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After finding out Lu Xi’s secret crush, Xia Xiao Kui’s feelings for him became even more complicated. Sometimes, her heart would thunder away, sometimes, it would clench tightly. 

In the international campus event, Xia Xiao Kui having volunteered herself, had to cycle and video the track and field section at the same time. During the event, she accidentally crashed into a tree and fell off her bike in a frenzy. Lu Xi immediately ran over to help and piggy-backed her all the way to the school clinic. Unexpectedly, Luo Qian as another event volunteer member also rushed over. 

Xia Xiao Kui fell asleep on the clinic bed. When Lu Xi saw Luo Qian’s anxiety, he said lightly: “I know what happened between you two, Xiao Kui really wanted to mend the friendship with you.”

Luo Qian froze. She replied after a long while of silence. She didn’t believe that Xia Xiao Kui was someone who would do something like that either. It’s just that the mental blow from the rejection had been too heavy for her to handle at that time. On top of that was the rumour that had spread like wildfire. She didn’t manage to come to ends with her mix of sadness and shame, so she had no idea how to face Xia Xiao Kui. 

“I’m such a coward!” The girl with brown locks lowered her head. Both her fists clenching, her eyes glistened, “as compared to a single-sided crush on a guy, Xiao Kui is much more important to me!” 

Xia Xiao Kui that had been faking sleep all this while leapt up and hugged Luo Qian with tearing eyes: “Xiao Qian, you’re finally talking to me… you’re very important to me too!” 

When he saw Luo Qian trying her hardest trying to push Xia Xiao Kui’s head aside, exasperated by the latter’s enthusiasm, Lu Xi couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. 

There are things that will never change if you don’t take the first step to face it. He made a decision in his heart.

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