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The sound of gunshot was something Xuan Mo found incredibly familiar. The sound of a real gunshot, while very similar to those played in movies, was still a little different.

Her classmates stood in suspicion, not too sure whether to believe her or not. They turned to look in the direction she was gazing at, but they didn’t see anything other than the dense greenery in the forest. There was no subsequent gunshot sound after the first either. When nothing else happened after waiting around for a while, Li Chan exhaled: “Seems like nothing happened. Even if something did, the instructors in the area would check in on them, let’s… let’s not stay here, we should hurry.”

She was rushing them anxiously. The gunshot sound from earlier really did sounded from right behind them; it’d be difficult even if she wanted to remain calm.

“Enh, let’s go let’s go.” The girls stood up one by one as well.

Li chan turned back, noticing that Xuan Mo was still looking in the same direction. Her expression was bland, as though she was waiting for something to happen. Despite seeming expressionless, she could feel the grim atmosphere around her. Li Chan felt a little nervous at that: “Xuan Mo? We should go.”

Xuan Mo didn’t reply her however. She held the gun in one upside down, as though she was holding an axe. A moment later, she reached her hand out and asked the girl beside her: “Pass me your gun.”

“Ah?” That girl was rubbing her shoulders that were hurting from the gun strap. When she heard what Xuan Mo said, she paused, replying, “no it’s okay, I can manage.”

“Pass it to me.” Xuan Mo frowned.

“Okay then.” She took her gun off her shoulders and handed it to Xuan Mo. The latter grabbed it with her other hand, holding it upside down as well.

The gun wasn’t light to begin with. Now that she was holding each gun with only one hand, it would feel even heavier. Armed with two guns, Xuan Mo looked as though she was heading off to a street fight.

“Xuan Mo, let’s go!” Li Chan hurried her, a little unhappy.

Xuan Mo looked at her watch, saying: “You guys head off first, I’ll catch up.”

“That sound earlier, it’s none of our business, who knows maybe nothing happened. If you don’t catch up, you’ll drag the score of our entire class down.”

Xuan Mo seemed to smile: “You’re concerned about me dragging you guys down? What happened earlier when you guys were strolling?”

Li Chan sent her a glare: “That’s why we need to speed up now!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 135 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo shook her hand and walked into the forest on her own: “I run fifteen rounds a day.”

Li Chan didn’t know how to rebuke that. And so, she led the rest of them down the proper route. Still unsure and worried, she turned back to remind her after walking a few steps: “Be careful, remember to head back if you find yourself too far into the forest… we, we won’t be running very quickly, so remember to catch up, enh… it’s fine if you can’t catch up either, no pressure.”

Xuan Mo seemed to have heard her and gave a hum of acknowledgement in reply before she walked off into the forest.

“Li Chan, nothing will happen to her right?” One of the girls asked her.

“It should safe, she might bump into one of the instructors actually, walking off like that, I bet it was one of the instructors that accidentally fired.”

“We should have stopped her.”

“Look at her, do you think you can stop her? Let’s go, I think she’ll be able to catch up no matter how fast we are, she is really fit; it’s probably been frustrating slowing down to match us.”

“…” At that, the girls didn’t continue speaking, and instead channelled their energy to running.

There was no signal on the mountain, even if there was, the students didn’t bring their phones either; only the leader of each company was given a smoke signal to call for help in case of emergency.

Li Chan didn’t believe that Xuan Mo would get hurt wandering off like that. There was a company of students taking the B route who even had to scale the hill, but all of them returned unscathed.

With that thought in mind, she felt more relieved. In fact, if Xuan Mo didn’t manage to catch up and ended up coming in as the last, their score won’t be as embarrassing as compared to if she didn’t.

Xuan Mo slowly walked into the forest. It was more dim inside, only the sunlight that filtered through the forest fell on her in splays. It was very quiet. Though the gunshot sounded quite a distance away, it still scared off a number of birds and animals.

She was very certain that it was a gun — not just because she heard it, but also because she managed to “see” it.

The amount of mental energy she capped was flowing freely. It was also enough to cover the entire forest on the mountain such that she knew what was happening in the area; she was also hence able to survey the entire place. So when the gunshot sounded, she could see it. Initially, she didn’t understand what happened. As she continued on with her observation… she still had no idea.

Why would anyone dig a hole then to hide… unless there was strategic need for that? Or they’re hiding something? But why here, and at such a time where there were so many people around, was it a coincidence?

There were six to seven instructors rushing this way, however all of them were still quite a distance away. The gunshot only sounded once, and the sound would have dissipated by the time they realised what it was, so it would be very difficult to locate the direction just based on that. Quite a number of instructors were already veering off-direction. The lot of them were all in camo too, though it served as a great camouflage, it only added to the difficulty trying to locate each other and hence distribute evenly to scour the area in detail.

It seemed like Xuan Mo was closest to the source of the sound.

After running for a short while, she reached a vast, open area with little surrounding trees. She crouched on the ground among the grass to observe the situation ahead.

There were a few people up ahead. The victim of the gunshot was the instructor stationed there on standby for assistance, and the hole on the ground in the middle.

That instructor was young. The bullet hit him on his shoulder; blood was ebbing out of his wound, pooling on the ground in a puddle of red. His eyes were closed tightly, his face white.

He’s still conscious, Xuan Mo was sure.

But based on the rate he’s losing blood, or based on the expressions of other people involved in a dispute, the wounded instructor would have fainted, or perhaps even died by the time they manage to locate and have a soldier sent over.

She hated seeing soldiers getting hurt. Hence the current situation where the instructor was wounded because of these mud-caked civilian had her even more unhappy.

The group of five were still arguing.

“Should have scoured the place properly!”

“Who would have known that there’d be soldiers here?! We only arrived after you guys entered. I shouted for you from behind but you didn’t reply, and he was trying to catch me, I…”

“Ah Si, how could you fall asleep?!”

“I’ve already told you, I’m new at this, I can’t fall asleep at night!”

“What now, you even fired, happy now? Happy now?!”

“Brother… don’t shout, let’s try to figure something out.”

“Figure something out… if it’s discovered that we are armed and are trying to raid a tomb, we’re all dead, even if we kill him now, we’ll still die!”


The group of them delved into silence.

Xuan Mo squinted her eyes and tightened her grip on the gun handle. She had a feeling that the group of them was going to do something bad.

As expected, the leader of the group stomped and bellowed: “Fvck! Ah Si, finish him, throw him into the hole and bury it! Forget the deal, I’m not doing this!”

“Hahh?” Ah Si’s voice was trembling, “finish… finish him?”

“Duh! What else can you think of them!? Quickly now! You started it so you end it!”

“I, I…”

“Hurry!” One of them hurried him, evidently in agreement with what the leader suggested. “Let’s leave after we finish him off.” After which, he pulled the others beside to grab shovels.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: in case it wasn’t clear, XM bumped into a group of tomb raiders who shot one of the instructors because the latter discovered them; this is a make up chap btw, one more for the update this week, so sorry for the irregular updates lately TTeTT I underestimated the mods I’m taking

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