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It was still rather empty outside. The merciless afternoon sun had the three that’s just left their dorm regretting not putting on some sunscreen. Zhang Yi Ke asked: “Xuan Mo, which sunscreen brand are you using?”

“…” Xuan Mo thought for a moment; she recalled Lu Yu Chen did put sunscreen into her luggage, and even rattled on about how he got his friend abroad to buy it for him. As for the name of the brand… “I can’t remember.”

“You don’t know the brand of sunscreen you’re using?!” Yang Jia exclaimed.

“I haven’t used it, I’ll take a look when I’m back.”

The twins were floored: “Xuan Mo, so you haven’t been using sunscreen all these while?”

Before Xuan Mo replied, Zhang Yi Ke said: “Speaking of sunscreen, I never did once see you using it. You’re always super quick in the toilet too, I’ve never seen you use any other skincare products either.”

Xuan Mo looked at her, not understanding why she’d notice things like these. The twins by the side after recalling suddenly screamed: “Ahh, you didn’t tan at all! This is not skin, this is porcelain, I’m so jealous so jealous so jealous ahh!”

Xuan Mo really wanted to say that the sunlight could strengthen her body, and replenish and stabilise her mental powers. In the end however, she decided to keep her silence; she was after all different from Blue Planet beings — when the latter went out, they would wipe themselves down with sunscreen, armed themselves with an umbrella, and also tried to cover every possible part of their body from the sun. All the wasted solar energy was making her heart bleed.

The three girls having found a common topic took turns to ask Xuan Mo about her secret receipt to her skin care, questioning her what she ate and how she took care of her skin. When they broached the topic of makeup, they even discussed among themselves what they used. Xuan Mo on the other hand remained silent. Her high-quality skin that became the topic of their conversation however kept the three other girls returning to her to make a call whenever they came to a disagreement as to whether a certain product was effective or not. As such, Xuan Mo progressed from being completely silent to giving some occasional nods and shakes of her head. When Zhang Yi Ke finally made it known that she was unhappy with Xuan Mo’s lack of effort, Xuan Mo could only conclude: “You guys continue, I don’t know all these.”

None of them believed her. However, since the main character of the topic was unwilling to continue on with them, they could only abandon the current topic and discuss something else.

The canteen was already pretty empty when they went in. Whenever training ended, everyone had to eat together, so it was a rare chance for them to eat on their own at their own time. They’ve missed the lunch peak so there wasn’t much variety to choose from, so they quickly settled their lunch. The scorching afternoon sun was as usual a party downer, extinguishing their thoughts of walking around after eating, and so, they quickly returned to their dorm.

After returning, Xuan Mo, out of curiosity, took out the small bag that Lu Yu Chen had prepared for her. There were about a dozen or so bottles inside that were still brand new and unopened. All she saw were foreign languages, and most of them weren’t even English.

Up against the wall of foreign text, Xuan Mo stoned for a moment. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 132 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The three other girls after just having lunch were incredibly spirited. After gathering over, they shrieked when they saw what was in Xuan Mo’a hands: “Ah, I’m not dreaming am I, that’s XXX! Oh my god, I heard they recently set up a specialty store in City S; if you wanted to buy this before that, you need to get it directly from France!”

Following that was the countless more screams. This had Xuan Mo suddenly feeling as though the bottles themselves were even more prestigious than the Coalition chairperson. Annoyed at their screams, she dropped the stuff and let them go through it as they wished.

“This sunscreen, this sunscreen… and you can’t even be bothered to use it! You’re wasting such precious resources!” Zhang Yi Ke had long shedded her usual calm and serious facade. Even her hands grasping the rose-coloured bottle was trembling.

The twins didn’t recognise the brands so they asked in turns. Upon enlightenment, they exclaimed in tandem, before turning to stare Xuan Mo down at her wasteful behaviour.

Xuan Mo had already returned to her bed in boredom. She remarked mentally to herself, bitter, they were the ones being wasteful covering themselves up from all the sunlight! Their entire planet was being wasteful!

Just as she was complaining to herself in her head, a call came in. It was an unfamiliar number. Xuan Mo picked it up.


“Xuan Mo?”


“D’you know who I am?”

“Cut the nonsense. I remember I’ve ended things with you guys.”

“Hehe, c’mon don’t be like this, wasn’t I your supervisor for a period of time.”

“I’m hanging up.”

“Hold on hold on! I heard you’re getting a lot of love and attention during military training.”

“I’m hanging up.”

“Ahh hold up hold up, okay no more jokes! Do you remember the elites training plan I mentioned a long time ago, you were too young back then, so we discussed to have you undergo your training when you’re in uni during the winter and summer breaks?”


“Aye, it’s fine even if you don’t remember. Didn’t we arrange a coach for you, Zhang Tong Hua*.”

* T/N: Zhang Tong Hua appeared in chapter 71

“I’ve already quit Zone Seven, I believe this no longer involves me.”

“Aye, I’m just here to explain why you were tasked with the additional training, you see, the military thinks you have a lot of potential, and hope that after the training, you can help them in their endeavours, so they’ve already prepared all the documents needed and decided the department for you to transfer into. If you just cut things off like this, you’re going to disappoint a lot of people and dash a lot of hopes you know? Coincidentally, the commander currently in charge of training your company was one of the guys that fought very hard to get you into their department, he strongly believes in your potential. But now that their effort’s down the drain, well, as the saying goes, the deeper the love the deeper the hate — he even told me a while ago that he’d initially only intended to troll you for a day or two; when he realised you’re very happy with the extra training, he became very interested in finding out what your limit was, so the additional training continued. On hindsight though, all this training does seem a little too much for a girl; he can’t bring himself to come down so he had me apologise on his behalf and while I’m at it, extend his regards to you as well…”

“Get him to come down himself.”


“He’s a soldier, he should apologise if he is wrong; does he not dare?” Xuan Mo honestly didn’t mind the additional training she was given, but that didn’t mean she would accept things forced her way silently. “Ah Gui, don’t meddle in other people’s business.”

“…aite aite aite, I’ll help you pass on your message.”

When Xuan Mo hung up, she heard the chatters from below: “Aye, no wonder she had no idea what we’re talking about, she’s on a whole new level!”

“Yi Ke, if it weren’t for you, I won’t have recognised these brands either.”

“I only recognise them; these are brands that I can never afford.”

“I’m so jealous, she’s rich, pretty, hot and characteristic!”

“Shameless much, she just hung up and is probably awake too!”

“What, I’m praising her, Xuan Mo! You’re rich, pretty hot and spicy, I’m jealous!” Yang Jia shouted out loud.

Xuan Mo paused at her proclamation, unsure whether to laugh or cry, and gestured with her hand: “Take it if you like it.”

The voice that sounded in reply was evidently filled with excitement: “Ah, I shouldn’t, it’s completely new.”

“I don’t use it so I didn’t bother opening it. If you guys are using it then open it yourselves… keep your volumes down, I’m turning in.”

“Oh my goodness, we can have this then!” The few below her bunk started discussing, “I heard there’s a proper method to applying sunscreen and all, hold on then me Baidu first and let’s see what’s useful online.”

“Yi Ke, you sure are quick to say yes…”

“Even makeup products expire, of course you shouldn’t waste such good sunscreen!”

Xuan Mo turned on the bed, remarking mentally, the sunscreen was too good at shielding her from the sun, they were the ones that were wasting such good sunlight, your entire world was wasting it!


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