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What Xia Xiao Kui didn’t tell Lu Xi was that, the reason why Luo Qian wouldn’t accept her explanation was because everyone in their computing course found out that Shen Yi Jie actually liked her instead. He wasn’t using her as an excuse, neither did he seem to be joking around. The day after Shen Yi Jie rejected Luo Qian, this computing genius began his chase for Xia Xiao Kui, and it was wild and bombarding in every possible manner. Not only so, he had a strong web of connections, and had bought over quite a number of students out to help him out. Things like “drawbridge effect” and “isolation principle” were just some of the theories that he applied in his chase for her, and he was completely engrossed in doing so. 

As Xia Xiao Kui was really too average and mundane when compared to Luo Qian, the female students were particularly indignant at the situation. 

“Xia Xiao Kui, quite shameless aren’t you, didn’t you know that Luo Qian liked Shen Yi Jie?”

“It takes two to clap, if you didn’t try to catch his attention, why would he like you on his own?”

Xia Xiao Kui had no way of proving herself otherwise against all these scorching remarks. She blocked Shen Yi Jie’s number, text, took an alternative route whenever she saw him, and muttered “I like buff guys” all day long to herself. 

She did everything she could, but still…

She pulled an all-nighter with Lu Xi. With heavy eye bags, she headed off to submit the competition fixtures and floor plan. Her team leader was more shocked than he was happy. He told her that he’d received an email from her yesterday saying that she didn’t have time to do these up, so he’d already sent someone else to do these up.

“Then, the one I did up… are we still using it?”

“No it’s fine, sorry about this.”

Xia Xiao Kui’s knees buckled, almost fainting. When Lu Xi rushed over, she was sitting by the plants counting the ants on the ground with a dark face. Her brows were scrunched up: “My email was hacked too…”

Lu Xi frowned: “Again? This is too much, you need to find out who’s behind all this.”

Her computer infected, her email hacked, her school cards frozen… evidently the culprit was someone very good with computers. 

“I know who it is…”

Just as Lu Xi was about to ask her who it was, a lazy voice sound from behind: “I knew you would understand my feelings!” Xia Xiao Kui stood up with a whoosh, her face pale. 

“Shen Yi Jie! Do you know how much I want to press your head into the toilet whenever I see you? You infected my computer, and even changed my desktop background to a picture of yourself!” Xia Xiao Kui was burning with rage as she pointed at him with a trembling finger, “can you get any bit more disgusting?”

Lu Xi turned around and saw a cheerful looking boy. Hands in his pockets, he seemed frivolous and flippant. The more angry Xia Xiao Kui was, the larger the smile on his face grew. 

“Because of what you said, Luo Qian’s not talking to me anymore!”

Shen Yi Jie shrugged, his expression innocent: “But I didn’t like her at all, you’re the one I like.”

Xia Xiao Kui was so furious she stomped her foot: “Shen Yi Jie, can’t you be a little bit more considerate?!” 

“Don’t be so agitated.” He raised a brow, nonchalant, his voice dragging, “love is selfish after all.”

Before Xia Xiao Kui could rebuke, she caught a hasty figure turning away at the corner of her eyes: “Xiao Qian!” 

Oh goodness! She definitely overheard them! She shouted and chased after Luo Qian. Shen Yi Jie tried to catch up with Xia Xiao Kui too, but Lu Xi’s raised arm blocked his way. 

Shen Yi Jie said in impatience: “Move it! Don’t block my way!”

“There are a lot of other emotions in this world that are much more important than your so-called ‘selfish love’.” Lu Xi looked at him coldly, his chilly expression a far throw from his usual gentleness, “what’s the point of having a brain if you’re just going to spit out everything you want to say before thinking it through?”

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