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“Hey, Sister Ying Xi did so much for you, don’t tell me you didn’t see it?”

“Ye Zhen Zhen! If you’re gonna continue talking about this, you can head back now!” Lu Yu Chen was very unhappy, and grumbled at the guy behind Ye Zhen Zhen too: “Xiao Wu! What’s with that look!?”

Whispers sounded around them again. Ye Zhen Zhen felt very awkward after being called out like that in front of everyone. Her boyfriend pulled her to the end of the train of people as she pouted. Despite this, they could still faintly hear her complaints to her boyfriend from the back. 

The lot of them took the bus to the central area in the city. It was a weekend so the noisy bus was packed with students heading out to the city area to play. The buzz on the bus however also made the silent girl in military uniform particularly conspicuous. Speaking of uniforms, other than the uniform that the honour guards had, everything else, regardless of department and team, were all rather tragic. Colour aside, it was also very different from the military uniforms from the West. The military uniform for females especially were incredibly unflattering, the females that wore them also appeared much older than they were — so the so-called idea of uniform temptation and whatnot were all nonsense. 

(Especially the latest version of military uniform, really, the uncles wearing ‘em be lookin’ like postman from a decade ago…)

Ye Zhen Zhen and her company of female friends met a few more of their other friends on the bus. From their conversations, Xuan Mo learnt that the girls were from the arts academy beside the police academy. In the blue planet beings’ perspective, Ye Zhen Zhen was considered rather pretty; Xuan Mo also inferred from their conversation that Lu Yu Chen as well as the other guys were also the cream of the crop in their batch in terms of appearances. Xuan Mo herself however honestly wasn’t seeing it.

Lu Yu Chen had wanted to bring Xuan Mo out to see the attractions, and so, they headed over to the shopping districts nearby these attractions first. The shops situated in these areas were known to be expensive, and not all of the people that joined today were financially well-off enough to afford the things sold here. And so, when Lu Yu Chen brought Xuan Mo over, most of them felt rather out of place. 

“Brother Yu, I’ve never seen you shop at places like these before… Does your sis like things like these?” Ah Ka was close to Lu Yu Chen, and so he spoke his mind without qualms in lowered voices. 

Lu Yu Chen glanced at him and gestured at Xuan Mo with his chin: “What d’you think?”

When he saw how serious and unsmiling Xuan Mo was in her military uniform, Ah Ka shook his head in confidence: “Then why did you…”

“Why, I’m paying to get my sis new clothes, you have a problem with that?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 140 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

“No no no… it’s your money!” Ah Ka minced his lips and walked away to chat with the rest of the people. 

Girls in general were natural shoppers, and the prices were definitely not stopping them from admiring these beautiful items. And so, their arrangement flipped around very quickly — Lu Yu Chen ended up leading the team of girls, while Xuan Mo and the remaining boys tailed behind. 

Lu Yu Chen was buying clothes for his sis, that was sufficient reason for him to channel all his energy into going on a shopping spree. 

Xuan Mo’s figure was perfect enough to set the standard. While she didn’t agree to trying on the clothes, the rest of them were already able to imagine out how it’d look on her without her having to try it on. And so, with the bunch of girls chattering away while they gave suggestions, the guys behind them soon were handed multiple shopping bags to carry. While all of the clothes bought were Xuan Mo’s, they were bought with their girlfriend’s hopes and dreams. This had the lot of them rather depressed, because it would seem that they wouldn’t be able to fulfill their girlfriend’s shopping appetite at least within the next ten years. 

“Look, in front! Who’s that?!” Suddenly a scream shouted, and a few of them walked over. When they rounded the corner, their vision opened up to see the top floor of the building. There were lots of people dressed formally, with a red carpet running down the centre. Seems like there was a news conference or press launch of sorts happening, and the person standing on the stage seemed oddly familiar. 

“Yea! You’re right, that is Chen Ming Xuan!” Ye Zhen Zhen shrieked in delight, “can’t believe I got to see him again after he left the acting scene! Ahhh, he’s even more handsome now that he’s a businessman!” 

While her boyfriend didn’t like her over-enthusiasm at the appearance of another guy, he had to admit that Chen Ming Xuan was really born gifted, the latter did well in everything. He looked at the banner, this was a press conference where Chen Ming Xuan announced his inheriting of the Infinite Liquor company. The very fact that they could hold it in such a location told him that their brand itself carried quite a status. 

Xuan Mo glanced at the commotion before turning her attention elsewhere. When she saw the amount of things that Lu Yu Chen had gotten with the help of the girls and their valiant shopping abilities, she suddenly felt an oncoming headache. At that, she urged: “That’s enough, let’s go.” 

The guys happily agreed; the girls on the other hand didn’t. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this wildly popular actor this close up; not only so, they weren’t blocked by other screaming fans or disruptive paparazzi, so there was no way they were letting this opportunity slip by. And so, the lot of them dashed forward, making their way over to surround the people in formal attire from the outside. 

The conference was an open event. Other than those that were invited, there were a lot of other onlookers gathering over to check it out, and so, the girls that went over earlier were not barred from nearing them. 

The conference itself was rather dry, and was mostly about alcohol tasting, selling, as well as the various introductions and performances. Only the girls were enjoying this with fluttering hearts, the guys and Xuan Mo were incredibly bored. 

Suddenly, Lu Yu Chen froze. He tugged Xuan Mo, asking: “There, look, isn’t that our… my dad?”

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Translator’s Note:

to refresh your memory – Chen Ming Xuan appeared in Chapter 22: Autograph

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