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Footsteps sounded as a person circled the edge, running all the way over to the shelter.

The student that was running towards the shelter out of the blue attracted the attention of the remaining freshman who were currently standing in line facing the shelter.

The commander had a round face. Though he appeared a little plump, his physique could be considered sturdily built rather than obese. He watched as Xuan Mo ran over, stood straight and saluted. He returned the salute and said: “I’m in the wrong and should apologise, and yes I should be coming down personally, but you didn’t follow through either with your promise, so let’s call it even shall we?”

“…alright.” Xuan Mo honestly wasn’t hung over about whether he apologised to her personally or not. She paused, “that’s it?”

“Aye, you’re here.” The more the commander looked at Xuan Mo’s soldier-like demeanour, the more he liked it. He gestured and got her to walk over the stand under the shelter, “are you interested in joining the military?”

If she was asked this question in the past, or even a while ago, Xuan Mo would say yes immediately, and she’d be incredibly excited too. Now however, she remained silent.

She really wanted to say yes, but for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to give an affirmative answer.

She felt a little lost. What’s wrong? After her various analysis upon arriving at the Blue Planet, she realised that even secret departments like Zone Seven were unable to satiate her desire to battle. But she was someone who yearned to battle, that was what gave her life; she found it meaningless otherwise to live. Since that was the case, why was she hesitating now?

The commander seemed to have easily understood why she would hesitate. The fact that she’s enrolled in NDU, had similar forte and direction for future development meant that she was already serving the military as well but in another way. Despite that, joining the military itself was still a difficult decision to make for a female.

He smiled: “Aye, don’t stress to much, speak your mind.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 133 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“I want to join the military.” Xuan Mo said in firm confidence. “But, I don’t want to be this type of soldier.”

“Oh?” The commander was a little surprised, “What type are you referring to?”

Xuan Mo contemplated very long before she found a suitable description: “Peaceful soldiers.”

“Haha, there is no war now, what other types of soldiers are there?” The commander told a half-truth.

“I know how the officers with high ranks got where they are right now, perhaps none of them can score a bullseye even once in their lives, yet they are able to slowly climb up the ranks with time.” Xuan Mo shook her head. “Those that have never been tested are not soldiers.”

“What are they then?”

“Apprentice.” Even her tone was mocking.

“…” The commander was silent for a while. Perhaps even his men under him, those that were behind him among the students right now, could have thought more, heard more and seen more than him. Though Xuan Mo seemed to have posited an unorthodox concept, it was still within conventional understanding. Despite so… “That is how society works, what can you do about it?”

“Then my question for you is, what about me caught your eye?” Xuan Mo asked in reply instead, “my performance during military training in high school year one? My fitnesse that I’ve displayed this time? Or my complete obedience to instructions?”

“Haha, aren’t you crystal clear what it is yourself.”

“After a person like me enters the military, I will only end up being the talent that the higher ups would try to compete for, a pawn.” Xuan Mo cutting and straightforward. “There is no battle, no guns, no blades. All that’s left would be all sorts of competitions, evaluations, checks, and so, my worth is proven.” Xuan Mo stared into the commander’s eyes. “Perhaps you may mean well, all you want to do is to recruit someone who you find talented. But in doing so, did you truly contribute to the military, to the country?”

The commander inhaled deeply: “…you sure have seen right through everything.”

Xuan Mo smiled.

“I understand what you’re getting at after saying so much, you want to contribute to the country, be trialled and tested, am I right.”

Xuan Mo shrugged without replying. She’d actually never thought of doing that. On top of that, everything she’s heard and seen so far was insufficient for her to develop any sense of patriotism or honour for this country. At the rate she was going, she probably wasn’t even going to be motivated even if she were to battle… yes she’s blatant about her disdain.

“In other words, you want to enter the Special Ops?”

Perhaps to Xuan Mo, this was something that she herself found enticing; what he’d said were her initial direction that she wanted to move towards as well. What surprised her however was her immediate recollection of Xuan Mo’s mother at the thought of entering the Special Ops.

Her mother couldn’t even bear for her to stay in the capital to study, imagine if her occupation only allowed her to return home a handful of times a year, she had no idea how her mother would react… Xuan Mo’s Blue Planet being mother was nowhere similar to her true biological mother back in Scorpio, the latter was someone who would be alive and kicking even after not seeing each other for decades. Not only so, her biological mother was someone who would duel with her endlessly the moment they meet again. Her Blue Planet being mother however wasn’t somehow she could duel, raise her voice at or even up and leave just like that.

Xuan Mo surprised herself at such a thought. She suddenly realised that while she had no feelings for this country, there were still some people that were actively affecting her actions and her thoughts.

Seeing that their conversation was only going to go nowhere if they were to continue, Xuan Mo returned to her class in a daze and resumed the military stance…

She felt that she had to think things through. She suddenly wondered if she was placed in a very passive position where she lacked control.

That aside, Xuan Mo had to give it to First High, the military training back in high school year one was really of considerable standard. The military training here however had her very at ease and relaxed. Though the easy-looking equipment didn’t appear too difficult to wield, the freshmen on the other hand found themselves incredibly spent after going through the sets. At the end of the day, almost all of the students were exhausted to the point they had to crawl back.

Day after day, the instructors would come up with new ways to train the students. It was until a month later, fifteen days left to the end of their military training, when they started preparing for their military parade. They started learning how to carry the flag, hand-to-hand combat, combat exhibition, how to line up and form words with their arrangement and the likes…


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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