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Ever since his hiccup the other day, that douchebag’s harassment increased in frenziness. Xia Xiao Kui didn’t realise that Lu Xi was this talented either. All he did was pitter patter away at her keyboard before he cleared her computer of the virus. Lu Xi became her firewall. As for Luo Qian however…

Xia Xiao Kui’s smile drooped as she dropped her head: “‘Don’t like her at all’, can he be any more scathing… how do I even look at Luo Qian now…”

“You don’t dare to talk to her because you’re scared that she would ignore you?” Lu Xi continued, “you don’t look at the mirror because you think your form is too ugly, but the more you avoid it, the more you’re unable to improve, that’s why your positions look strange all the time. Similarly, you can’t change anything if you keep avoiding the situation.”

He turned to look at Xia Xiao Kui in the eye: “Find a time to talk things through with her, tell her that you didn’t do anything wrong to her. I’m sure the many years of friendship between the two of you is solid enough to take this, and you guys can get over this.”

Xia Xiao Kui felt like crying: “Sob sob! Lu Xi! My sis, you’re such a good aunt agony!”

As she spoke, she tugged at his sleeves jokingly. Suddenly, he caught her wrist, holding it up. 

“Do you not realise…” His head tilted back, his grip tightening, “that I’m a guy too.”

After that day, while Lu Xi went on with life as usual, Xia Xiao Kui could no longer see him the same way as she did previously. 

While his voice was gentle, but it was a masculine husky. He was also very tall, she had to look up to see his face clearly. His sleeves were always rolled upwards; his pale arms were tight and ripped with muscles. Whenever he drank something, his Adam’s apple would bob slightly… all these were things that she’d never noticed before. 

Xia Xiao Kui covered her mouth. Her face boiling, she could feel her heart skipping a beat within her chest. 

— Do you not realise that I’m a guy too.

Just as a tiny seedling budded in Xia Xiao Kui’s heart, the heavens above decided it was a great idea to wreck a heavy thunderstorm. 

One day, Xia Xiao Kui saw Lu Xi staring at his phone. Though he locked it very quickly, she still caught a glimpse of the girl with wavy brown locks in the picture.

Her heart heavy, she couldn’t help but ask in a strange tone: “Hoh, why do you have Luo Qian’s picture on your phone, you have a crush on her?”

She’d found out a while ago that Lu Xi and Luo Qian’s family knew each other, so the two of them knew each other since young. When Lu Xi heard her question, his face flushed, and he stuttered, not knowing how to reply. 

Xia Xiao Kui pulled a happy smile: “C’mon, what’s there to hide, we’re close friends aren’t we, I’ll help you.”

As if! Quick, deny it!

Lu Xi’s face reddened even further. He glared at her, his voice peaking: “None, none of your business!” 

Xia Xiao Kui had never seen him this fierce before. The smile on her face froze, not knowing how to reply to him to get herself out of this awkward topic. What’s wrong with him, did he need to be this embarrassed and defensive just because she guessed it correctly? Disappointment, as though an ocean, crashed into her in successive waves. 

Life was really a cliche soap opera, connecting those that were completely unrelated to each other together. Luo Qian liked Shen Yi Jie, Shen Yi Jie liked Xia Xiao Kui, and now, there was a new addition to this chain: Lu Xi liked Luo Qian.

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