room. When I passed the doctor’s office, the door was open. For some reason, I glanced in. Doctor Gu’s back was facing me; he was keying something in his computer. His fingers were long and clear, his movements sleek and quick.

I’d always figured that doctor Gu had a slight slouch because he was lanky, and the nature of his work required him to bend and look down. But that didn’t at all affect his tall and firm temperament. His newly trimmed hair made his neck out to be long and elegant.

And just like that, I bit into the apple in my hand as I admired his beauty… Probably because the crisp sound of me biting into the Fuji red apple was too loud, he turned around. And so, being caught in the act, I froze.

I have this one special trait — no matter how colourful my inner thoughts were, it won’t affect my exterior calm. I’m but one of the passing people in the corridor walking by, he won’t think too much into this, I convinced myself as I raised my leg, deciding to continue walking as though nothing happened.

The seated doctor Gu smiled as he looked at him. And so, I froze where I was, ruining the opportunity to continue forward as though I’m simply a passer-by. His smile lifted not only his lips, even his gaze was tinged with amusement. His charming lips moved: “Apple.”

I fled. Was it because I looked really dumb chewing an apple? Or did he recall the time I wanted to give him a half-shaved apple?

I contemplated for a long time before giving up on figuring this out, deciding that apples should only be eaten at the balcony in the future. Who knows what other foolish and silly incidents eating an apple could get me into in the future…


Doc’s notes: I saw you when you went out to get water. This is a hospital, how is it that you guys are strolling around like this is your backyard? And, exactly how many apples do you eat in a day?

(I swear I really don’t eat that many apples, it’s just that whenever I’m eating one I’ll bump into you…)



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