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After that day, they’d meet every week at the yoga class. The two of them gradually grew to know each other. Xia Xiao Kui realised that Lu Xi blushed very easily, especially when he accidentally came into physical contact with girls. 

Soon, the school sports cup started. Xia Xiao Kui was in charge of the safety and equipment loan and liaison for the basketball competition. Her computer got strangely infected with a virus. The fact that it was an active virus that attacked the router stirred unhappiness among her dormmates. As such, she could only head to the sports office to use the computers there and burn the midnight oil to finish up the work. 

Unexpectedly, she bump into Lu Xi who was staying up to rush out a poster too. 

Past midnight, Xia Xiao Kui couldn’t help but recall what Lu Xi told her, the reason to Luo Qian’s distancing. 

Shen Yi Jie, Xia Xiao Kui and Luo Qian were friends in the same high school. Luo Qian had feelings for Shen Yi Jie for a long time now. When she heard that all of them got into the same university, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep for the entire night. 

Luo Qian liked Shen Yi Jie to the point it had even Xia Xiao Kui irked. One day when Luo Qian had been overcome and consumed by her own feelings for him, she couldn’t help but want to confess her feelings for him. Very often, reality wasn’t too far away from the eight o’clock cliche soap operas. When Luo Qian, the acknowledged prettiest girl in their course, made a public confession to him, the boy that she was confessing to however pointed at her best friend beside her, saying: “Sorry, but the person I actually like is her.”

Topping the gazes of the spectating students, the innocent bystander Xia Xiao Kui was dumbfounded, her mouth hanging open. 

After hearing about her past with Luo Qian, Lu Xi asked: “Then do you like Shen Yi Jie?”

Xia Xiao Kui jumped from her seat, as though a cat whose tail got stomped on: “How is that possible? I like tall and well-built guys!” She waved her hand in disdain, “I’m not interested in that lanky bamboo at all!” 

Lu Xi lowered his head, staring at the ground, at loss for a moment. He only spoke after a pause: “Since it’s a misunderstanding, it should be fine as long as you explain yourself.” He licked his dry lips, his voice nervous, “Luo Qian… Luo Qian doesn’t seem like someone who’s hard to talk to.”

Just as Xia Xiao Kui was about to shake her head, she suddenly realised something: “Enh? You know her?”

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