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On the fourth day after the surgery, prof Lin had gained consciousness in the morning, and he’s much more awake than before. There were lots of doctors that came in to check on him.

Director A: “How’s he feeling today?”

Me: “Other than feeling bloated and a little pain, he’s doing pretty ok.” ♢ THE OATH OF LOVE, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The director checked the wound on his stomach: “It’s normal to feel bloated, it should go down soon. When it’s down, he can start drinking water.”

The director looked up and smiled at us: “He’s recovering well, you two, good work.”

When he said that, the tall and skinny doctor beside the director raised his head and smiled at me.

I don’t know how to describe his eyes; they’re bright and warm. It had me recalling this poem I saw a long time ago, “beautiful, she was walking in the light and shadows, as though a cloudless night sky, starry and brilliant”, the imagery was so spacious and peaceful you might just accidentally fall into it.

I was dazed for split seconds. I checked his name badge— Gu Wei. He was the doctor in charge of prof Lin.

Since young, I grew up immersed among prof Lin and a bunch of other handsome guys, so my self-proclaimed immunity towards good-looking guys was much higher than the average person. Despite so, I still couldn’t help but sigh mentally; his eyes were enough to make someone commit a crime for him.


Fifth day post-surgery after breakfast, my mom came and switched with me so I could get some rest. I walked out of the room with a knife and an apple, leaning against the railing as I shaved the apple skin.

I preferred shaving the skin to eating the apple itself. You need to constantly adjust the knife angle when you shave it; it’s incredibly therapeutic to watch the apple skin come off in a perfect circle.

Halfway through, I raised my head and bless me, Doctor Gu was standing five metres away, walking towards me. The frame of his shoulders were thin; he walked like a cat, soundless.

I lifted my wrist, wanting to quickly complete what I had on my hands. In my anxiety however, the apple skin broke off… Only god knows how shocked my expression had been then. He walked over and paused before me. When he gaze floated between the apple skin on the ground and me, his lips minced into a polite smile: “You’re shaving an apple?”

Doc, you’re really polite…

I was once again blinded by his beautiful, glinting eyes. Suddenly, I stretched out my hand holding the apple on an impulse: “Wanna eat?”

He laughed: “No, it’s okay, thanks, I’m still doing room checks.”

By the time his white long coat disappeared around the corridor, I realised the apple I’d tried to give him was still only half-shaved…

9:30am, the door to the room was pushed open. A person donned in green surgery scrubs, outfitted in the scrub cap and mask entered. I facepalmed. He was so far away, but from his figure, the way he walked, and my sixth sense, I could still easily tell that he was the guy that I’ve barely interacted with in the past handful of days. What did this mean?

Doctor Gu looked at the sound asleep prof Lin and walked over to me. He handed me a file and spoke softly: “There’s going to be some changes to the liquid in your dad’s drip from today onwards, take a look.”

The medical plan and its effects were indicated on the documents. I looked through, checked that everything was in order before signing it. Standing, doctor Gu looked down at me. Only his eyes weren’t covered by the scrubs. And so, when I looked up, I fell into his gaze — my mind blanked; it’d felt as though I’d fallen into a huge, drifting bubble.

He blinked, and I immediately returned myself back to Earth and handed the file back to him: “Thanks.”

“Welcome.” He kept the file and left. After taking a few steps, he turned back, “you should rest when he’s asleep.”

After doctor Gu left, I looked at prof Lin in misery. Would he think I was too shy and reserved?


Six days after the surgery, prof Lin could start drinking porridge. He’s gotten past the hardest few days so he’s particularly energetic now.

When doctor Gu came in to check on him, I was sitting at the end of the bed massaging prof Lin’s Zusanli acupuncture.

Doctor Gu: “How’s your appetite today? Any gastric discomfort?”

Prof Lin: “Feels bloated.”

Doctor Gu: “That’s normal. If you don’t vomit or feel any nausea, you can increase your porridge intake tomorrow. Keep it light, don’t add too much all in one go, increase the portion gradually.”

He stood barely 30cm away from me. In my dilemma of wanting him to stay there longer and wanting him to move farther away from me, my neck started heating up.

Doctor Gu’s smile remained on his face. He turned to prof Lin: “Just curious, you don’t do housework at home often do you?”

My mom and I hummed in reply on reflex.

Prof Lin’s face almost fell from embarrassment: “I do, I do.” ♢ THE OATH OF LOVE, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Mom: “He cooks occasionally.”

Doctor Gu’s smile widened, showing his pearly whites: “Let me guess, your wife prepares the ingredients while you are in charge of cooking?”

How in the world did he know! In that instant, I’d almost wanted him to accept my knees in admiration. Other than the daily interaction during room checks that didn’t even exceed five minutes, he’s only taken Prof Lin’s for a single surgery. And so, I couldn’t help but add on impulse: “Do doctors learn investigations and reasoning nowadays too…”

I regretted it immediately after. The doctor laughed, my mom laughed too. I glanced at him awkwardly; his jawline was really friggin’ beautiful.

Doctor Gu left. After a while—

Mom: “Look at that foolish smile on your face, what are you laughing about?”

Me: “Ah? Ah… aye, even the doc could tell we spoil prof Lin too much, hahaha.”

Doc’s notes: I’d really felt that they spoilt him too much. I remember I’d been exhausted one particular day, I had four surgeries consecutively, and this crossed my mind — it’d be great if I had someone to spoil me like that too.



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